Thursday, July 19, 2012

"What is Ascension?" "It is becoming aware that you are more than your physical body; It is the awareness that you are pure divine energy and consciousness. Your physical body is morphing; It is recalibrating to allow every cell and every aspect to hold and radiate more and more Light frequency. As this occurs, you begin to shift in how you see and sense the many realities that are always available to your Awakened state of presence."

Thank you Peggy and the Hathors ...and so it is!
*** gavin
We are here and honored to express our gratitude and acknowledgment, for you are reaching a turning point in your evolution. More and more individuals are remembering who they are as members of the celestial family. Realize when 51% of your global citizenry are Awake and Aware there is a shift that occurs within all.

Within humans there is always an ebb and flow between states of consciousness. Countless individuals, however, are bridging two or more different levels of consciousness at the same time. The realization is becoming obvious to many that you are straddling multi-realities. This has always been a truth as a multidimensional being; the shift happening now is that you are more aware that you are easily shifting from one dimension to another.

You are aware of the so-called solid reality, your physical surroundings, those frozen in your perception, and you are also becoming aware of receiving information from another level of awareness and source. You are beginning to have sensations that your normal beliefs cannot account for; you are having a visceral experience with no need for proof.

You are beginning to experience other realities and dimensions. This is sometimes just a flash or a quick shift in your perception of what is real. These brief unexplained occurrences are happening more and more. Celebrate, acknowledge and welcome these experiences, invite and encourage them to be more and more a part of your life.

These shifts of consciousness, these supernatural gifts have been the honored and curious space of the shaman, the psychic, the one with paranormal abilities. This is changing as increased numbers of humans awaken and realize that they are endowed with all these extrasensory perceptions. They are able to shift their reality, read the subtle changes in vibrations, and receive guidance and knowledge from a source beyond their conscious knowing.

You are beginning to acknowledge and welcome these expanded states of awareness that are becoming a part of your daily life. You may be standing next to a stranger, for example, waiting to make your purchase and you begin to have images of their life or hear their thoughts or feel emotions. It can be a bit disarming and even frightening. Be gentle with yourself when you notice this occurring. Remember you can set the guidelines for how you want your paranormal abilities to unfold. Gently begin to welcome this expanded knowing and the data and information wanting to come forth beyond your normal senses.

Let us assure you, coming forth with new perceptions of your reality and the world around you is only one aspect of your multidimensional self. You consider yourself solid in your physical form, contained within your body, comfortable with your thoughts and feelings. This has been your security, your reality; yet on many levels of which you are not aware you are reading the energies around you, you are picking up sensations and thoughts of others as you pass them on the street. Since this is neither your focus nor where your attention is placed most of this data is ignored.

We are inviting you to open the doors to your mind. Realize that you are connected to everything in your reality and beyond. You life, your bills, your relationships, your jobs are simply one aspect of who you truly are. We are aware that in this physical dimension these are all important, however we would like to invite you to continue to stretch your awareness and include the real possibility that you are moving rapidly between
dimensions at all times.

You are receiving frequency codes from all living things as well as downloads of data from the stars and the galaxy. Every cell in your body responds to this input of vibrations; you have just been pre-occupied and have not noticed. You can sense this is changing; you are feeling these shifts in your body and your bones. Embrace this!

Remember that as you welcome these expanded states of mind and awareness, you open the doors for others to do the same. Your energy field triggers their awakening. Own the possibility that you offer expanded states of multidimensional awareness to everyone your encounter, everywhere at all times. Now you can see how this would shift the remaining 49%. Think of yourself as an activator.

Remember as a child you were aware of so much in your reality, all things were possible. You could easily travel to other existences and timeframes and often did. Those skills are still available. Open the doors once again that perhaps you closed when someone invalidated your experience or shamed your imagination.
Begin to invite and practice traveling to other timelines, sense when you have shifted to another vibration or dimension. Allow yourself to sense and feel the energy surrounding you, read the impressions and begin to trust in the input you are receiving. Allow your extrasensory gifts to emerge once more.

There are tools to shift your consciousness that have been offered by your wise ones and sages throughout time. Meditation and stillness invite the opportunity to visit other states of being and move between the dimensions. Keep in mind that the dimensions are simply another state of energy vibrations.

The important thing to understand is that constant interaction with others can be a distraction to the subtle ability to alter your awareness and shift your focus to the nested dimensions in which you can explore. This is why it is important to honor solitude, to walk, meditate, and allow stillness and a quieting of the busy mind. It is in these places that you gently slip into another dimension. The key is to make space for this to happen.

Another key to unlock the mystery is to know that energy follows thought. It is a matter of where you place your attention. Shift your thoughts and shift your feeling nature and you will throw off your conditioned beliefs and the limited net that would keep you anchored to only one experience of reality. When you invite and allow, when you relax and honor, the other experiences and realities will become available.

It is so important that you know that you interface with these other realities. You are the physical link to this dimension and it is the density and the mis-qualified energies that are to be uplifted and transformed. You are the portal for this to occur and materialize. You are the focus; you are the anchor for divine consciousness that is offering the frequency of ascension.

What is ascension? It is becoming aware that you are more than your physical body; it is the awareness that you are pure divine energy and consciousness. You physical body is morphing; it is recalibrating to allow every cell and every aspect to hold and radiate more and more light frequency. As this occurs you begin to shift in how you see and sense the many realities that are always available to your awakened state of presence.

Do everything possible to expand freely into your true Starself, that beautiful multidimensional being who is aware, loving, connected to source and others. Heal all real or imagined wounds; forgive all real or imagined wrongs. Do your personal work knowing that you are adding the light of consciousness to this dense dimension and lifting yourself and others up into an existence in which thoughts are shared from the heart. Call forth and welcome a dimension that is beyond the dense mis-qualified thought forms and actions of hatred, prejudice, pain and sorrow, past the limited, powerless unconscious beliefs being projected on your screen of reality.

You are courageous! You are powerful! You are magnificent! You are here to anchor change. Open up to your incredible paranormal abilities and begin to interface with this reality from your place of true authentic knowing. Open up to your awesome abilities to travel time and the dimensions. Open up to your heart's awareness and invite the power of love to flood your life and all experiences.

The gift offered here is a reminder that you are not alone and you can easily connect with the nonphysical support systems. All that is required of you and anyone who seeks this connection and awareness of the multiverse is to open up to your awesome abilities and make space for this to happen. Realize that as you connect in this way your vibrations and frequency will light the path for others to follow.

There is assistance being offered to earth from the starfamily, the planets, the great central sun, the holiest of holies and the divine mind of the creator. We invite you and other awakening star humans to hold and anchor the focus for these energetic gifts that are being showered upon you as we speak. We are honored always to have this exchange with you. We are grateful for who you are and your continued willingness to offer yourself in service and in love to the whole. Know that you are acknowledged and appreciated as you transform any and all challenges that are before you.

by Peggy Black & the 'team'

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