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ALL Creatures Are Of God & Deserve To Be Respected: Just Like All You Have A Purpose, So Do All the Animals --Constantly Balancing and Rebalancing

Thank you Lady Najah and Julie.
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A Message from Ascended Master Lady Najah: Guiding Children in the Light and Love of God

Dear Hearts, I am Lady Najah, sister to Chananda who spoke through this dear child only a few days ago. I am also a protector for the Cave of Light in India with my brother. I too work alongside Saint Germain in the Great White Brotherhood of Light and other fine masters.

I have decided to come forth to speak of the children of this world. Yes, all of you are God’s children, but I am speaking of the young ones, the youths and young people that walk a path of their own life. Their minds are so open, and still so fresh. They see the world, still with the innocence of a babe. They question, they provoke, they love and they learn. The children of your world have so much Light Energy. How many times have you said to yourself or a friend, “If only I could save just a small amount of that energy and bottle it or use it for yourself?” That energy is there because it knows no restrictions other than the basics that are taught by you and by teachers.

Your own spiritual journey to the Oneness you seek with yourself and with God and be redirected to the children. Show them and guide them in the Light and Love of God, be the role model that is not just parental, but spiritual as well. Let them see this light you are shining from the inside out with. Your guidance to the Love and the Light of God is not to preach to them, but to direct them to LIVE as God; living with purity in their hearts always. Not only to think before they act, but to think with the purest of Intent their actions are a full indication of their hearts. There are CREATIVE ways you can go about this that will be beneficial to both. Be able to speak to your children or the children in your life with confidence in yourself and what you are speaking of. Know as you approach this direction with your children, I will be beside you, guiding YOU, supporting YOU, and encouraging YOU when you call upon me for help. Make your intentions clear as to where you wish my guidance. Do you only wish me to be at your children’s side, by your side or both? I can be there for both of you.

I understand this might be a difficult topic in some households, but it is not impossible, where anything is possible. Effort must be done to know any reaction. You just might be surprised Dear Hearts and be asked further questions that show interest. Teaching your children to walk in God’s Light and to LIVE like God will enrich you tremendously. You will be able to instil not only life lessons learned by you, but problem solving techniques, how to overcome troublesome emotional outbursts, etc.

You may find resistance at first and I caution you to act with caution. We must not force these teachings if they are not ready. When you are faced with resistance, its best to leave alone and let the child know how much he or she is greatly loved not by just you but by God. Give TIME to your intentions to share God’s Light and Love. Each and every child has a different inner time table of readiness. Gentle probing and guiding is crucial Dear Hearts.

Share with them the beauty of nature and how important it is to care for the environment. Some children are already conscious of this as they are taught many wonderful lessons in schools. Instruct them with understanding of why we are respectful to what lives outside your home doors. All the creatures, regardless of size are creatures of God and deserve to be respected. Just like all of you have a purpose, so do all the animals – Life is about many things, and one of those things is balance. The nature of your world is constantly balancing and rebalancing, just as you do yourself.

Take time out, even a few minutes of your busy schedule to spend quality time with the children of your life. This could mean choosing a special day or night that brings you together with your children. BE creative with your plans, and include them on what could be done during this special time. Make it light and make it fun. The laughter that is resulted of such time brings in so much light Dear Hearts. Not only are you bringing in a great deal of light into your home and to yourselves, you are creating lasting memories that are to be treasured.

I am preparing to leave this dear vessel. Before we depart from today’s discussion, I wish to speak of my own love, not just to you but to your beautiful children. Each of you and the children that are in your life are truly and dearly loved and as soft as a gentle breeze, I lightly kiss your cheek. Remain in God’s Love and in God’s Light, and always live from the purity of your Dear Heart.

And so it is…
Ascended Master Lady Najah
by Julie Miller

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