Monday, October 24, 2011

Experiences Are Repeated When Learning Is Incomplete; New Experiences Come When You've Completed the Old and Willingly Embraced the Teacher & Learning

Thank you Archangel Uriel and Jennifer.

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Uriel's Message -- Release the Teacher, Embrace the Lesson

Everyone in your life is a teacher and each teacher has a corresponding lesson that they have agreed to assist you with. There are no random or accidental pairings, meetings or connections in any aspect of your life. You are provided with lessons and their corresponding teachers, which are opportunities to learn, shift energy and heal energetic aspects that are experienced as emotions. Whether you describe these as good or bad, powerful or powerless, pleasant or unpleasant, they are all energetic connections with a healing and reconnecting purpose. Once you have completed the lesson it is time to release the teacher so you can each move into other dimensions of being, energetic frequencies or paradigms of learning.

When the lesson is incomplete, the teacher has been too challenging, the experience is not aligned with your expectations, or you do not feel you have the closure you want, there is a need to hang onto the teacher until you can achieve the results you desire. This assumes that the teacher has the power in the lesson but they do not. The lesson exists for your learning and healing, the teacher is the messenger. The power is in the message, not in the teacher. And when you cannot release the teacher you do not fully embrace the lesson and both you and the teacher are in an energetic vacuum, unable to move because the closure and finality of this experience happens when you, the student, can release the teacher.

Release occurs with forgiveness and acceptance of the teacher, lesson, situation and all of the energies involved. Any place you feel incomplete, out of alignment or integrity with the learning or the teacher is a place for you to do additional healing and release work to become wholly aligned with this energetic aspect. This knowledge cannot be given by the teacher, there is no one who can give you permission to be complete, and there is no one who can give you closure. It is up to you to decide that you are finished with a teacher and a situation and are ready to move forward on your healing path, to the next lesson and teacher.

Teachers serve a purpose and you will have many in your lifetime. Each one has a gift of learning for you and when the learning is complete you must release the teacher so you can move into a different level of connection and experience or go your separate ways. Either option can be right for you but you must choose one for this particular experience. And you will repeat this choice many times in your lifetime as you connect with teachers who present lessons to you. Experiences are repeated when the learning is incomplete; new paradigms of learning come to you when you have completed the old and willingly embraced the teacher and learning, given yourself the gift of closure and completeness and allowed your path to move into a new paradigm of healing, learning, growth and transformation.

by Jennifer Hoffman

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