Saturday, October 8, 2011

It Is Wonderful To See You All Standing Up Against Those Who Have For Centuries Taken Your Freedoms Away: Would've Never Happened a Hundred Years Ago

Thank you SanJAsKa and Wes!
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SanJAsKa: “You are Beginning to Act as an Aspiring Galactic Civilization”

Wes: I wish now to connect my energies and mental channels with SanJAsKa. I can feel a tingle in my third eye chakra that tells me you are with me dear friend. Would you like to have a communication on this fine morning?

: Hello Dear Wesley, I would be delighted to have a chat with you on this night. I can start off by saying that you may wish to turn off the television before continuing, as even with the volume down it can still interfere with one’s mental channels. But I know there are some more pressing issues you wish to talk about, and I am here for anything you need dear soul.

Wes: Thank you SanJAsKa, I know you are right. I have experienced first-hand the damaging effects of TV to the pineal gland, and I thank you for your concern.

SanJAsKa: We concern because we care, and we care because we Love dear soul. Would you have it any other way?

Wes: Indeed I would not, thank you! Now, there are a few things I wish to ask you about, to get your Divine opinion on. We have heard a lot about these protests across the United States and how they are spreading. Even you guys, in my last communication with you spoke of these protests, and of a treaty that was signed with the dark resulting in looser restraints on their media. Would you care to comment on the (so far) fallout of this treaty?

SanJAsKa: Certainly dear soul. As I and many others have told you, we did indeed sign a special treaty with your dark. Though so many of them still attempt to Live in denial of the growing Light on your world, the majority of those in their organizations have recognized that the end has come. We recommend you broaden your awareness past that of the protests going on in your United States, as there are protests going on worldwide dear soul. We knew the US would be the most difficult area for people to begin protest in, as the corporate machine gets quickly hard at work convincing their fan base that these protests are meaningless, are based on sheer ignorance and greed of the middle class and of the younger generations. Obviously the majority of you are smart enough to see through those lies, and smart enough to see that your mainstream media, while effectively less controlled in the area of reporting on protests, is still harder at work than ever attempting to manipulate the minds and hearts of the people. Do you not notice how they in fact do not just manipulate thoughts, but feelings and emotions as well when it comes to this coverage? We hope you do not as we hope you are not watching the more biased media coverage!

Wes: I Love your sense of humor SanJAsKa, thank you for answering that. Now, in your last message (sorry to keep returning to that) you mentioned the chemtrails and how you are all neutralizing them. A dear soul who read that latest message has asked me to ask you to comment on the genetic modification and manipulation of our food supply. Would you care to comment on this?

: I would Love to dear soul. As many of you know, much of your food is in fact manipulated and designed to keep your bodies in ignorance of the Divine souls you are. This is not just brought about through the manipulation of your food supply, but foods and ingredients that would otherwise be alien to your bodies have been introduced to you as normal and as essential for your physical health and growth. Many of these ingredients such as white flower and refined sugars, are considered quite normal in your diets but actually serve to cut off one’s awareness form one’s pineal gland as those very ingredients calcify it. That was a relatively easy trick for your dark to pull, but they knew there were still foods out there that were healthy for you, and that would actually keep your awareness of the true you, your Divine self. Heaven forbid right? And so, they have went out of their way to use gross genetic modification techniques on your food that serve to further calcify your pineal glands and keep you in manufactured lower vibrations. We need not go into too much detail about how this is done, suffice to say with the wonderful and Divine invention that is your internet one is able to find out more about this subject with the click of a button. We can also say that there are plenty of people standing up for themselves in these areas, and working hard to see that the genetic modification of your food comes to a quick and just end. Simply look up some of the lawsuits against the Monsanto Corporation and you will see what we are talking about.

Wes: Thank you for that detailed response friend, it is much appreciated. Now, I would like to ask how humanitarian actions such as the Hope Chest/Lightworkers fund is helping to speed up the process of us down here reuniting with you up there. I know you have spoken of this previously but I, and I’m sure many others, would like to know a little more.

: And we are glad to tell you more dear soul! As we have stated before and has been stated elsewhere, we have indeed passed the ‘Divine deadline’ for disclosure and so many other glorious events on your world. Do not let this truth frustrate you dear souls, as the inaction since this date’s passing has more to do with us and you than it does your dark cabal. If we wished to, we could have removed them at any time, but it is not our business to interfere too directly in your worldly affairs. You all collectively carry a delicate balance of worldwide karma, and while we do everything we can to help you ascend it is not our position to clear your karma before you do.

You were all very close to ascending at the end of the Atlantean cycle, and instead things took a bit of a turn for the worse. Instead of simply ‘saving’ you this time around, when the Divine deadline passed an almost unanimous decision was made to let you all take the reins so to speak, to let you all stand up for yourselves and declare your sovereignty as free citizens of planet Earth. We knew that with the intense energies coming in daily that get boosted on important synchronistic dates, this energy would be channeled through many of you and this would result in rebellion against the one percent that has for so long ruled over the 99 percent of your population. We knew it would not take much more ‘time’ for you to begin standing up for yourselves, and in that avenue I would say we were quite correct. Look at what is now happening on your world dear souls! Protests are spreading not just in the United States, but to nearly every corner of your globe. Various humanitarian projects are being started up, as you are all realizing that you are one soul and to work against each other simply doesn’t make sense. You are now working with each other, helping each other and finally beginning to act as an aspiring Galactic Civilization.

Dear souls, the way on your world has not been one of helping each other, rather it has been a way of separation and of competitiveness, as you all have served yourselves more than others. It is wonderful to see you all standing up against those who have for centuries taken your freedoms away, and we can say that even a hundred years ago such rebellious action against your ‘rulers’ would have never been thought or spoken of. It is wonderful to see so many of you now tread the rebellious path without fear, and we have various Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters standing by at these protests, assuring they do not get too out of hand as this movement is meant to be both peaceful and protected. We are watching over you more than you realize dear souls!

Wes: Thank you for chatting with me SanJAsKa. I close this message knowing this could be the last time your words get out publicly for quite a minute, and I thank you for the information you have given us on this morning/night.

: We are so very happy to be of service to you dear souls. And worry not Wesley, as the Divine has a plan for you, a plan that is just in its beginning stages. Much more is to be revealed in the coming days and weeks. All of us of the Galactic Federation of Light are sending humanity our sincere Love and appreciation of your patience and courage in standing up for yourselves. All of you dear souls are heroes!!

Thank you to SanJAsKa
Channeler: Wes Annac

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