Thursday, October 27, 2011

You Had Better Get Used To This Pace: Being A Galactic Human Will Require Plenty Of Responsibilities From You, But You Will Enjoy Every Minute Of It

Again thank you, SaLuSa and Laura.
*** gavin

SaLuSa to Me: A Question from Laura

Laura: Hello SaLuSa, there are rumours the Sirians have left the vicinity of Earth, is this correct?

: This is incorrect, we are here in great many number, how could we miss this event? How could anybody miss this? There are a great number of races in your sphere at this time. They are here for observation purpose mainly. The Sirians are no different, furthermore, our history is deeply intertwined with Earth’s history.

Laura: I feel a little light headed today, and I can feel the energy levels raising. I can have a very tangible contact with you, with many of you in fact. It is like I can almost touch the feelings of joy, the impression of being with you all, I can feel all your excitement, and happiness, I can see through your eyes. It is pretty exciting stuff we are in for, is it not? Do I have good reason for rejoicing so much?

: Yes, indeed you have dear one. We are on the verge of immense change, for the better on your planet. You, and in fact many of you can feel the love, the excitement in the air. The rush of adrenaline, as it were. We do share a common physiology, so yes; we are indeed pretty excited in human terms. You can already sense the future, the very near and exciting future. You can perceive our anticipation and our joy at the thought of our reunions. We have been telling you about this moment in time for quite some years now, and we are opening that door together now.

The free flow of energy and love will lift us all as a matter of fact; we shall walk this path together, as the true family we are. As your past lives memories are returning, and global activation is accelerating, you will now enjoy a rapid pace change. Your rise in your level of consciousness is speeding up. The Galactic Humans you all are, are about to awaken from a very long hibernation. You shall sleep no longer dear friends. The poisoned apple has no longer any effect on you, you have become immune to the poison, and are now taking control. You are becoming your true masters again. The sleeper sleeps no more. The joy you sense, now, is your heart coming back on line, coming back to life, coming back into the light.

Along with your heart enhanced capabilities, your brains are also working a lot faster. What used to take you years to figure out, you are worked out in a matter of hours. Welcome to your New Earth dear friends. This is what is causing your head lightness sensation. The energies are so powerful now, that it can be taxing to process them, and adapt to their higher frequency. The night will help you, remember the caterpillar. You will wake up to a new world tomorrow, and the new energies will take you to the next level again. Dear friends, you had better get used to this pace. Being a Galactic Human will require plenty of responsibilities from you, but you will enjoy every minute of it.

Once you are fully awakened, you will see how fast things are moving and happening in reality for the cosmos. You will be able to follow the pace without any difficulties, as you will have permanent full access to your higher emotional and thinking centre. You will truly enjoy Ascension to the full, but for now, the energies are giving you a pre-taste for it. Soon, this will be your permanent state. Graduation day is coming, time to get that nice dress and be ready for Ascension. It is time to meet up and go for a cosmic dance.

Thank you, I am SaLuSa from Sirius
by Laura Tyco

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