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Transcript of Stephen Cook’s Exclusive Interview with Cobra, June 13, 2012 – Part 1/2

Posted by Steve Beckow
The transcript of  Stephen Cook’s interview with Cobra has arrived, thanks to Ellen.  I’ve posted it in two parts, the second to follow on Monday. Those who wish to read the second part today can do so by going here.
The actual interview itself can be heard at:

The Light Agenda: Cobra – Presented by Stephen Cook

Episode 1 – Wednesday June 13, 2012: Exclusive World First Radio Interview with Cobra – Part 1/2

Stephen Cook: As recently as March 31st this year, my first guest was completely unknown, but a blog titled Portal 2012 and the messages posted there have changed all that. In the short space of just two and a half months, Cobra has become a strong and sometimes controversial voice in the light-worker community: organizing mass meditations and visualizations; being a messenger for the underground Resistance Movement; and imparting knowledge and intel on various universal concepts and incidents behind the scenes.

A few weeks ago, I conducted an e-mail-only interview with Cobra for the2012scenario website. As those who regularly enjoy the site will know, Cobra did not wish to reveal his or her real identity, and I respect that.

During that interview, however, we learned that Cobra: needs to protect his or her own identity simply because people close to Cobra have been attacked by the Cabal; that Cobra is a Pleiadian incarnated in a human body; that he or she has had a long association with a man named Michael who started the resistance movement some 35 years ago; and that Cobra posts encoded messages to assist the Resistance Movement in their quest to remove the dark.

We agreed at the time of that interview that, when the appropriate time came later, Cobra would be my first guest here on The Light Agenda, as long as I disguised his or her voice. And so, true to the given word, Cobra joins us now, vocal enhancements and all.

Cobra, welcome to the very first episode of The Light Agenda.

Cobra: Thank you. Thank you for inviting me to this interview.

SC: My pleasure. Now, it’s been a fairly big few days over the last few days, and it’s probably also been a little bit confusing for some of us. We’re hearing from you and others that the Cabal has stepped forward to seek negotiations for their surrender, and yet, at the same time, we’ve had all sorts of polls on various websites asking us what “we,” as the citizens of Earth, would like the Earth Allies, the Resistance Movement and others, including Drake, to do with the Cabal.
For me and possibly some other listeners now, it’s been a bit confusing. Could you bring us up to speed with where things are at as we stand today?

Cobra: Actually, things are not confusing at all. It is very simply a big step forward in this planetary liberation process, because this is the first time in human history when the Cabal has actually considered surrendering. So, this is a very big step. It is the first real option for peace on this planet.
So, what is actually happening is that some segments of the Cabal are actually considering surrendering, and they would like to know the terms of that surrender. And the purpose of all those polls on various websites is to — just to have a general idea what the awakened part of the population would like. So, it’s actually very simple and very clear.
SC: Okay, but I’m still a little bit confused, because following the June 6th Venus transit I think you, and possibly a couple of other people, said that at that moment, the Cabal then made an offer to surrender. So, what was that offer at that time, and how is it either the same or different from what’s just happened the past few days?

Cobra: Actually, the Venus transit is one very powerful moment, and it is the moment when after more than 5,000 years the Goddess energy came back to this planet.

SC: Um-hmm.

Cobra: And if you really know human history, you’ll know that before that time there was a long period of peace upon this planet. In the Neolithic times, there was no wars. And now, finally, when this energy is coming back, this energy influences everybody, not just the light-workers, but also the average human population and the Cabal. So…

SC: People like you and me as well. [laugh]

Cobra: Everybody. Everybody. So what happened is that [for] the first time the Cabal began to realize that they’re losing their power for sure, and they’d better negotiate. It is similar to the criminals, when they realize that they’re going to get caught, they begin to think about surrendering because they might get a lighter sentence. So this is exactly what happened immediately the Venus transit.
And what’s happening in the last few days is just the process of negotiation, the process of finding out what do we really want, and how the Cabal will respond to this.

SC: Okay…

Cobra: I cannot guarantee they will accept the surrender, but it would be a very good thing, they will.

