Friday, September 30, 2011

Originally It Was Just A Silly Idea. But You Developed It, Began To Believe In It & Then You Chose To Forget Reality, Allowing ILLUSION To Become Real

Thank you Christ Jesus for this sobering account of exactly just how we created this world of illusion using our own free will.

And so it is.
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The Time Has Come To Rediscover the Glory of Your Divine State
(emphasis added)

Humanity has a facility for perceiving things backwards or upside down: For instance, the concept God will condemn some of His children – those whom humans judge to be evil, or sinners – to eternal punishment. Nothing could be further from the Truth! God is Love, and Love does not judge, condemn, or punish, It accepts all without discrimination of any kind – that is Its nature. All sentient beings were created in Love, and none will be condemned.

Within the illusion you built, you can and do hide from Reality, from Love. You see yourselves as separate from one another, in conflict with one another, and competing viciously and continuously with each other for Earth’s limited harvest of what you believe you need to ensure your survival. And your misguided, competitive conflicts consume most of your time and energy, preventing you from becoming aware all you need is abundantly available and can be harvested easily and efficiently if you will only cooperate honestly and harmoniously together.

Much of what you fight and argue over, because it seems to be in short supply, is replaceable by an abundance of readily available alternatives that your science has already identified. But entrenched views and severe conflicts of interest of those few in power have, so far, prevented their development. These attitudes are insane and are in the process of being released as rational and wise attitudes, compatible with your divine nature, start to replace them.

Humanity has turned the corner and is moving away from the confusion and chaos of the illusion and toward the moment of awakening, at which point the meaning of harmonious cooperation, Reality, and Love will become glaringly apparent; They are what you experience when you cease refusing to acknowledge your natural state – at one with each other and with God.

You have spent eons in the illusion, fully experiencing the pain, the suffering, and the horrors with which you had filled it. The time has come to release it, to let it fall away, and to rediscover the brilliant glory that is your eternal divine state – Oneness – where separation has no possible meaning, because when All is One there is no such thing as a state of separation.

You have always known this because you were created at one with God for all eternity. And then you chose to forget it by building an illusion in which to hide and play at being separate. It has been an unhappy and long-drawn-out experience, a nightmare that is coming to its end. Originally it was just a silly idea, but you developed it, began to believe in it, and then chose to forget Reality, allowing your illusion to become so incredibly real for you that you succeeded in convincing yourselves that it was Reality!

Once you had done that, it became an increasingly painful and hostile environment as you imagined more and more horrors with which to fill it.

Finally, the horrors have become so devastating you can no longer tolerate them, and you have collectively decided to awaken. Once you made that decision it became possible to flood the planet with an abundance and intensity of divine energy that you had never before experienced, let alone thought conceivable, as your will aligned with Heaven’s, enabling you to once more accept God’s infinite Love for you and respond to It eagerly and enthusiastically.

You are to awaken! The joy and happiness in Heaven as that moment approaches is ecstatic, and you too are to join in that ecstasy as has always been divinely intended. The wonder and exhilaration of your awakening is about to envelop you.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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