Saturday, October 1, 2011

Almost Everyday You Put On a Brave Face, and Others Thought That You Were Enjoying Life As They Succeeded In Convincing You that That They Were Too

Thank you once again Saul and John for this poem of inspiration!

And so it is.
*** gavin

These Amazing Changes in Attitudes Worldwide Will Lead You Forward to Lasting Peace
(emphasis added)

Humanity is approaching the moment when changes of great significance in your collective perception of the illusion will occur. They were planned eons ago in preparation for this point in your evolutionary journey when you would be ready, willing, and able to accept them and work with them for the benefit of all sentient beings. The benefits will be profound, inspiring, and uplifting, as conflict, anger, and mistrust become obsolete and unnecessary and are replaced by honest and harmonious cooperation. These amazing changes in attitudes worldwide will lead you forward to lasting peace, cross-cultural understanding, and total respect for all life forms. It is to be an age of great wonder and joy as you discover the unutterable capabilities and opportunities these new attitudes enable and encourage as you start to live “as one” with each other and recognize what this means. The fact that all are one is a divine truth, and to know and experience that, even if only for an instant, is a life-changing event of incomparable wonder and significance.

The journey on which you embarked has been long and tedious, and you have had many painful and frightening encounters for which it seems you were ill-prepared and which it also seems you had to face alone. In fact life in the illusion has become increasingly laborious, unsatisfactory, and disappointing because what you sought to achieve within it never lived up to your expectations. This is the illusion – fear, anger, pain, and disappointment – with occasional fleeting moments of happiness. You learned to fight for what you wanted, and, if you won, the prize never turned out to be worth the price that you had to pay. You put on a brave face, and others thought that you were enjoying life as they succeeded in convincing you that that they were too.

Living, believing that you are a body, always ends in death, possibly preceded by suffering, which is a most unappealing prospect. The illusion truly has nothing to commend it as long as you believe that you are separated entities, separate from one another, and separate from God. But you are not separate or alone – and even your science now knows this – you are all intimately connected and constantly affecting each other by your thoughts, words, and deeds. If you can properly pay attention to life as it occurs in every moment you cannot fail to realize this. You get intimations of it in social settings or when you work or play together in groups, but it is only temporary because, as you compete for one another’s attention, you find yourselves once more seemingly alone. It is very confusing and unsettling so you search once more for meaning, and because Earth is presently being inundated with divine energies to assist you, you will be guided, and you will be drawn to recognize that you have hope, a divine Flame within, honoring you, encouraging you, and showing you how dearly you are loved. You may be tempted to discount It or discard It. Don’t. It truly is there within you, warming you with Its loving embrace. Once you start to acknowledge and accept It you will find yourselves making contact with others who have also discovered the Flame within, and love will flow among you intensifying your mutual sense of oneness.

It is this sense of love, of acceptance, and of oneness that is easing you gently towards wakefulness. Nevertheless, while you are still committed to the illusion you will continue to experience some disappointments; but do not focus on them, let them go, as mostly they are due to undelivered expectations that you have of others. Remind yourselves that they are in pain and send them love, it is very healing – for them and for you. Doing this strengthens you spiritually and helps you to accept life as it occurs in every moment, then you can release your expectations and peace will flow into the inner space that that release has made available. Remember you are all firmly established on your path to awakening, and your joyous awakening is assured.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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