SC: How did you first learn, or how did you learn that the Cabal was thinking of surrendering, after the Venus transit? And then, what action was taken, or who of the Cabal came forward, and to whom, at that time?

Cobra: Okay. So, I heard about those negotiations for a few months. I didn’t take them seriously. I was not working with that particular group, and I actually heard about this from Drake’s interview. And I was very skeptical first. So I decided to check my contacts. And they said, “yes, this is really happening”. I didn’t believe it at first, and I said, again, “Is it really happening?” They said, “Yes.”
I was not happy about the idea that the mass arrests will not happen in the same way as it was planned, but then they explained to me that actually what’s happening is better. They gave me intel and some background about this, and then I said okay, and then I posted it on my website.
So, what’s happening now is actually, there is a certain group within the Rothschild and Rockefeller faction that would like to surrender, most likely the central bankers. This is not the whole of the Cabal, this is just one faction.

SC: Yes.

Cobra: They’ve been negotiating, especially with Keenan. And Drake is in contact with Keenan, and they are negotiating this.

SC: So, when you say “Keenan,” that’s Neil Keenan who…

Cobra: Yes.

SC: … I think David Wilcock first said, that had served the liens on not only the Federal Reserve but then the 12 Federal Reserve banks in America, and also some of the central banks within Europe.

Cobra: Exactly.

SC: So, have you been in contact with Drake to find this out, or have you got your own intel sources that give you that information?

Cobra: I have no contact with Drake, I work independently. But I have my own sources, and they said this is happening, this is true.

SC: Okay. So, do you know how the Cabal has stepped forward? Like, what did they say? What did — like who did they — did they just contact Neil Keenan direct and say, “We’re interested in making some sort of deal here”?

Cobra: They contacted Neil Keenan, and I think also Drake received a phone call from them. And they just — they are scared, they would like to surrender. And there is no news yet how this all turned out, because they still need to think about it, a few days maybe.

SC: Okay.

Cobra: And when I contacted my sources in the Resistance, they said there is a certain deadline that needs to be put, and they need to surrender by that day. And this was — the suggested day was the 21st of June. The summer solstice.

SC: Yeah, the summer or winter solstice, depending on where we live.

Cobra: Yes, right.

SC: So, do you know at this point, though, what that surrender might entail, how that would actually happen?

Cobra: There are various conditions put forth, and this is not yet finalized, but from the perspective of the Resistance Movement, one of the main conditions would be that they would need to go on the mass media and publicly announce their surrender and explain, in brief, who they are and what they did. This is the first condition.

SC: Yes?

Cobra: And the second condition is for them to completely and absolutely and forever step down from their power. So this gives us freedom to finally begin shaping our destiny on this planet.

SC: And are they the only two conditions at this time?

Cobra: These are the two main conditions given forth by the Resistance Movement. There are many more that are given forth by the negotiation group.

SC: Right. And do you know who that …

Cobra: This is quite a detailed proposal at this point. I don’t have all the details, but it’s not just these two main conditions. There are many, many more.

SC: Right. Do you know who the negotiation group may be? Because one of the things that you did say to me when we did our e-mail interview on the2012scenario was that in the past you had been involved in negotiations of handover of certain members of the Cabal?

Cobra: Yes, but that was a different faction. I was more involved with negotiation of the surrender of the Jesuit faction and some other Archon type entities.

SC: Right.

Cobra: So I’m not in contact with this group. Not directly.

SC: Right. But those members of the Cabal who you assisted with their negotiation process, are you able to say who — would any of us know who they are?

Cobra: I’m not allowed to give any names. For them, for some of them I didn’t know the names, and for some of them I know the names but I am not allowed to speak about that.

SC: Okay. But when you… okay. So if, for example, you were doing a negotiation, are you literally the person in the middle saying, “They’re offering this, do you accept this?” “They say no,” and you move forward like that? Is that how it actually happens, in the same ways as negotiation …

Cobra: It’s actually a negotiation with somebody who’s opposing you, and you need to know — need to have tactics how to deal with them. You need to understand their psychology, their way of thinking, how they will react, where to push, where to step forward, where to go back, how to do it. You know, they are crazy people. They are not — they don’t think like usual human beings. So you need to understand how they react and what are their weak spots.

