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Focus On Being Aware Of Yourselves As Perfect Divine Creations. Then You'll Accept This Is True Of All Others, and You Will Start Releasing the Fears

Thank you once more Christ Jesus and John!

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Your Awareness Is In the Process Of Becoming Unshuttered

All are one. There is no separation because God and His creation, All That Exists, is an inseparable, indivisible entity in constant communication with Itself for all eternity. It is infinite Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Intelligence, and Power that can express Itself in myriad ways. Its possible potentialities are infinite.

Within the illusion, you chose to imagine yourselves as separate, individual beings on linear life paths in time, and as time passed, you became utterly focused on your illusory realm and closed off all awareness of your true nature. Now, however, that awareness is in the process of becoming unshuttered and chinks of brilliant light from it are starting to flicker through, attracting your attention.

The illusion is, perhaps, more like a dark cave that you entered, and into the depths of which no light can penetrate. You have started your return from the depths of that darkness towards the divine Light of Reality, and, as a result, you see occasional bright flashes (aha! moments) as the Light is briefly reflected from some mirror-like surface. It is very encouraging and uplifting for you, drawing you enticingly towards the exit of whose existence, until very recently, you were most doubtful.

Your doubts are weakening and will continue to do so as you meet with and communicate with others who are also glimpsing flashes of the divine Light of Reality. The unshuttering of humanity’s awareness of the brilliant Light of God’s unconditional Love for each and every one of you will not cease until it is complete and all are aware. Your will to be aware has never left you because it is part of your true nature, but you did choose to deny it while hiding from Reality as you played with the concept of being separated from God and from one another.

Now you have decided to leave that dark cave and emerge into the Light – the brilliant Light of Reality which will utterly dissolve any patches of darkness that may still dwell within your minds. The infinite transparent clarity of your minds once more united with your Father’s will remove instantly any traces of unloving attitudes that remain hidden anywhere within you, because in the shimmering brilliance of God’s Presence everything is transformed into Light.

As you become aware that you are all fully awake and fully alive in God’s divine Presence, the joy of this, your natural and eternal state, will bathe you in ineffable contentment as you realize that you have always been here, without break or interruption, since the moment of your creation. The act of creation placed you eternally in Heaven in eternal bliss, the only state of existence possible. The existence that you seem to have been experiencing – and all the doubt, fear, dissatisfaction, and uncertainty in which it enshrouded you – has been but a momentary shock, caused by the insane idea of separation, which will be forgotten the instant you awaken, as it serves no possible useful purpose.

Focus on the fact that you are the beloved children of God, divinely provided for, and in need of nothing. This allows God’s Love to fill your hearts, as they also fill with unconditional love for one another, as compassion and acceptance replace the judgmental attitudes that have maintained and supported the illusory sense of fear, separation, and abandonment which led you to close down your awareness for fear of what it might show you.

True awareness sees God in everything because there is nothing else, but once you closed your awareness you lost the knowledge of that fact, and when knowledge is lost, fear replaces it – “Where am I? What is going on? Who is that? Can I trust him? Probably not!”

Focus on being aware of yourselves as perfect divine creations, which you are, and as you accept that as fact, you will see that it could not be otherwise because you were created by God Who is infinite, unconditional Love. Then you will be able to accept that this is true of all others, and you will start releasing the attitudes that made you feel fearful. This is the inevitable path to your grand awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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