Saturday, October 22, 2011

Your Intuition, Once Understood and Mastered, Will Leave You No Longer Guessing, or Second Guessing Who Is With You

Thank you Ascended Master Paul and Julie!
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Message from Master Paul the Venetian

How many of you have Mastered Patience? A characteristic and attribute that is difficult to achieve and maintain even by the ones who claim to be most patient. You have met so many spiritual and personal challenges that tested your patience, and self-discipline. And at times, you may have not done so well as you may have preferred. You cannot undo what was done from the outburst of anger, frustration, or unease. What you can do dear ones is to learn what triggered these outbursts, or heavy emotions. You learn and find ways that will bring calming to your body and spirit, which will also calm your mind. Many of you have already found what works best to bring on a calming effect that works rapidly. And with the wisdom you have gained you will be confident enough to share with others so they have the opportunity to give your method a try. When you try another person’s calming method and it doesn’t give satisfying results, you still have learned something new, that you also can share with another.

I work within the Pink Ray of Divine Love dear ones. And part of this love does include Patience, self-discipline, understanding, and so much more that is part of the creative faculties of your unconditionally loving heart. I know there are a great number of you working on repairing current relationships, and maintaining the loving relationships you currently have with a romantic partner, friend or even with your children. I see many nod their heads here when speaking of all this when dealing with raising children.

Learn this patience within yourself, and practice what you know with those that are in your life. Show them how understanding you can be because you have the love of God working with you and in you. There will be mistakes along the way when learning to Master patience, understanding, self-discipline and more. These mistakes will assist in perfecting these qualities dear ones. As you learn more about yourself in regards to these qualities, you will become more compassionate and loving. Your gentle side will emerge as beautiful as the sun after experiencing many cloudy days.

Learning who you are at a soul level requires focus, dedication and commitment to want to make the necessary adjustments of a more harmonious YOU. There is so much beauty for you do discover dear ones. As you learn more about yourself, you will see where some of the wisdom you have learned and the knowledge gained from your own discoveries and from others sharing where it all fits. You will find more pieces of your own puzzle that will help forward you along the path you are on.

The self-confidence you gain from your spiritual explorations will aid your intuitive ability which helps you discern not just the spirits but much more that you come across. Your ability to discern the spirits that are with you comes from an innate ‘knowing’ and complete understanding with none of the ego attachments that have been known to easily fool so many. Your intuition once understood and mastered, will leave you no longer guessing, or second guessing who is with you. You will know from their touch, their smell, possibly a form, an auric colour, or even a number. Trial and error does come into play as you learn more about yourself and who is with you. Trust in yourself, and in your heart dear ones. Learn all you can before you come to a conclusion that will help you understand which spiritual being is with you.

Today’s message is a brief one as our vessel today is spiritually fatigued. I will return soon to continue our discussion. It was a great pleasure to speak to all the beautiful sons and daughters of God. It goes without saying; my love for all of you is infinite.

And so it is,
Master Paul the Venetian
by Julie Miller

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