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The Energies of July

We can come out of hiding now because June has ended and, while that is a relief, during July we will begin to see the effects of the massive energy shifts that were set in motion in June. These will continue throughout August and into September.

Solar flare activity continues to intensify as we receive greater amounts of amplified radiation in response to our new levels of energy. Remember that children and pets feel these on a more intense level, so give them some extra calming attention during these periods.

On June 24 I felt that we were ‘rebooted’, which is the best way I can describe how a new paradigm was put into place. The structure has been built and now we get to furnish it. If you are feeling a little confused and unsure of where to start, just take a step in any direction. All of the pieces are in place and we have to overcome our hesitation to begin the process of deciding what we are going to become and how we are going to use our gifts.

At this point, movement is more important than direction and intention is a more powerful choice than trying to make the right choice. We’re beyond that, anything we decide is OK. We cannot make any wrong choices now. With our move into greater self empowerment and self expression, we are allowing the energies to expand and shed more light on a world that needs it right now.

And in July we have a Mercury retrograde, which I feel will be less disruptive than others and a chance for us to take a breath and plan our next moves. Planets which have been retrograde for months are now moving forward and giving us the energetic support we need as well.

This month has lots of creative energy which we need to use as our mission is to start creating the new earth as we want it to be, beginning with our lives. We are also being directed to consider who, how, and how much we heal others and where our energy is going.

It will seem, in July, like more of the world’s old structures are disappearing and that’s OK, it’s time for them to go. You may see a lot of doom and gloom prophecies, use your discernment to know what is right and true for you and what is not.

We know the world will not be destroyed, but that doesn’t sell newspapers or make YouTube videos go viral. All we need to focus on now is channeling our energy and intention into the greatest and highest expression of our gifts because each of us plays an important role in ensuring that this transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Have you been ‘missing’ time and being very forgetful in the past few weeks? I think we have begun doing some interdimensional jumping because new portals are open. It’s easy to get ungrounded and forget where you are, so stay focused and in the present moment. It’s OK to travel to other dimensions, just remember that your physical body is in 3D. Conscious breathing is the best way to ground yourself so use it to maintain your connection here or you will get lost.

Now and during the next few months we will see a polarization occurring as everyone has to make a choice to be all in or all out on their spiritual journey, no more fence sitting. There is no wrong choice, but a choice has to be made.

For those who have been hesitating about how to create their life, the time to start is now. The new earth doesn’t come with any instructions except that we step fully to our power and start acknowledging ourselves for who we are, divine spiritual beings living a co-creative partnership with Source.

We no longer have to work so hard to be a light for the world, we have ‘been there, done that’ and now we’re in phase 2 which is ‘how can we be happy Lightworkers!’ We’re all tired of working so hard, we need to learn how to play again, to relax, to have some fun, to find our joy and do what makes us happy.

It may be a little hard to give up our healer roles, but we cannot be the healer working hard to heal others and the powerful, playful co-creator of the New Earth. My vote is for some play and joy; we have all been working very hard.

And finally, we will see more and more people who have decided that they no longer need to be here and that is their choice. Don’t be surprised to hear about more people dying of sudden heart attacks, strokes, or going to sleep and not waking up. For some, getting to this point in our spiritual evolution was all they needed to do; for others, like many of us, we’re staying the course until it is all finished.

Frankly, I have worked too hard for too long to not see how this story ends. It’s going to be a great month, as long as you set some powerful intentions for what you want your next step to be and with this much creative energy to help you get started, you won’t have any trouble getting started. Choose anything, it’s all possible now.

Have a wonderful month.
by Jennifer Hoffman

Copyright (c) 2012 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may copy, quote, translate or reprint this article in its entirety as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website.

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