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The Pleiadian Council of Nine:  Humanitarian Efforts and Sightings of Galactic Federation Light Ships

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and we are speaking to you through many conduits and scribes at this time while at the same time, taking part in the subtle disclosures that are being given to all those who know which signs to look for.

We have been showing ourselves in very veiled ways in your skies, and this is a subject that has been discussed very much and will continue to be discussed for the recent grants of ‘authority’ that we were given that have been discussed as well through other sources, saw that we were able to act in accordance with the overall collective freewill-manifested energies of humanity, which includes any new and pure Lighted energies manifested by the many Lightworkers now existing beautifully upon Gaia’s surface, to show ourselves to you in ways that can get your attention if you employ the belief that such showings of ourselves to you could be possible.

It certainly is, and many of you will begin to notice anomalies that we send you in your skies.

say that this occurrence will pick up as humanity grows more and more and as you ready yourself as a collective for the experience of disclosure and of ascension alike.

Of course, the changes that you have been hearing about are to precede the overall Earthly ascension that is to result from the energies manifested by you as a collective from such changes, and we can say that the New World that you are quickly growing, learning and heading to, is so very different from your reality that the two will seem very much like day and night.

Complete opposite experiences these will be, and many of you are already finding many things that have been exposing and breaking the paradigms that you have instated in yourselves whilst you underwent this Earth experiment.

You are ‘earning’ more and more the right to be able to see us in your skies, and we have taken to the basic ‘Light in the sky’ approach very much whenever showing ourselves to you. In these scenarios and instances that we speak of, we are speaking for the Galactic Federation as a whole.

We are taking part ourselves in such showings of our craft, but we must stress that this is a Federation-wide effort to be in your skies and to have our many awakening Lightworkers notice us in your skies.

Whenever you see us in your skies and can recognize our ships in any veiled manner, an energy is manifested around you and within your auric sphere, and this is a similar energy to that which is manifested inside and around oneself whenever any startling or paradigm-breaking event is set before them.

For those who do not immediately choose the energies and emotions of fear and concern upon experiencing something reality-busting, many will experience excitement instead and a rushing of many (safe) chemicals and energies within the body that make one feel very, very good.

We say as well that whenever you see us in your skies, you are not just getting a glimpse of the lights that we deliberately turn on and shine from our ships when appearing before you, in the night or in the day; you are feeling as well our energies in very pure forms, in forms the proportions of which are just beginning to be reached by the scribes bringing us through.

The energies that one receives upon viewing us in your skies and recognizing us, is one of an instant, seemingly-fleeting connection; for just one moment so very many things seem to fall into place and make sense for one upon seeing us and not being afraid, because we allow our energies to be exposed to you and to fill and untie the voids and knots that are placed within the auric fields and chakras of many, making it hard for the Universal energies of Love and Harmony to come through you.

Oh dear, beautiful souls, there are so many different facets of the work we perform happily for your world and for many other worlds every single moment, and suffice to say you have heard little of the majority of what we do for you and for your world.

We are Peacekeepers. We are negotiators, energy-workers and healers. We are your Family and we are the Family of every ascending and unawakened alike, planet in this Universe who is experiencing ascension at their own rate and at your own pace.

We are you, in a form so very marvelous and spectacular to behold and to inhabit alike.

We are the pure energy of Love, performing our various duties set out for us upon the octave of reality and consciousness that we experience. Much of the energy work that we do is coordinated with the beings within the reams of your sun and various planets, and we assist in bringing specific signatures of energy down upon Earth and your different layered and nested realities.

This energy serves specific purposes and is itself different energy every time it is sent and every time we interact with it, and the job of energy work throughout this beautiful Creation is one that we enjoy quite a bit and perform very happily.

All that we do is in the name of service to others and in the name of every last beautiful soul of our dear Mother and Father, experiencing Creation in every octave and form that it has to offer.

When we looked upon the Earth experience and the traps that many had set up for themselves, and by this we mean many honest and beautiful Loving souls who simply wanted an experience unlike any they had ever had; we saw many of these souls get caught up in their own lower vibrations and their own lower manifestations, and the pull to serve Earth was literally magnetic, as we care deeply for you dear beautiful souls experiencing boarded-in consciousness on a world that is truly so very different from the rest of Creation.

