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The Pleiadian High Council:  You are Reaching Incredible Strides

You are being Guided in every moment of your existence to turn toward the continually pure energies of Joy and harmony that are making their way to your world at all times, and as you find yourselves able to tap into the reservoir of unlimited energy that has always been available to you, you will find that your body complexes in general seem to have much energy and you will find your overall stress levels decreased as well.

There are an infinite amount of positive effects for one’s body, mind and soul that the continually pure energies are going to have for you in the upcoming period ahead, and suffice to say you are all reaching incredible strides in integrating the higher and lower energies alike, that you have garnered throughout your continual processes of transmutation, integration and forgiveness.

We can feel that for many of you, such continual transmutations are beginning to pay off while some of you are beginning to reach the most intense peak-points of your personal process, as the Earth undergoes Her own peak-points and as events manifesting on your world seem to heat up more and more every day.

You are beginning to reach that point of no return that has been so awaited by all of you, and you are now to find in the immediate period ahead many disclosures and revelations that we Lovingly ask you to prepare yourselves for.

The truths that have been given through channels have been only a small fraction of the overall truths that you are going to be given, and the plan for your world in general is that each and every one of you are to take up the work required to begin healing your beautiful world in the mass, effective ways that have been needed.
Indeed, many Corporations and controlling individuals within your government and within greedy
Corporations, have taken to harming the Earth for their own profit but dear souls, it has been the instilled complacencies in all of humanity that has continued to allow the ravaging of the Earth in every form that it occurs in, every day.

In the immediate period ahead there will be much work for the collective to nullify and neutralize the pollution, both long term and short term, that has been caused on your world for so very long but rest assured knowing that we do indeed possess technology that will see you better able to clean up the messes you have made, in a much smaller time frame as such cleansing will be a very small part of the overall jobs that need to be done.

Even still, they will be important efforts and our technology will help you to greatly nullify the worst of what has been done, while the collective freewill of humanity must still ensure that you as a collective do much of the work yourselves.

We should say however, that by assisting with our technology we will be saving you dear beautiful souls perhaps decades of cleansing of the pollution and density that has been manifested on Gaia, so that She can be rid of such densities on Her surface and see Her surface and all on Her surface who are ready, able to ascend with her.

Indeed, your Earth has already ascended and as has been expressed, is awaiting the ripple-effects of Her core ascension to reach your reality among a few select other realities who have not yet seen these energies reach them.

The beings within the [higher] astral realms of your Earth are overseeing the transfer of these revolutionary and Lighted energies to your specific physical realms, while maintaining the balance and stability of every realm throughout Gaia’s structure and assisting as well in the mere Creation of such realms with the Logos that is continually funneled down from higher realms, echelons and Universal structures of being.

The energies are going to need a bit of a boost to reach your realities in the pure ways that are needed to see your collective ascension, and this is why we are urging the collective to now begin enacting many of the changes that are needed on your world, that can be attained without our help.

We should be clear on what we mean by this, dear souls. The main purposes of our presence and our assistance on your world have been those of helping you to reach purer states of consciousness along collective strides reached along your collective growth cycles, and we have as well assisted with energy movements throughout your astral realms for a long time.

In this current day and age you find yourselves in, our main tasks besides communicating with humanity and showing ourselves to you via starship sightings, have been those of neutralizing the cabals many attempts to cause mayhem on your world on their way out of the collective perception and influence.

There are many aspects of your world that the cabals still have a bit of a strangle-hold on but there are also very many things right now that can be done by the collective of humanity – by each and every one of you reading and absorbing this communication, to help anchor the energies of Light, Peaceful intent and change that will see your realities better aligned with the patterns in which the Universal energies of change and evolution are being brought through each and every realm of dear Gaia at this time.

In many avenues of your worldly Life, complacency is still fed on a mass scale and this is why many humanitarian projects that could otherwise be started, have not yet been started on your world and dear, beautiful souls, it simply takes getting past those barriers of complacency in oneself and realizing that there are now millions of you dear souls on your world who are looking and in some cases, waiting for the change that you all know needs to be done and dear souls, as has been expressed numerous times, we simply cannot do this work for you!

Indeed, we Love you all and your world so much that we would Love to be able to neutralize every density, every pollutant that has ever been Created and fed on your world and we could easily help your world to turn back into the Shining beautiful planet She has always been, but we simply cannot step in and intervene in a way that is seen or perceived as too bold for dear souls, this is not our mission whilst amongst you.