SC: So is that …

Cobra: One of the main …

SC: Yeah, sorry.

Cobra: … One of the main factors here is just gathering intel on what their weak spots are. This is one of the main things here.

SC: Right. But when you’re actually doing that negotiation, obviously it’s a game of psychological warfare to some degree?

Cobra: Yes.

SC: Yes. So, is that something that you, as Cobra, have trained in in the past, or that you have taught yourself? Or is that something that just comes naturally to Cobra?

Cobra: Actually, my contacts with the Resistance, many, many, years ago, taught me about this. And I went to some, I would say — there was not a formal training, but some kind of training, yes.

SC: Yes. Okay. So in terms of the Cabal surrendering or not surrendering, if they don’t surrender…. There was a period where we were all expecting all the mass arrests to happen, and we were all waiting and waiting. April came and went, people thought, oh, maybe it’s May. May came and went. Then we were hoping it would happen around the time of the eclipse, then people were hoping it would happen around the time of the June 6th Venus transit. Why does it keep on being delayed?

Cobra: It is because nobody knows everything. And this is like in every war, nothing goes as planned. Actually, the date of April 2012 was given to me 10 years ago. And I was expecting this to happen in April. And when the April came and went, I was given explanations why it doesn’t happen now, why it doesn’t happen now, and more and more factors that are involved were being revealed. So, actually, nobody knows when and how this is going to happen. The only thing I was given assurance of is that this will happen, one way or the other. This planet will be liberated.
So, actually, when the Resistance asked me to put up the Cobra blogsite, they said, the purpose of this is to inform the general population, because now is the time when the planet is going to be liberated.
And I wouldn’t put up the website if this was not guaranteed.

SC: Okay, but in terms of the mass arrests themselves, like, you just said, that the time — I suppose the time-frame has changed. What is actually impacting on that time-frame? What is slowing it down? Or what can you tell us about what may be happening behind- the-scenes that keeps making it shift?

Cobra: The first factor here is concern by the positive light forces of the reaction of the general population upon this. Nobody actually knows how the general population will react when something like this happens.
There are some projections, there are models being made, computer simulations, but nobody really knows because nothing like this has ever happened on this planet. And this planet is so difficult to liberate just because the general population has been brainwashed so deeply. This is the main factor here. And a large part of the general population might not cooperate with the plan. So this is one of the main factors here.

SC: Do you think that’s the case, though? Because, say, for example — I mean, I know it usually blows people away. I mean, I talk to people quite regularly, friends and even family, and say, look, you know, these are some of the things that have happened, these are the things that could be possible.
Most people go, “Oh, I’d love my life to be different! I would love that I’m not constrained. I would love that there was no war. I’d love to know I had — to know I have no money worries and I didn’t have to work and leave my children.”
So, do you not think that the general population itself would really appreciate being liberated at last?

Cobra: They will liberate — they will appreciate it after this is over, but not during the process, because the process itself might not be completely peaceful or smooth. And they would not appreciate actively cooperating in this, they would just like to make it happen. But somebody has to do it.
And if there is a small, yet powerful, group doing it, we have to do it very carefully.

SC: And when you say “small, yet powerful,” you’ve told me in the past there’s around about 300 Resistance Movement members on the surface. Does that mean there are thousands of other Resistance Movement members underground, and then…

Cobra: There are 20 million at this moment underground.

SC: Oh, wow. Okay. I didn’t know that! [laugh] And are they human beings, or are they Pleiadian beings?

Cobra: They are beings in physical bodies, they look like humans, but they are — their origin is coming from other star systems, and basically they lived on Planet X for the last few incarnations at least. Some of them have already been incarnated on this planet in the past, some of them not. But they understand quite well our situation here. And they look like very much human.

SC: Okay. Planet X? Planet X — I’m not quite sure of Planet X. Can you tell me a little bit about what that is?

Cobra: Planet X is a planet on the outer — it’s on the outer — range of the solar system, beyond Pluto.

SC: Um-hmm.

Cobra: It’s a planet a little bit bigger than this planet. And there is a certain civilization living under the surface of that planet. And they came — they’re actually the ones who created the Resistance Movement, or actually they renewed the Resistance Movement, because it was almost destroyed about 12, 13 years ago.

