Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Okay When You Are Frustrated To Cry, Or Find a Private Place To Be Alone and Think About the Situation and the Possible Causes and Solutions

Thank you El Morya and Julie for these great words of wisdom and encouragement!

And so it is.
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El Morya’s Weekly Message: Forthrightness with Love and Compassion

Ah, a beautiful Tuesday it is dearest ones! It is always a joy to speak to all of you.

Today dear ones I would like to discuss how to be forthright, and still speak of love and compassion without causing harm or discord among peers or other social groups you may belong to. To speak forthright, you speak clearly and frankly; you get to the point very quickly. There are many children that do this too well and hurt people along the way. Your ability to speak your mind is a Godly asset as long as you can do this with compassion and with love. Your purest of INTENT is in every word spoken.

A person who is forthright, often becomes misunderstood, and at times feels dejected. They do not realize how their ability to speak openly can hurt others to react negatively in return. We of the Divine wish for ALL to love and to get along, to show respect, love and compassion for one another. But we also know these are areas of improvement, self-correcting, tolerance and a lot of spiritual growth can be achieved.

The life path you are on is incredible with many twists and turns, and the fact that you are reaching for enlightenment is an amazing goal indeed. And such a goal is achievable; it is within your grasp. Focus precious ones on the tasks at hand. Don’t allow someone’s tactless words bring you down. BE strong; continue forward with your FAITH in God’s love and the Love you have for God. Everyone is at a different place of awareness and achievement dear ones. Give your pure unconditional love when faced with hurtful words. Look at the words also and see why they hurt you. Is there truth to the words? Is there something within the words, which you have not uncovered of yourself yet? Do you still need to clear past events? You will develop TOLERANCE towards outspoken peers, loved ones, other light workers, etc, but it will take time, PATIENCE, love and understanding. ALL is not impossible, but very possible.

Your tolerance of others and their views will strengthen as you learn more about yourself dear ones. And you learn and trust who you are becoming. Nothing is accomplished overnight, but in TIME. It is okay also dear ones when you are frustrated to cry, or find a private place to be alone and think about the situation and the possible causes and solutions. After you have cried this is usually the next stage. This problem solving is done both sub-consciously and consciously. You will receive ideas and insights on what to do next; they will come suddenly, as you have noticed this before. Believe with your heart dear ones that you will do the right thing for YOU at the time of your decision and choices. As you follow your guides and your heart always maintain this pure faith of yourself.

The Mighty God above loves you dear ones. This love is deeply embedded in your heart. Some of you are revealing this love, finally for the first time, and some have been enraptured in it for quite some time. Open yourself to the Love of God, allow this love into your heart and GLOW dear ones with the CERTAINTY of this love and of yourself. God loves ALL of you equally; this pure love knows no bounds and will never leave you. Be confident when you call upon God to protect you during one of your darker days that LIGHT of the purest and brightest will guide you through and you will find a stronger YOU. Find your peace with this dear ones.

As we begin to close our discussion regarding forthrightness and all that it includes, believe in that beautiful heart of yours, that I, El Morya, love you completely and unconditionally. I will not leave you when you call upon me when you are in need of a little more courage and support. I will love you and I will guide you gently at your side. Find the peace that is within you, and set yourself free dear ones in God’s love.

And so it is.
Ascended Master El Morya
by Julie Miller


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