Saturday, October 1, 2011

Your Soon Ultimate Reality, Heaven, Infinite Bliss, Paradise-Your Imminent Arrival In That Glorious Awakened State Is Guaranteed, Assured & Inevitable

Enormous Changes of Attitude Enable You To Look With Love Instead of Fear on Your Sisters & Brothers Everywhere

The divine moment for which all have been waiting with such zestful enthusiasm draws ever closer. The energy preceding it, and leading the way, is intensifying and affecting all of humanity; everyone feels it, even if they are in total denial of anything that cannot be seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelt by their physical senses. And so the sense of excited anticipation grows. People everywhere are sensing that something of great significance for humanity is about to occur – and they are not mistaken.

The Light that you aware Ones are carrying and demonstrating so prominently is growing ever brighter as the love that burns within you intensifies and flows out to meld and mingle with the energy fields of everyone with whom you interact, by thoughts, words, or physical presence. Its brilliance is stunning to behold in the spiritual realms, and it is clearly perceived in the physical realms by those who have activated their ability to perceive human energy fields. A most beautiful aura envelops your whole solar system as the moment for your awakening prepares to embrace you.

It is indeed a marvelous time to be physically present on the Earth plane so that you can experience the divine wonder of awakening into Reality as the illusion fades away, leaving not a trace of the bitterness, fear, conflict, and suffering that all of you have endured for so long. As peace and harmony sweep across the planet, a sense of blissful contentment will envelop you, and you will lay aside, permanently, all your worries, doubts, anxieties, and sorrows, while the brilliant light of eternal day displays in front of you the exotic, enticing, and supreme magnificence of the Home into which you have awakened.

The time of waiting is almost over, as enormous changes of attitude and perception enable you to look with love instead of fear on your sisters and brothers everywhere, and see them looking back at you in like manner. Remember, what you see is what you choose to see, and you have a veritable smorgÄsbord of choices that can take you deeper into the illusion, or outwards towards the exit. And because of the divine energy field encircling the planet, more and more of you are heading for the exit and encountering friendship, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance from those alongside you who are going the same way. There are still many who have not yet started out in that direction, but the prospect is becoming ever more alluring for them.

A few are still choosing to go deeper, and the deeper they go the fewer they meet who are willing to go with them, although there are still some very spiritually advanced ones among them attempting to persuade them to turn around. Some most definitely will, even at this late stage, while the rest will find themselves in an environment that seems totally familiar, and in which they can continue to play until they finally make the choice to leave, as eventually they will. On awakening, their welcome Home will be just as wondrous as yours, and they too will realize at that moment that they have been asleep for only an instant.

Our Father’s Love for us – all of His children throughout creation – is beyond understanding. It can only be known and experienced, and that is what lies ahead for you – the experience of ultimate Reality, Heaven, Paradise, infinite bliss – and your imminent arrival in that glorious awakened state is guaranteed, assured, and inevitable.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

How exciting... thank you Saul and John!
*** gavin

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