Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Patience Is How the Ego Views the Delay Between What It Believes Is Necessary For Its Fulfillment and Desire & the Universe's Delays In Fulfilling IT

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Uriel's Message: The Nature of Patience

You may call patience a virtue, a painful necessity, a lesson or a challenge but it is merely an aspect of time, density and energetic movement. Patience is a third dimensional definition of energy movement which you will eventually be able to see with a multi-dimensional perspective. What you call patience is the movement of energy through time and within the filter of the density. Energy moves slowly in the third dimension because it is controlled through intention. Do you know yourselves as masters of this process because that is what you are. And when you have this understanding you can rise above the lessons of patience.

There is limitation within density because you must learn to see yourselves as creators, manifesting reality through your intention. Energy is simply a presence that waits for your instruction. Reality is an ever changing flow of energetic creation, whose movement is governed by your intention. Time becomes a factor when you stay within third dimensional thinking. With your creation you also work in multiple dimensions. If what you are trying to create has other dimensional connections, especially those in lower dimensions, then you also pull in the density of those dimensions with your creation, which creates lessons in patience.

Energy is present in all things and at all times. And its movement occurs at all times both with and without your participation. As you consciously interact with energy it becomes according to your intention and depending on your dimensional perspective, that flow can be limited by time and density, which then becomes lessons in patience as you wait for manifestation. Or it takes on the higher dimensional aspect of timelessness as you know that intention is always fulfilled within the perfection of divine timing.

The ego desires everything now from the perspective of its fear of disconnection. Yet now is simply a moment and all things are happening in each moment. Patience is how the ego views the delay between what it believes is necessary for its fulfillment and desire for love and the Universe's delays in fulfilling its desires. Timelessness is spirit's perspective of manifestation as it knows there is no waiting, only perfect fulfillment. As you embrace your muti-dimensional selves you become timeless and density is no longer part of your life's path for you can envision and connect with all things, knowing that as a perfect creator you create in the perfection of timelessness and that timing is no more than the intersection between intention and manifestation.

channel Jennifer Hoffman


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