Monday, October 3, 2011

What Will YOU Choose? Tie Up All Your Loose Ends NOW:Go Deep Inside Yourself, w/Yourself & Tighten Up Your Energy Fields So You're Complete & Prepared

Thank you Lisa for the awareness of these most uplifting and exciting energetic happenings throughout the next few months!!

And so it is.
*** gavin

Activation of the Sacral-Plexus as We Sail into 2012!
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There is no doubt we hit a whole new octave as we entered October! It took me close to a day and a half to be able to adjust my own inner vision to the amazing vibrancy of your new octaves! Finding my footing in readings these days is not always easy, especially when the frequency moves a bit higher. The first thing that happens is I must internally adjust to these frequencies so I end up in a sort of "void" area. (And please, I am sharing this, because if it is happening to me, it is equally happening to you.) I say a "sort of void," because it is not a true disconnection, but rather a full and deep inner connection to mySelf. I am finding when I am going thru my own frequency change, I cannot read for anyone at all. I am deep within myself... feeling... expanding. I tend to go into seclusion to be there with Me.

I woke up to this deep inner plane Oct 1st and into the late morning of October 2nd... and then finally, after rescheduling 5 readings... I found my footing. A place within another more vibrant than anything I have read to date. The details, once they started to fluidly unfold let me know I am seeing clearly, but the depth and detail of the grandness of what I was bearing witness to, I needed a good nights sleep to fully understand!

The connection opened with a beautiful stream a golden flakes of energy pouring down into her right side (spiritual side) and starting to impregnate her energy field. There was a new field to these golden, shimmering particles moving steadily into her and as I started to ask her Spirit team: "Where are they going and what will they do?" I was shifted into a few weeks from now and could see the golden particles activating her "sacral-plexus" area (an area between your rib cage and belly button). I could see it sending out sound waves outward into the field of matter, calling all she needs towards her. Each day brought this signal-emitting chakra into a deeper resonance --a frequency so clear, nothing could miss it. Of course, I was following it down her timeline thru this year (this too... is our story as well).

Please be really really clear on this part of the understanding of this high frequency chakra: Do not think for a single second you have to "program" it. It is emitting a frequency from your soul designed to gather all you need in this manifested reality for your soul agenda ...NOT your ego agenda. If you start doing Mantra's, or intention settings (all of which, really comes from the mind... sorry to those who take that statement offensively) you are changing the programming within the frequency.

If we are to allow our soul to lead us to where we need to go, we must truly let go and just walk forward! Deep inner trust without direction (that is clear to the mind... it is crystal clear to the heart :-)

And then I watched as another octave was hit after the 23rd of Oct (that next power node I keep seeing). All I could see from it was landing on the other side of November 11th. I have no clue where in the month I was, I just knew it was on the other side of this profound dateline in our walk forward. And even now, detailing what it means... not so easy... but you know me, I will do my best! (smile)

The first thing I saw was a glowing white box looking thing on the other side of 11:11 it felt... real. That is to say, made out of matter. Solid, yet flowing white and pure in its form. From what spirit is sharing right now, it choose to look like a box for the expression of a "gift." A gift of yourSelf unto yourself.

This gave way into the next humbling visual that just simply left me in awe (still does really). I had seen her physical image in a ship. The ship was golden and bronze, solid, detailed and yet... I only saw from the center to the very front. It was as if the middle to back was tore off... there was no back. She was at the helm, steering upward. Her body decked out in full protection of her soul energy. With all my heart, I wish I could draw the detail of this ship. Holy cow, it was just amazing to look at and feel with (minus the fact it had no back).

As I pondered the purposeful image of the back of this ship being ripped off, as if someone took a piece of paper and ripped it in two... I understood, there is no looking back. There is no turning back. We hit the point of no return and the only way to go is forward. For her (and us) upwards!

She asked a question that I do need to share here as well. She asked about her spouse. I instantly seen him like a dark smokey slinky (yes, the toy slinky). There was nothing he could do to penetrate her energy field, nor go with her on the ship to 2012. He was set for recycling (and please let me be clear here, recycled doesn't mean dead, it means going thru major lessons again, condensed, so you can choose again).

Then she asked about a few of her friends and I felt this... hmmmm... I really don't know what it was... a vibrational earthquake (not on the ground but within the air itself?) and I heard a chaotic node is coming up. This is going to catapult those still in-between the ground of 2011 and the new fields of 2012 into choosing which way they want to go. I tried to hone in on when this chaotic node will happen and it was funny to watch her team move the point around. Imagine it is written on a piece of paper, very small...and you try and focus your vision on that paper and only on that paper, and the hand that wrote it starts to wiggle that paper all over the place so you cannot see the small print at all! That's what it was like.

There are two thing I want to close this sharing with. One was my last connection for the day... and the big information that came from her energy field was "tie up all your loose ends" NOW! So many people got to here thru other peoples teachings and understandings (which is good... whatever it took to get one here is all that matters)... but now, it is time to go deep inside yourself, with yourself and tighten up your energy fields so there are no loose ends moving forward.

And the most confusing thing of all... as I asked where this incredible ship is going to land, I suddenly felt a point in January and spirit repeating this phrase over and over again (mostly because I kept trying to change the word --lol) "We will land at a platitude." Mostly that seems like a strange word to use for where the ship will be landing... and I scoured the internet for all the meanings and the only one I can come up with that may fit is "a commonplace." Don't know for sure that it is it... do you have any ideas what that word could mean??

Just when you think it couldn't get any more exciting... it does!! And we Are!!
((((((HUGZ))))) filled with sailing adventures!
by Lisa Gawlas

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