Our missions and the primary agendas we have been fulfilling as discussed above, were those of assisting while making the ‘game ‘fair in that the cabals could not destroy you as a collective as you are just about to realize their influence and ascend, as they now wish to do [destroy].

The cabals have always wished to control, influence and manipulate humanity in any ways they could, and because many of those souls found themselves possessing intelligence that many around them did not yet perceive of or because they gained contact with a select few negatively-oriented extraterrestrial races, these souls have for generations assumed themselves to be smarter, stronger and overall better than humanity and they have set up your world as you see it now, quite purposefully in many areas of your society, especially many areas of the United States society.

Your societies and the general way that your main cultures think and feel, has been fabricated from the very beginning and the many mindsets that are considered as normal in the American ‘mainstream’ are purposefully very far from the truth and one can consider your mainstream media at this current moment, as a near-complete instrument of propaganda.

There are many now who are coming to humanity via television and attempting to break the constraints that have been placed, both on what can be said on television in relation to many Lighted issues (1) and to how much exposure the agendas of the elites can be given.

There will not just be much [Peaceful] Earth cleansing to perform as you all heal your planet, but many preconceived notions and misconceptions about the way your world works in general will have to be cleared up so that humanity can be given the whole, big picture.

You must understand dear souls , how fabricated the realities many of you now find yourselves in have been, as the dark souls on your world have taken to any and every means they can to hold humanity back and dull-down your brainwaves.

The Annunaki, upon attempting to build a slave race in which to mine the Earth for Her resources with (a long ‘time’ ago), purposefully did not include the pineal gland in many of the bodies they Created as they did not want you to gain awareness in any form that it had to offer.

The last remaining elites on your world are playing from a rulebook that has been fashioned by the Annunaki, by lower astral beings on your world and by the studies the dark have made on the general public.

These souls have studied mindsets, heart sets and patterns of behavior that can be common in an unawakened person, in an awakened person and in a person who is gaining contact with the higher realms in any ways, as they wish to manipulate and control the awakening that is taking place in all of humanity at this time.

There are as well at this time, quite a few beings within the lower astral realms of your world who are attempting to influence many souls who will become open to their influence, in an attempt to feed continually dense energies that have been expressed and recycled on your world very many times.

These beings are themselves beginning to panic as they realize that every day, their influence on the surface of your world is being diminished more and more as the game of the elites on your world is itself continually broken down and exposed. We say not to worry if one finds oneself in the vicinity of such beings, as you all hold the individual power to neutralize the influence of these beings and they truly only need to be Loved and forgiven.

Now that many of you are finding the innate Love that has truly been with you for every bit of your Earthly experience, you find that many parts of yourselves are now coming up for review and transmutation and this is a process that has been spoken of very much, for it is important for you all to know that you can not only receive innumerable assistance from the higher realms in Loving, transmuting and forgiving such aspects of yourselves; many of you are now also finding it incredibly easy to ward off the influence of these beings whenever you find yourselves the vicinity of them.

Many of you have been training for a variety of Lives to rid yourselves of the influences of lower astral begins whom have influenced many on your world to commit many lower acts and again, the lower astral entities on your world are only able to come through you via the egotistical residue around and within one’s chakras.

This is because this residue of density around your chakras and within your auras that has been spoken of so much, is by its very nature energy that feeds and garners the influence of the lower astral beings that such energies and residue would resonate with.

This is how these souls are able to come through you and they conform to the specific patterns of your ego when coming through but no matter what, they will always try to present darkness or density to you in any form that they can offer, it, while working within the egotistical limitation of any soul they would be attempting to come to [and influence negatively].

We as well work through the instated barriers in all scribes whom bring us through and we assist each and every dear soul who becomes open to our energies, to transmute the most important [to transmute] and blocking of energies within oneself that could otherwise block one from a full and pure, clear line and connection to our energies.

Each and every ascended soul who is being communicated with at this time will help any Earthly soul who wishes to fully and purely become open to them and their energies, to transmute the former ego patterns in one that would keep one from such pure energies and this is why you will see many ‘beginner’ scribes of the energies of the ascended collective, [whose messages] seem to pick up in purity and information after the scribe has been working with the ascended source(s) being brought through for a while.

