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Archangel Michael on Disclosure, NESARA, Wildfires and Storms

Here is the remainder of what Archangel Michael said during this Hour with an Angel, for those who wish to hear it by reading it. I have not necessarily followed the order in which matters were discussed on the program.

The Coming of Disclosure and NESARA
The container is the predominant method of subduing the cabal. It isn’t that many are not being sprinkled with “Stardust,” (1) or rather Jophi dust, (2) Tralana dust, (3) or UFOG dust. (4) They are. But these are not protective measures. These are gifts are being given to awaken and enliven people. We’re being bombarded with gifts and assistance at this time.
The nanotechnology that I asked him about is not being placed into those who are negative and resistant. It’s a gift from our star brothers and sisters primarily and voluntarily being introduced into those who are getting ready to be the recipients of new technology.
The containers are simply the most radical thing that’s being done.
AAM encourages us to look at the top members of the cabal and, with our heart and third and fourth eyes, which have been activated, he says, and observe and track them. We’ll see that these individuals have no ability to act in a harmful manner. They can act in harmony and love but, when they try to do something harmful, it simply bounces back at them with such intensity that the individual usually chooses to simply shift.
AAM said that President Obama will speak about the need for peace but not as a primary election announcement. Then quietly, softly Disclosure will come.
Shortly after we’ll see the beginning of a shift in our financial and currency systems. This is already underway. This is not being pushed so rapidly as to cause people to panic. It will be orderly and quiet, “an equalization process the likes of which the Earth has never witnessed.”

Reliable Sources for Credible Information
For reliable information, go first and foremost to our star brothers and sisters and the Company of Heaven, AAM says. He does not say this to diminish the Earth allies. We may need to know and experience what humans are saying too. But the understanding of the larger picture is desirable at this time.
Listen to the “many channels that have beautiful, clean track records of speaking for their star brothers and sisters, and for those who are very much in the purity of connection with the Company of Heaven. (5)
If a message feels vengeful or otherwise of a lower vibration, bless it and let it go. He added that each of us has his ultimate trust. The final discernment lies with our heart. When we go to our heart and say “does this article feel of love or is it trying to trap me back into the Third, trust the answer that arises within you.”
The New Earth will not and cannot be built on the desire for revenge.

Co-Creation of Nova Earth
Each of us is in the process of creating Nova Earth – nova being, nova community, nova us. We’re in the process of the creation of the new.
This is the time to be disengaged from the drama to watch the unfoldment occur. We’re in the process of cutting the cords of the old, but our bigger process is the creation of the new.
He asks us not to become entrenched in expecting to witness a third-dimensional, quasi-military maneouver to go to people’s homes and put people in jail or contained environments. The Containment is on a completely different level.
The human collective has already reached the tipping point. It began with us demanding peace, truth, and equality.
The Containment is well underway. It began last Monday, June 25, 2012. The resistance to Disclosure and NESARA is expected to disappear. It simply will not be felt on any level in society.
The Containment is done much more quickly from “this side” than any military or police action that could possibly be conceived of on our side.
Much of the attention is focussed on the U.S., but the agents of control and manipulation are all over our world. So it is far easier, AAM said, for the Company of Heaven to address than for us to do so.
We asked what the role of the Company of Heaven was and he said that there were actions that were being taken and they were more numerous than what we’d have been aware of. The Containment is one of them.
Each of us has come to Earth to participate in the Shift and to create the new reality. He said that the he’s never varied in giving the timeline for the Shift as the end of the year 2012. He is fully aware that others say 2013, 2015, 2030, and 2050. These other dates are not incorrect, but simply matters of perception.
They represent further creations from the other side. We arrive in the Fifth Dimension, not with everything intact, but with our expanded Self intact, our true essence, and the understanding of our partnership with the celestials and star brothers and sisters – and then the fun begins, the co-creation.
There will be new institutions to be built. But it won’t be arduous or difficult.

No Calamity for Earth
There is not going to be a pole shift in Gaia. That plan has been changed by our own co-creation. Gaia saw that this did not need to occur in order for her to transcend dimensional reality.
Is there some cleansing that is already going on? Yes. Does it stem from the cabal? No.
There will not be three days of darkness. Because the electrical grid is being adjusted, we may have some short outages, perhaps 24 hours sometime without full power. It is prudent to keep some supplies and water on hand. “That would not be a good way for us to start out with you, would it?” he asked.
The wildfires in Colorado were part of the cleansing. One of the fires was started by accident. The storms that have been raging throughout the southeast are not done yet. There will not be hurricanes but there will be mighty storms.
The northeast has stored a great deal of negativity as well. It is also a place of population density and so a lot is being released into the air and dissipated.
It was in the cards at one point that there would be extensive seismic activity and coastal floods and such a rescue is certainly within the potential of what our star brothers and sisters are capable of. But, no, such a scenario is “highly, highly, highly unlikely.” There will be flooding but not of that magnitude.
All negative aliens were removed some time ago. Their clones are not present on the planet. If there were, they would be sorted out as a collective and put in a container.
The channeled messages that say otherwise are old. No negative aliens or clones are here. The brothers and sisters here to help us, on Earth and above, hold only love.
There will be no need to go up onto the ships or into Inner Earth – except for our enjoyment.
Archangel Michael concluded with a blessing for those affected by the wildfires in Colorado and New Mexico, requested by one of our listeners.
by Steve Beckow


(1) Cobra has discussed the use of what he calls “Stardust.”  See here: http://the2012scenario.com/2012/06/cobra-intel-update-operation-stardust-2/
(2) Jophi stands for Archangel Jophiel.
(3) Tralana is a planet I’m not familiar with.
(4) UFOG stands for “United Forces of the Outer Galaxies.”
(5) Matthew Ward would be one example of this type of source.


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