Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thank you Saul and John!
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We are strengthening the assistance we are offering you in every moment

 Here in the spiritual realms — your true home — we, with the Creator’s divine guidance and encouragement, are intensifying and strengthening the assistance that we are offering you in every moment, because the moment for your awakening is getting very close, and you do need our help.  And that help is available in great abundance – ask and you will receive it.

All are one, and this means that abundant help is always freely available to all who seek it, because all are permanently connected to it, but the problem for most of those experiencing life in the illusion is that it is an incredibly distracting environment, where your bodies seem to need almost constant support and attention.

A few of you do manage to disconnect from these distractions for short periods while you relax in nature or meditate, but always your body calls you back to attend to its needs – food, drink, exercise, worries, emotional issues, sleep, entertainment, or other distractions.
The help that is offered is to assist you in accessing the spiritual realms so that the guidance you are seeking flows easily and intuitively into your minds.   All that you need to know is available to you at all times, but to access it you have to quiet the egotistically driven mind that you all have, and indeed need to have in order to operate within the illusion.  However, the ego has become overly influential in your lives.  Its true purpose is to free you from the mundane tasks of day-to-day living enclosed in a body, but it has, over time, rather usurped that role, and now spends inordinate amounts of energy offering you advice and guidance — a task for which it is inordinately ill-prepared and for which it has neither the wisdom nor the appropriate intent.

You can see this every time that you behave egotistically by pushing another person’s buttons, or respond inappropriately when someone pushes yours.  And still you give it credence!  Your egos are constantly on the defensive because they are very aware of their inadequacies and they live in fear.  They transmit that fear to you and fertilize and encourage it at every opportunity.  Their fear is that you will disregard them, forget them, and dismiss them, and that they will die.  So they struggle constantly to instill in you their fear of death, and to a large extent they have succeeded in that aim.  Nevertheless, they continue to reinforce it because if you are unafraid, then you would have no need of them.  And indeed, without their constant reinforcement your fears would dissolve.

As I have frequently told you, meditation and relaxation daily are essential tasks for which you need to make time no matter what is going on in your lives, because that is what enables you to silence your egos and become aware of your intuition — that wise and divine assistance that comes to you from the spiritual realms.  Noise, distraction, and impatience are of the ego, and meditation enables you to move beyond it into the peace that is your birthright, your place of comfort within the alarming disturbances of the illusion.  And because the ego is always on the defensive – the best form of defense being attack – it is always ready to attack you.  When you decide to meditate it will attack you by filling your mind with distractions to disrupt your peace and remind you of all the far more important issues that it would have you believe need your instant attention.

Many of you have discovered that if you persist, refuse to be distracted, and continue to relax or meditate, you can overcome its demands for attention, and at the end of the period you have set aside for peaceful non-doing, you find nothing disastrous has occurred.  Disasters only happen when you submit to the demands of your ego — that terrified part of yourselves that feels unworthy, inadequate, and constantly threatened by life itself.

You are divine beings, preparing to awaken from a deep and unsettling slumber, and your egos would have you believe in the dreams you are experiencing in order to persuade you to remain asleep.  The assistance that you are offered constantly from the spiritual realms is the path to peace and awakening that bypasses the ego with all its fears and demands.  And this will lead you triumphantly Home.
With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

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