Monday, July 23, 2012

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Love is now the dominating influence enveloping the planet

As you all know, your Awakening is divinely guaranteed.  So when your issues come up for you to address and release, bringing with them a variety of unsettling feelings and emotions, just observe them and let them pass.  Engaging with them by thinking about them and wondering what they mean is unhelpful, because it holds them in your mind and intensifies the feelings, thus making it more difficult for you to release them.  You may feel sad, angry, depressed, anxious, guilty, hurt, betrayed, exploited – the selection is endless and none of it is enjoyable – but if you engage and attempt to justify or understand those feelings, it just takes a lot longer for them to clear.  Many of you will feel very tired or exhausted while this is going on, so take time out and sleep, and much of the necessary release can occur while you do so.

Rest assured that relaxing into those feelings and allowing them to flow will alleviate the unsettledness that arises when they come to mind, and you will find yourself at peace in spite of the discomfort.  And of course your daily periods of relaxation and meditation are times during which these issues are more easily released.

All who choose to awaken will do so, and if you want to awaken then you have already made that choice.  It is very helpful to remind yourselves frequently, at least once a day, that you are indeed going to awaken because it confirms and strengthens your intention to do so.  Humanity is consciously making this choice with increasing determination each day, and it is this collective and determined intent that is bringing it on.

God knew when He planted within you the inextinguishable flame of His Love that the moment for you to awaken would be the inevitable result of that action.  He has left you free to decide for yourselves precisely when that moment would occur, and over the eons the intensity of your desire to return to His loving embrace has been waxing or waning in line with your alternating choices to embrace attitudes of love or hate.
Collectively you have now made the unalterable choice for love, and the areas where hate is prevalent are losing their cohesiveness, and the power it has maintained over so many of you for so long is rapidly weakening.

Love is now the dominating influence enveloping the planet, and it is spreading inexorably into every arena of human activity to dissolve the conflicting agendas and disagreements that have plagued you for so long.  Its results are unmistakable as you observe the established orders of power and control disintegrating all across the world.  This disintegration will continue until all the old corrupt systems have completely collapsed, making way for one new and enlightened system, with the best interests of all on the planet at its heart, to replace them.

A new age of peace and abundance is about to be ushered in, and all on Earth will benefit enormously when it arrives.  Conflict and vehement disagreement will no longer stalk the Earth seeking opportunities to divide you into warring factions, because Love, which has been the source of your existence since the moment of your creation, embraces all without exception, leaving neither room nor reason for anything that is unlike Itself.

It is almost impossible for you to imagine a world without conflict, disagreement, and disharmony, because over the eons that you have spent in the illusion you have become inured to those states and the anxiety and fear that they manifest. Nevertheless, the age of peace and abundance for which all have always hoped, even though they were unable to find it, is inevitable.  Hold your Light on high, operate always from the Love you bear within you, and watch with enthusiasm and delight as it comes into being.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

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