We say as well that this occurrence is due to the openings and expansions of our scribes, and their own sharpened senses of discernment and abilities to bring through the energies of an ascended soul without such energies being filtered through one’s own ego.

We will be working through the confusion that will be garnered in the majority of humanity in the immediate time ahead when many startling revelations come to the fore, and we will be doing everything we can to ensure that humanity is not in fear and that humanity understands what is going on.

The main ‘theme’ of the announcements will be that there is nothing to fear and that the collective of humanity should not be in fear but rather Joy, for influences of an extremely dense frequency will have been taken away from your world and as a result, many energy-sensitive souls on your world may automatically feel Lighted and more free.

We say that we cannot rid the world of the influence of the elites until the influence of the lower astral entities who employ them is transmuted and forgiven, and this is why we encourage each and every Lightworker to continue on in the transmutation of the lower astral beings on your world.

You will continue to be graced with many celestial alignments and events on your world which will open numerous energy gates all throughout Creation and within yourselves as well, and we wish for you all to make it your intents every day or night of your experience on Earth, to proclaim that you are ready to leave your former selves and those former patters of ego which have only been attached to your Earth experience, behind.

We should say dear souls, that you should only make these intents and vocal statements if you are truly ready to. Some may find that they are not yet ready to give up various facets of themselves that they are still comfortable with, and that is ok for dear souls, you are all finding the energies of the higher realms and for some, certain lower and dense mindsets and heart sets are still comfortable and many may have trouble giving up such mindsets and heart sets to ascend.

This is [again] ok dear souls, for you will all be treated with Love and compassion as the true history of your world is made known.

Many by their very nature will not yet be ready to hear may truths and revelations and may at first take to lashing out at those giving the revelations.

There will be many on your world initially, who will feel that we are misleading you and that we have negative intents for you and your world, and there are many souls currently on your world who subscribe to such mindsets.

We are counting on many of you Representatives on the Ground and trust us dear souls, there are more of you than you currently realize and many who are even reading and absorbing this communication do not realize that your mere purpose on your world is to Represent us and our Federation in the very near future, and there are so many incarnate starseeds on your world who will be vastly needed and utilized in the immediate period ahead.

There are going to be oh so very many positions to be filled on your world and we can feel already that many of you will be quite enthusiastic about taking up the many tasks at hand to cleanse your world once and for all, of the many densities [and pollutants] that have been manifested and that are still fed on a daily basis on Gaia’s surface, though there will again be some who are not quite yet ready for the changes and all will choose their own paths.

The disclosure period will be followed by the period of Resumed Contact by us with your world and suffice to say, we will be monitoring the initial reactions of humanity whenever the initial disclosures are given and whenever specific disclosures in relation to us are given; to see how humanity initially reacts to such truths being given.

Again, there will be many who will choose to feel and spread fear, and this is why we have many

Lightworkers and Ground Crew members on the Ground on your world now, to help calm the fears that are going to be garnered about us and about many other things, in the immediate period ahead.

The fear that will be garnered and that will gain a temporary yet strong influence, will be a manifestation of the final collective catalytic tests for humanity to undergo before your collective ascension. Will you choose to remain in fear and fear-based mindsets and heart sets?

Or will you choose to come together as you realize the distorted nature of your history and world, understand and integrate the many disclosures that will be given, and hold your heads up high as you begin to build a New World, together?

We wish to have little to do with the actual cleansing of your world, past that of neutralizing pollutants that would otherwise take you generations to clean up by yourselves. Your will understand in the near future why we do not wish to assist with much of the Earth cleansing but of course, we will see to it with our technology that humanity is still assisted greatly as you all perform the work on your world that has been needed for so very long.

We ask you to look to the future, dear souls, and see the wonderfully blossoming experience that you are now headed toward. Begin to feel the collective Love, Harmony, Unity and compassion that does indeed exist on your world and is being expressed throughout a plethora of other Earthly realms wherein the souls of such realms have found the energies of your ascension, which are lifting them into ever-purer states of collective consciousness.

There will be a lot of jobs to do but there is a lot of humanity to do such jobs, and we anticipate much Unity the immediate period ahead as you all truly join and come together to repair this beautiful Earth.

As you begin to collectively repair the damaged state your world has been in for so very long, you will find the Eden that has been there all along, waiting to be expressed whenever the densities were cleared away, once and for all.

