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Events are Always Shifting and Changing

There has been a plethora of discussion over the ‘Containment’ scenario as possibly replacing the ‘Mass Arrests’ scenario to neutralize the cabal, as Archangel Michael has come through to Steve Beckow and discussed the uncompassionate nature of Mass Arrests and the celestial’s willingness to shift plans to one that will indeed neutralize and expose the cabals every bit as much as any other scenario; simply in a different way.

It is interesting to see how the general Lightworker public reacts when greeted with information that plans could change to any level of degree. Assumptions are made, conclusions are reached that are perhaps inaccurate, and some choose to lash out under the assumption that since plans could have changed, the cabals are suddenly not still going to be neutralized. They absolutely are.

I wanted so very much to avoid this discussion as soon as it sprouted up, but my own sources proved to me that such avoidance would not be as possible or helpful as I perhaps realized, as these details could be more important to the overall way that things play out than I perhaps realized as well.

What is really interesting is how many have again taken to lashing out at Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon and Linda’s Archangel Michael.

Many of the comments that have been received on my own blog have been about how Steve and Linda are out of touch, Linda and AAM are frauds, etc. and it is again, interesting and strange to see such a reaction from many who are likely themselves still a bit unsure about how this whole scenario is going to play out, and have only the experience of reading one article about the subject that could have perhaps only displayed one side of what can be happening if events are indeed changing.

Many people have expressed that Mass Arrests will not send the general public into fear and chaos, as they are speaking from their own experience of being ready to see the cabal members arrested. The problem is, this is not speaking for the unawakened ones on our world who unfortunately, are still the majority and who may choose to react in a not-so-peaceful or understanding way.

Honestly, the cabalists are probably already working on a movie wherein they get arrested by a force that ends up wanting to destroy the Earth and all on Her surface. They have proven time and time again to use propaganda to unconsciously sway many as humanity as a collective has much dormant fear within ourselves, just waiting to be expressed at the right, paradigm-breaking time – and I think our Angelic brethren know this.

They must be very careful when planning out and executing the many startling events to happen on our world and while initially, I wanted nothing more than to remain neutral and stay away from this discussion, I am beginning to understand why certain scenarios may be more hurtful than helpful to the overall collective energies.

Sure, many of us who are awakening may say ‘well, I can see the cabalists taken away in handcuffs in mass numbers, and it won’t affect me one bit’. Have you thought about your neighbors, who will not have any idea how to handle what is going on or who may not even understand at first glance what is happening?

During my daily Life, I am around many unawakened souls and many of such people are indeed beginning to see the corruption of government and the need for a change. The problem is, most of these people also believe that the United States needs to be bombed or something else dramatic and horridly Life-changing needs to happen before we can see any type of positive change.

This is because these people do not have the perspective that we do, being able to consult the Galactics, Celestials etc. on matters as they unfold. And honestly, our Galactic and Angelic brethren try their darndest to keep us informed on matters as they are unfolding but even they must be very careful as it is clear how even just the general Lightworker public can tend to react when events change in ways that may not resonate with some on Earth, but in ways that are known and felt by our Angelic brethren to be the right ways to go for reasons that we likely cannot comprehend.

I know what many could be thinking: ‘Annac has only shifted his opinion to be in line with Beckow and Dillon…’ and I must stop you there. I can’t yet say that I fully support the ‘Containment’ scenario as given by Archangel Michael via Linda, but I can say that I fully understand that matters change, sometimes in bigger ways than we would expect, and the Company of Heaven are doing their very best to keep us informed on these changing developments as they shift around, knowing full well that they or those who they come through or speak to publicly could take much flack for even announcing a change of direction.

What needs to be expressed is that the overall plan for the exposure and neutralization of the cabal has NOT changed, in any way. It is simply being expressed that our Angelic brethren would like such neutralization to be performed in a way that is less upsetting to the general, unawakened public.

Not the Lightworker public who is aware and will know full well what is occurring, but for those who have been clutching their guns for years, just waiting for a reason to shoot.

As told to me by my own channeled sources (you will see such a message soon) the cabals are still to be fully neutralized and given trials, so that it can be explained what they have done to humanity. It is only the events which precede their trials that may change direction from what has been discussed, but it does not mean in any way that that which we have been waiting for is not still about to transpire.

It may simply come about in a different way, and in a way that is potentially less damaging to the unawakened collective. The unawakened collective are still to have explained to them what the cabalists have done, so one does not have to worry that the cabals are somehow ‘getting off scott-free’ just because they may not be taken to their trials in handcuffs.

This is about all I personally have to say on this subject, except to remind everybody that if we want our Galactic and Angelic brethren to keep us posted and informed on events as they play out from their perspective, we must be able to handle and understand if events change in varying degrees, and we must take such changes in stride knowing full well that the cabals are going to answer for what they have done, one way or another.

by Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC


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