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Containment as a Benign Rehabilitative Mechanism

Article revised in light of Sierra Neblina’s article here:

A reader has asked if containment, probably for a short time and only for rehabilitation, is a process that can be used with errant or traumatized lightworkers, to give them the boost they need to return to full health and integrity.

It might be viewed as a light and love chamber that can be used to assist lightworkers as well as others.
For instance, if a militiaman were to take up a weapon and threaten to kill the Illuminati, I could imagine that person being put in temporary containment.

I’ll ask Archangel Michael (or Geoff may) next time we speak with him to verify what is said here. You can see in Sierra’s article that she verifies that containment can be used to assist lightworkers. But the specific reason I respond this way is based on  a comment that Archangel Michael made to a lightworker through Linda Dillon recently.

This individual, who doesn’t wish to be named, asked if he played a role in assisting lightworkers who had a shadow side back to the light and AAM replied:
“What you are doing is helping to activate the light codes, the love codes within [a lightworker] to help them on their way so that they do not need to go the route of containment or rehabilitation or anything else.  Sometimes all a person needs is an extra spark of light to ignite them, to light that flame and leave it burning and then leave it behind.” (1)

I can’t give more from that reading because the rest is confidential
Please remember that it is only us who consider containment a punishment, not the celestials. If it were a punishment, they would not use it because they do not punish. They only rehabilitate.

I can think of three helpful uses of containment: as a rehabilitative measure that may have application especially with those who are in danger of harming themselves or others, those who are new to positions of authority and abuse them, or those who have been deeply traumatized and must be brought back from that position quickly to be able to enjoy Ascension.  A person in containment is bombarded with light and love.

We’re just getting our first glimpses into the process of containment and our understanding is not extensive yet. But we do have some descriptions of it that do assist us to be able to understand it somewhat. The first thing to remember is what the Arcturians said on July 8 that “containment is not a punishment.” They continue:
“We are not interested in punishing anyone, as we see the big picture of the 3D Game of Polarities. On the other hand, we have seen that the polarities of fear and conditional love have become very extreme at the close of this cycle.” (2)

Archangel Michael has said that people placed in containment are “constantly penetrated by love and light.” (3)

I think we should not overlook the possibility that containment can be used as a kind of portable light and love chamber, to help a lightworker get over deep trauma.I believe it can speed the healing process for those who cannot manage it themselves and this is particularly important in the short time ahead before Ascension. My hunch is that it  can be used for short periods of time as well as for long.

I could see it being used among, say, people in areas of the world who have been mass raped, had limbs cut off, or lived under oppressive military dictatorship. The love container is like a cocoon. We’re safe as long as we’re in it. And the experience within it is universally loving. That may have distinct healing advantages, especially for people who may have withdrawn mightily from society because of vicious or degrading treatment.

Archangel Michael said of “mass arrest” that it is “not kind, it is not gentle, it is not loving, and it is certainly not of the higher dimensional reality.” Implicit in this is that containment is kind, gentle and loving. He described the process of containment:
“They are penetrated deeply, profoundly — more than you can imagine — by the light and the love. And you already know how intense that is. Until then, all that remains within that individual is the return to light and love.” (4)

That’s why the celestials introduced it. They want us to be able to take advantage of Ascension and they have tools in their toolkits that they can use. Containment is one tool. Archangel Michael already said that he would be discussing others.

If what I say is correct (and I may not be correct), it could be used especially when the time before Ascension is short, to give the errant or traumatized the extra boost they need to break free of vasanas.

Because so many people “hate” the cabal, they may see containment as a punishment and say “Good riddance” to the Illuminati. But containment, as AAM has said, is itself an act of love, much like a mother holding her child who has a temper tantrum, and probably a useful tool in the celestials’ toolbox.


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