For now, you are seeing the ‘beginning of the beginning’ of the manifestation of many things that are going to vastly shift the collective perception. You are seeing in play in this current moment, the final actions of the dark before they are to be taken [from power] and their influence diminished, and all of you are holding the
Light so very wonderfully and Masterfully at this time while some still find themselves steeped and ingrained in the density that has influenced the majority of your world for so very long.

Ask to call upon us beings within the higher realms for the energetic assistance required to help you to get away from the vibrations that can literally pull one down if ones lets them, for such vibrations are themselves turning up in intensity as the vibrations also realize that at their very structures, they are being transmuted.

Quite an uproot and uproar alike is to be caused upon the giving of the initial revelations and even upon much of humanity seeing many souls in suits hauled off in handcuffs (2), and suffice to say there will be very many who will stand ready to answer any questions that anybody has during the arrests [as humanity is being subsequently informed].

We intend to keep humanity as informed as possible about everything that will be occurring and whenever many disclosures and announcements begin to commence, we ask for your collective patience and understanding as so very much will be happening, both on a physical and spiritual level, to uproot the dark energies that have kept the dark souls on your world in power.

What must be understood, dear souls, is that everything that happens in your physical reality is a manifestation of a move made in realms past that of your perception. A part of yourselves in every moment of your existence is looking down upon you whilst you undergo your Earth experience and helping you to decide what will happen next.

This is part of the individual assistance along one’s Life Path that one receives from their Guides and from higher and purer aspects of themselves, and this [Creation of events in the etheric realms to manifest] is as well how many events are manifested that have to do with the continued feeding of the dark on your world.

The collective intentions that are made and the collective energies that you let into yourselves, if dense enough, are taken advantage of by your dark while the many individual events set to occur in any given soul’s experience on the Earth plane, is already decided before hand by that soul.

Dearest beautiful souls, why do you think it has always been expressed that you can aim your intents and energies in a positive direction right now, and see positive results?

This is because in purposefully garnering a positive mindset in any given moment, you are essentially communicating with those parts of yourselves who Create the specific Life events that are to happen in your sphere of experience, and then send such events down in the form of a specific threaded energy which exists within your reality, and which you and those aforementioned aspects of your higher selves have always used to manifest events that play out on your Earth, on a collective and individual level.

Your dark and the lower astral beings who employ your dark have long known about this specific thread of energy as it is the thread that runs through your reality, unseen, to Create the various different events that manifest in the Lives of everybody. In attempting to purposefully bring forth and garner an effective and lasting positive mindset, you are communicating with those reality and event-Creating aspects of your higher self and you are letting them know that you would like your thread of reality to be changed into that of a more positive one [via the events that one manifests along it].

Your collective and individual emotions and feelings are what Created and keep this thread running, which is why your dark taken advantage of it by using dense and lower energies manifested by the collective to manifest negative and dastardly events to occur on the surface of your world, usually with the help of the dark’s lower-oriented technology that we have the full power and now, the full authority, to neutralize if attempted to be used in any given situation.

We ask you now to make the conscious efforts to work with those parts of yourselves, to begin to work with and change the thread of reality intertwining with your experience, which Creates the events to manifest in your experience. You dear beautiful souls should remember again that any mindset, feeling or emotion be it positive or negative, is what feeds the events to manifest in your Lives next.

In the future, we will be before you to explain the extent to which your world needs to be healed and to help you to begin the many Lighted projects that are to be starting up on your world and that are to bloom into full-on, pure and Lighted humanitarian efforts.

Ignore the voices and heart sets of those who do not believe that change is blossoming forth on your world as it now is, and take the lower influences and opinions of others in stride knowing that the Light has been on your beautiful world all along, and has always planned to integrate itself into the Earthly experience slowly but surely, leading to the collective ascension that you have all been growing toward.

Can you now feel, dear souls, how your final missions are nearing completion?

Can you feel how the last efforts you have to make on this world are truly now being reached? There is still so very much work to do but from this point on, we say that after the most intense periods in your immediate future things will be getting easier and easier and even the work that you will be doing to cleanse your dear Mother Earth will become easier and easier and when this cleansing work is finally finished on a mass scale, you can all look back and note the progress you will have made, since that very first startling and Lighted announcement.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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