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You Marvel At 'Formational Flying Air Shows'... We Shall Provide For You Wonders That Shall Have Your Eyes Balancing On The Edge Of Their Sockets

Thank you Galactic Federation of Light and Blossom!

And so it is.
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The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild: October 26, 2011

Blossom:Welcome to you my friends. I sort of FELT the urge to have a chat ... is that ok with you?

Federation of Light (Fol):There would be much taking place upon your planet should we not ever be able to do so. Yet of course ... energies and so forth can sometimes interfere on our wave band with our connection to you.

Blossom: I FELT it was you nudging me to have a chat with you , rather than the other way around. So is there anything in particular that you wanted to say?

FoL: Brace yourselves !

Blossom: Is that it? Just ... Brace yourselves?

FoL: As those on your Earth plane would comment ... 'In a nutshell' ... and yet we realize that it would be more appropriate to elaborate a little.

Blossom: You realize correctly!

: You have come to recognize 'shifts' within the planet and within the soul self. You have learned that once you have adjusted to the new place that you find yourself within after a shift has taken place ... that you FEEL a little different. Not necessarily greatly ... yet without doubt ... you notice a slight change perhaps. We say to you ... that were you to add up ALL of these so called 'little' changes, you would see the vast difference with ALL things. Is this not so?

Blossom: Well, I would have to say ... when giving it some thought ... I am VERY different in myself from what I was say ... three years ago. I behave differently and indeed think differently ...

: Keeping this is mind then ... in the forefront of your knowledge ... what is to come about in the coming days is a transference of energy that will have you 'boggled.' You cannot NOT be effected by these 'waves' ... for they ride on a strength that you will certainly consider to be 'fruitful'. It shall seem to the physical self of great surges of energy filling the body. It will heighten the senses and can be applied to engage in a deeper form of meditation should the recipient so choose.

Blossom: Do we have to do anything to receive this?

: We would merely suggest that BEING OPEN TO IT ... allowing your BEING to OPEN UP to it will assist. Some may not understand why they are FEELING as they do ... but they will not be able to deny that they are FEELING SOMETHING.

We suggest to you ... to INDULGE in this reverie. There is no need to ask on what day this may take place ... the 'When's' 'Why's' and 'Wherefore's' are TRULY not of importance ... It is the case also that individuals shall experience these 'flushes' at different points in their time of day ... compared to another.

Blossom: And are we to expect these energies to flow in for quite some time , or are we to expect more of the 'one off' event?

FoL: The energies that are indeed flowing in shall reside and fluctuate in and around your planet for an exact period of time . The energy is participating in its glory as it assists mankind to rise. When this particular 'batch' has infiltrated ... then things shall quieten again for a time until it is deemed necessary for the next arrival.

What we would like to stress upon is that when we say 'Hold on to your hats' ... we mean it.

Blossom: You have mentioned this many times ... 'Hold on to your hats.' It is a saying widely used regarding our coming times ... yet so far I think many of us would say that we have only really felt a few hairs being blown out of place with the breeze.

FoL: And this is why we say what we say. You admit to much change within the skies. This is now greatly noticeable regarding movement and discovery. This is indeed 'just a whisper in your ear'. Oh how we become excited at the phenomena that awaits you . To us of course, it is far from phenomena ... it is as natural as your breathing. Yet to many ... what is to occur will indeed be labeled so. Yet more so ... we care to embark (?) upon the fact that are decloaking ceremonies will leave you not only speechless ... but it is the NEW energy that we carry with us ... that will have you literally jumping for joy.

You marvel at 'Air shows' and 'Formational flying' in your eventful festivities and yet with all that you have seen ... we shall provide for you wonders that shall have your eyes balancing on the edge of their sockets.

Blossom: Well , I know I speak for so many of us when I say 'Bring it on'. Quite honestly ... I couldn't imagine a better Christmas present!

: Understand on a deeper level of yourself ... what this actually means. Yes, it is well and good to accept matters on a peripheral degree, yet we ask you to delve deeper inside of your KNOWING. Take time to meditate on what this actually means and you will be shown visions and receive FEELINGS that shall prepare your mind, body and soul for what is to eventuate.



The union we have been speaking of is not of fairy tale enigma. It is of TRUTH and we are together walking into the moment when ALL realization of this TRUTH shall be apparent.

Would it be fair to say that you are on the edge of your seats?

Blossom: Indeed. Yet ... I have to be honest ... and its not that I wish to pull the energy down ... it's not that ... but in MY TRUTH ... as excited as I feel about the coming months ... I have to admit to being in the 'Lets wait and see then' mode. For you have to admit chaps , many times have we 'expected ' something and many times have we sighed and got back to work!

:Yet would this be due to that which you 'thought' you were expecting.

Blossom:Don't know ... would it?

: Through our acceptance of the Divine plan and how it is to be played out ... We are only to happy with all that is taking place and how exceptionally well everything is running . One simply cannot 'spring' the 'finale' on someone ... if they have not yet seen the rest of the show ... it would seem 'out of place.'

What you have been witnessing is the 'starter.' What you have been FEELING is the main course and what you are about to finish the meal off with is the dessert. The Sweetener. The combination of the WITNESSING, the FEELING, and now the KNOWING .. through undeniable TRUTH.

Blossom: Your words not mine. I think really that most of us KNOW you are of TRUTH ... that isn't the issue ... the issue (if there is one) is the WHEN ! And 'SOON' would not suffice as an answer. Yet I have understood it is not appropriate to give a 'when' ... but it surely has to be time any day now.

: Can you begin to FEEL the celebration that lies ahead for us all? Give yourselves a moment or two to actually consider the reality of what is to occur. Taking into account the eons of time that individuals and groups have suffered desperately in order for this CHANGE to come about. There is not one of you that has not sacrificed in some way ... so that the union of worlds can concur at this DIVINE TIME.

You have not just come here this time to see this through ... you have been here many many times in order to prepare for these very days that lie ahead. And YOU DEAREST ONES ... YOU ARE THE BLESSED ONES that were chosen to be on the EARTH's surface ... so that you could receive US when we arrived. What happiness ... as we welcome each other after SO LONG. How WE have also waited for these moments to occur and yet there has been the undeniable fact that WE KNOW HOW AND WHEN and this has therefore made it a very much easier journey for those of us not of Earths density.

Yet ... for all your trials and tribulations ... for all the sufferings you have endured on the behalf of ALL ... there shall be not one regret of all that has taken place. For ALL that has indeed occurred has brought us into this moment when eyes shall be opened wide and when the hearts of so many recognize their family from Home.

Once again dearest souls .... Lift your swords of Light to the skies ... We FEEL them ... we see their energy ....

We leave you in the KNOWING that what is to come will move things onward at a rate that no one could have expected.

We thank you. We'll speak again soon. In Love and thanks.

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