Sunday, October 23, 2011

Be More Selfless, More Giving, Show Compassion and Mercy, Dear Ones, and Your God-like Actions Will Get Noticed

Thank you Ascended Master Ramakrishna and Julie!
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Message from Master Ramakrishna: I AM is God in Action

Blessings, blessings to one and all! It is pleasing to come forth and speak through this dear soul. I am giving much thanks to her and to all of you that have awakened to the Light and Love of God. And there are more awakening each and every day dear ones. The light all of you shine from within your very heart will make this beautiful Earth glow and shine that can only be described as absolutely Divine. And shine it does already with an incredible light.

I, not only care for the people of India, my homeland, but of the peoples of the world. Accepting your role as a light worker, teaching others to live through your hearts, is an incredible role dear ones. Each of you has so much to offer. Not one of you is any more special than the other, yet each of you is unique with very individualized abilities and talents that are God given. There needs to be more removal of the ego and more selfless and humble nature of mankind dear ones. Even during all the changes that are affecting the Earth and the people that reside on her surface, the Ego is still hanging on.

Once you are able to remove the Ego dear ones you will feel the flow of love that has been waiting to enter your very own body, mind and soul. The Ego is like a barricade to receiving the most perfect love of all; God’s perfect, unconditional love and most brilliant light for all children.

I will make a comparison; when a human, regardless of man or woman tries to understand the nature of God, it is like an ant trying to carry away a massive hill of sugar by himself. When you do unselfish work, not only do you gain respect for yourself and for the ones you are helping, but you also gain LOVE for God. Be more selfless, more giving, show compassion and mercy dear ones and your God like actions will get noticed dear ones. The purest of souls that have attained God in the Oneness they are fervently working at reaching will be able to see clearly that God is everywhere, and not just think it. You will see God, you will feel God, and you will KNOW God is with you once this Oneness is achieved. And you will achieve dear ones. I do not doubt your success.

You will make this achievement from the challenges you move into and the lessons learned from each one. The more love you can allow into your heart and the more open you can be of all others, regardless of where they sit on their own journey will bring you closer to this oneness; the unity that is much needed. Your high education does not matter when you are spiritually arriving to this glorious Oneness with yourself and with God. Your success is wonderful dear ones, but what matters most is what is in your heart. Not just the love you have for yourself, but the equal love you have for others and the willingness you have for all people you associate with to be treated equally in all areas. The ungodly airs that many people put on that are severely EGO based do not go unnoticed by God. Many forget the God knows and sees ALL. You cannot fully understand God if you have the least bit of attachment in you on what God is to be like. You already know the attributes of God. They are of the purest action, thought, word, etc. You already have within each of you your God Presence – I AM. I AM is God in action dear ones.

In my time on Earth, I was a priest in the Temple of Kali, who is the Divine Mother there. The jobs I was given I took and did them without fail and with gratitude each time. No matter how tiresome that job I did may have seemed to another, I was committed to it heart and soul. Just as I am committed in serving God and showing many people the way to the Oneness they are seeking. Absolute commitment to all you do with the most purest and unconditional love. Always, even on days of unwell, try and give 100% each time. Your dedication to your own self-love, to God and to the many people that turn to you for advice, friendship and love will reward you with their respect and admiration, but most of all, LOVE.

My heart is filled with so much joy and love dear ones; the love that resides in my own Pure heart is being shared with all of you.

And so it is,
Master Ramakrishna
by Julie Miller

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