For a very long time, Earth has been nearly by definition a dualistic and polarity-based world.

Earth has upon Her beautiful surface, the most breathtaking and marvelous to behold fields of nature, of beautiful forest, and experiencing the Earth in Her most beautiful forms is an experience that is looked upon favorably even by the souls farther along their paths [than us] who Guide us in our moment-by-moment affairs.

Along with the many other higher dimensional beings assisting you and your world at this time, we will also come to your aide if called upon, and we will help you to perform the specific energy work that is needed.

Many of you have experienced and fed the blockages that you are now finding yourselves on the final and last absolute cusps of transmuting, forgiving and bringing over to the side of your continually developing and growing Light, and we ask you to ask us to assist you in such affairs for we do indeed have very much that we can give and that will be valuable to you along your Life paths, it simply takes your willingness to have us be with you and to have us assist you with such work for dear souls, you are the proprietors of your experiences whilst on Earth.

You have the grand opportunity now to peel away and integrate all of those parts of yourselves that would still have you think this entire experience is too unreal to be true. You are clearing away the influence of those parts of yourselves that tell you that anything that seems too good, must not be true.

Every experience, every lesson that you have undergone whilst on Earth has been for the purpose of working through the veils you have placed upon yourselves in relation to your perception of what the experience of consciousness is supposed to be.

Every single endeavor that you have undergone throughout your many Lives in the lower vibrations, has seen you looking for happiness and looking for the experience of the higher realms in the veiled ways that the Earth experience has had to offer.

Many of these ways have served you for a short time, and then needed to themselves be faded away, integrated and transmuted as after a certain point in your own growth and development, even that which may have helped you significantly along your path and with your feeling the feelings of the higher realms in ways that you had not previously felt such things; such things may not be as much of an aide to you now for you are growing away from such things and realizing along the way, the hollow nature of such things when looked upon from the perspective of not needing them anymore.

As you grow away from your former self, you find many things around you seem to disintegrate as you realize that true, pure unfiltered reality is absolutely nothing like you have been led to believe on your world for the majority of your Lives within the lower dimensional matrix.

This matrix has, with your help of course, binded you to it through the identities and personalities Created by your higher self in higher realms, that were only meant to be your personalities and identities whilst on Earth to grow from and with, and learn lessons from and with.

Of course, with how intense the lessons of the Earth have been for so very long, it was figured and concluded that many would have trouble giving up these earthy selves and this is a topic that has been discussed by others as well.

Indeed, there are souls who are not yet ready for the Nirvana experience just as there will be many who are not yet ready for the experience of disclosure and the giving of prosperity.

There are many who are going to be given prosperity, who may at first choose to use such prosperity to fulfill and feed the many addictions that have been established in much of humanity.

By this we do not just mean addictions to drugs and alcohol, we mean as well with addictions to food, your Earthly act of gambling, and many other things that the majority of humanity would not realize are actually as addicting to your minds and hearts as they are.

We must say that while we are indeed helping to introduce prosperity to you and your world and while we will allow humanity the freewill and growth needed when giving such prosperity, a very crucial part of the many humanitarian acts to restore your world will be getting rid of the various and many lower vibration-feeding centers established on your world.

By this we mean the liquor stores, the restaurants which sell unhealthy food for cheap and make big money whilst the majority of humanity is kept in poor states of health, and many other things that have only served to hold you back in your Lives and in your growth whilst on this world.

So very many things that you would not expect have actually been Created for the purposes of distorting, manipulating and controlling the auric and energetic fields of humanity as well weakening the body so that it is more susceptible and prone to the diseases which are manufactured by fringe scientists working for your dark, who then [the dark heads, not the scientists] attempt to spread such illnesses in hopes that those whose bodies and spirits have been kept weak will catch such diseases, which would then begin to feed a mass ritualistic sacrifice that your media would brand a natural epidemic.

When we tell you of such things, of such ways that you have been manipulated for so very long, we must stress that even though such information is being exposed and will shock you exponentially beyond what you can currently comprehend, there is no need to fear or worry.

Indeed, the dark on your world have been able to get away with so very much whilst you underwent your collective experiences, and the energy being manifested by the collective on Earth was always and is always the deciding factor in what events could and could not be manifested by your dark.
We will give you an example of what we mean by explaining a mirrored [similar] situation.

