Thursday, October 27, 2011

All Over the World People Are Releasing the Attitudes That Have Kept Them Anchored In Fear and Defensiveness, and Are Starting To Open Their Hearts

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SAUL: You Actually Have Your Existence In Heaven

All you light-bearers – and if you read this you are a light-bearer – have been working diligently to help humanity to awaken, and your tireless efforts are bearing fruit. All over the world, people’s attitudes are changing. More and more are making the choice to address and resolve problems and disagreements through peaceful means – transparent negotiations, discussions, and harmonious cooperation – even though mainstream media reporting avoids focusing on these growing areas of brightness and hope.

Hope is an aspect of human nature that has encouraged you to seek satisfaction and meaning beyond the physical environment apparent to your five bodily senses. It has led you to hope that there is more to life than the various physical bodily sensations experienced over a limited period of time, followed by termination for all at their physical deaths. It did not seem to make any sense that the vast and complex creative and cooperative endeavor required to make a human being should end, finally and forever, with death. It seemed totally pointless – so much effort, learning, and suffering – to live only to prepare for death. So much wisdom and knowledge accumulated, and then, in a moment, all of it lost!

And, you are absolutely correct; it does not make sense! Live, loving, compassionate, intelligent beings, which is what you all are, do not die. You are immortal, just as God created you, and your destiny – your inescapable destiny – is infinite, eternal joy, at one with each other and with your Creator. God wills that for you eternally, and as you are all inseparable parts of Him, it is also your will. And God’s Will is always achieved; no other outcome is possible.

However, you did choose to play an imaginary game of separation, and you built the illusion to have somewhere to play and experience what that meant. The longer you played the more real and convincing it became, until you eventually succeeded in convincing yourselves that you were each small, individual, and powerless beings, permanently threatened by one another and by the hostile environment in which you found yourselves. It seemed that the only way to ensure your survival was by learning to defend yourselves, and that is where your attention has been focused for eons. So much so that defense has become one of the largest industries on the planet! It is amazing how much of the “stuff” that you manufacture can be used to defend yourselves or to attack others, and how fascinated, indeed hypnotized, you are by your ongoing focus on attack and defense. The result of this has been almost continuous war, interspersed with short periods spent regrouping and preparing for the next war. What mind-boggling insanity this behavior and focus of intent demonstrates!

But it is only a crazy game in a horrible nightmare from which you are shortly due to awaken. You have proved beyond all doubt by your game-playing activities that separation does not work and is completely destructive in its motivation and the ensuing results, and your hope has shown you that there certainly is an alternative. All over the world people are releasing the attitudes that have kept them anchored in fear and defensiveness, and are starting to open their hearts to accept and embrace the divine energy field that surrounds you at all times, waiting lovingly for you to do just that.

Remember, the illusion, the game, war, poverty, suffering, and disease are all concepts that you built into the nightmare in which, while you continue to maintain and support it by your unloving attitudes, it seems that you have your existence. But you actually have your existence in Reality, in Heaven, in Union with God, which surrounds and envelops you always because you are all integral and inseparable parts of that divine state. You have just chosen, temporarily, to be unaware of that unchanging Truth. As you release the unloving attitudes that you needed to hold in order to play the game, the illusion will dissolve and disperse, and you will awaken into the glory of Reality where you have always existed in eternal joy with your heavenly Father. You are stirring in your sleep, prior to rubbing your eyes and awakening into recognition of your true and changeless glory.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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