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I Got It! We’re Upset!

Werner Erhard used to define upsets as being of three kinds: frustrated expectations, thwarted intentions, and undelivered communications.

Let’s look at those three a little closer because so many of us are upset these days.

What are we upset about? Matthew Ward says Disclosure may be postponed by months because the planet is so afraid of being taken over by ETs. Archangel Michael is being interpreted as having called the mass arrests off and leaving the cabal apparently in power (this is a misinterpretation of course. He never said any such thing). NESARA is not here and it’s July 2012.

Oh, yes, and those damn chemtrails are still appearing overhead. We have no money. No prediction has yet come true – not one! No relief in sight. No visible evidence of ANYTHING! WE ARE JUST UPSET!


So upsets are of three types.

Frustrated Expectations
We wanted something to happen. We expected it to happen. We were promised it would happen. And it hasn’t happened and we’re upset!

Thwarted Intentions
We wanted to do something. We expected to do something. We were promised we could do something. And for some reason we can’t do it and we’re upset!

Undelivered Communications
Someone did something to us that we didn’t want them to do. Someone hasn’t done something for us that we did want them to do. Or said, or thought, or in some other way made known or made real. And we have not communicated about it and we’re upset!
What can we do about it?
Well, several things. If we really want to emerge from our upset, we can:

Become aware of something. Raise it to awareness. Then if we can find someone to listen, communicate it. Tell the truth about it so deeply our ears burn. Share a withhold about something. Say that which we’ve never said before and need to say – or we’ll die. Get it off our chest. Make sure we’re heard and heard completely, with the same emotion that we deliver the communication and in every detail.

Go for a drive and scream in the car. Cry in a pillow. Chop wood vigorously. Punch a punching bag. Do karate. Run a mile. Take the suppression button off.

Source the Vasana (1)
Sit with the issue like a brick in the lap. Be with the upset and experience it through to completion. Allow what’s there to arise and observe it. Breathe through it rather than resisting it. Allow something. Grant beingness to it. Welcome it like a guest in the house. Complete our experience of the vasana without resisting it.

Restore Integrity
Call ourselves on something. Take responsibility for something. Own it. Face up to something in ourselves. Tell the world we did it. Apologize. Forgive. Ask for forgiveness.

Call ourselves forth. Take a stand. Commit ourselves. Make a promise. Make a declaration. Make a difference. Break through fear. Come from enthusiasm. Stand forth! Face the “enemy” (usually our fear) and don’t flinch. Come from the new paradigm of divine qualities: love, peace, cooperation, harmony, service to others, etc.

Get Off It!
Surrender. Get off it. Let it go. Drop it. Get over it. Get on with life.
Get the juice going. Take charge of your life. Get up, get off it, and get on with it.
If your upset survives all these steps, then you’re plugged in. You’re on it. You’re running a racket.
Never mind reading an article like this. Just acknowledge that you’d rather be upset than get off it and, for heaven’s sake, enjoy it!
by Steve Beckow


(1) A vasana is an habitual reaction pattern, triggered by a present-day incident but traceable to a much older incident. To source it means to get to the bottom of it and experience it through completely, after one time or many times of which it lifts.


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