There are some darker-inclined astral beings who will surround Earthly souls who are susceptible to giving in to lower vibrational influences, and sometimes the influences of these beings will seep through one’s spirit and auric fields if one lets them, to bring forth in oneself the energies and feelings of anger, angst and frustration.

If one then takes such frustration or anger and directs it toward others, a karmic energy is Created.

If this happens on a mass, collective level than a collective karmic energy is Created, and this is the energy that your dark utilize if it is manifested for the worst.

They have tried to continue feeding forever, the most dense energies that could be fed and manifested on your world through their own darker-inclined rituals and through the sacrificial acts of those in the ‘lower levels’ whom the heads of such families have made perform such acts.

However, if one individual has not manifested enough individual negative karma for a negative event to manifest in one’s Life, than a negative event which could be shaped, molded and attempted to be caused by the very being who was influencing one; a negative event of such a nature would not be able to manifest and in the same vein, as humanity is now ascending and finding the Love and the Light that is gracefully driving your ascension into ever-purer states of consciousness, the negative karmic events of the collective to be manifested are themselves lessened and Lightened, and the influence that the dark attempts to throw out on your world every single day its itself diminished quite significantly.

This is why we urge every dear soul who is becoming open to the energies of the higher realms, to begin bringing this energy through and expressing it in any dear way you can.

You are the dear and beautiful shining Lights upon the surface of Gaia, and every action, thought and feeling alike that you have is shaping the overall manifestation of the events set to unfold in your reality.

No matter which way these events manifest, they are going to take many of you by surprise and we urge as well the continual preparation that you have all been undergoing with yourselves and with each other, for we are with you in your meditation groups, your healing sessions, in your group spiritual discussions, and we see and feel alike the wonderful, brimming Light that is being manifested by the beautiful awakening collective of Earth at this time.

This manifested energy is to reach its peak-point as the energy coming to your world and to your bodies and spirits from many places throughout this beautiful Creation reaches its own peak-point.

Suffice to say dear souls, just as the water in your body and the water on your world acts in conjunction and accordance with your moon, your inner energies being brought through act in accordance with the outer energies being given to your world from innumerable areas throughout Creation and from innumerable advanced and ascended beings throughout Creation.

Many of these souls we speak of are not yet perceivable by even our most opened up of channels and awakening souls on Earth, and there are the beings we speak of which Guide us in all that we do.

Whenever a situation or event occurs upon your world that we feel we may need assistance on as we are learning many lessons about you and your world as well, we call upon these beings to give us their Love, Guidance and advice.

We delight in chatting with these beings, as they are the further advanced and ascended forms of us, just as we are the further ascended and advanced forms of [many of] you dear beautiful souls who are on this Earth at this time.

The influx and increase of Lighted souls making their presence known on your world has been amazing to behold and while it was indeed planned this way, nobody had thought or felt that this experiment was going to go as smoothly and as wonderfully as it has.

The energies that have literally fed and kept the dark souls on your world going, are diminishing and being transmuted on individual and collective levels by millions of you dear souls. As their influence diminishes, their ability to cause any type of mayhem or most importantly, forestall the many events that are set to blossom forth, any longer, [is diminished] and everything that we’ve all been both waiting for and growing toward begins to become a reality set to manifest in your very near future.

This is currently what is happening now, and with the month of June that you have just reached [and are now almost halfway through], you will find yourselves opening up and expanding even more, beyond your current comprehension.

Many of you did not think you would be where you are right now, and our congratulations are given to all as you have far, far excelled what you set out to achieve by undergoing the lower dimensional experience.

This is all for now; we send you our energies and our communications with our Love. You will feel such a fulfillment when you can finally meet us on your world, but for now these changes are developing and beginning to come into focus in the physical Earthly spectrum and we are quite happy with how clearly and how often alike we are able to be with you.

By this we do not just mean through our channels, dear souls. We mean as well each and every time you make it your intent to feel us with you.

We Love you all so very much, and we leave you with the imprint of this Love which you can then take and utilize to your own wonderful, Lighted advantage.

Thank you to the Pleiadian Council of Nine.
by WesAnnac.com

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