SC: Okay. So they’re the people that will actually assist in, I suppose, bringing in the Cabal?

Cobra: They will assist, but actually it is the job of the positive military group to do that. The Resistance Movement will help behind-the-scenes, and they will become active on the surface only if there is need for that.

SC: Okay. So are you foreseeing that there will be need for that, based on the fact that we’re still dragging out month after month with no surrender or, you know, capitulation on behalf of the Cabal?

Cobra: They might be needed. It’s not known yet.

SC: Okay.

Cobra: So, I would give (it a) fifty percent chance that the Cabal surrenders, another fifty they will not. So, we’ll see what happens.

SC: Now, listening to you now, do you foresee that this is going to be … a horrific battle, or are we seriously hoping that this will be a peaceful and quiet and basically, generally, calm solution?

Cobra: I don’t know. At this moment, everything is put on the table. Things are not yet decided. There are many possible futures at this moment. We are doing everything we can for a peaceful transition, but it cannot be guaranteed.
There are actually some plans from the Pleiadians that came in just like one or two days ago, that are not yet finalized. They will be finalized in a few days. And when they are finalized I will be allowed to speak about it, and those plans might improve the situation quite much.

SC: Okay. Now, when we talk about the Cabal and I suppose the fear and the dangerous things and the horrific things they’ve done, you, yourself, though, the reason you need to protect your identity at the moment is because you’ve actually been physically attacked in the past. Is that correct?

Cobra: Yes, that’s correct. And also, people that are very close to me have been attacked even much, much, much, much more drastically. And I will never want to happen this again.

SC: So, does that mean that you’ve lived a life, somewhat, of fear?

Cobra: There was a — there was certain period of time there was I was very afraid of them, but then I realized that I have to fight. And I gathered contacts, and so I am here. Right now.

SC: Okay. So, in being able to do that, though, I mean, does that mean you’re constantly looking over your shoulder, to think that someone may still be after you? Or, or a member of …

Cobra: No. No, no.

SC: No?

Cobra: No. I have created the mechanisms of protection that are very strong, and actually I feel quite safe and quite secure right now. I just know that I need to be careful doing certain things. I know how they work, and that’s all.

SC: Okay. So, in terms of your day-to-day existence, you’re not necessarily restrained or, I suppose, you’re not like held captive yourself, hiding out so that no one can come and get you again?

Cobra: No, no, no. Not at all. I usual — I — I lead a normal human life, normal existence. The only difference is that I know certain things that most people don’t, and this puts me in a little bit (of a) different position. It can be difficult sometimes not to speak about something, but otherwise it’s just a regular human life.

SC: Okay, now, in light of that, though, some of the things you’ve posted in the last few days — and this is nothing to do with the Cabal; this is actually readers of your actual blog post Portal 2012 — you’ve actually come under a bit of attack yourself from readers who’ve suggested that you’ve been cloned. Like, is that true?

Cobra: Hmm, yes, some people have reactions, and I’m quite used to that, because whenever you put some intel (out) to the public, some people are going to like it, some people are going to hate it — and it’s just the way it is.

SC: So, do you just ….

Cobra: But this is nothing compared to what Cabal can do, so, I have no problem with that.

SC: All right. So, in answer to those people who’ve in the last few days posted some odd things, you’re not full of disinformation and you’re not actually, I suppose, an agent for the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds?

Cobra: No, I’m not. Of course I’m not. Actually, there was cloning happening (in some) place(s) on this planet, but this has been cleared by the Resistance, mmm, I think about 10 years ago. So there are no clones walking around right now.

SC: But no clones of Cobra, definitely not. [laugh]

Cobra: No. For sure not.

SC: So, but when you read that, I think — and look, in talking to you before via e-mail and talking to you now, I know you’re working very hard to try to achieve what you’re hoping to do — but when you get comments like that, does that make you think, “Oh, why am I doing all this?” or does it make you feel as though you should actually be doing it even more, and get more involved and more committed?

Cobra: It doesn’t influence my decision. I have made my mind up a long time ago. I am here — based on my life experience, I made a vow a long time ago to insist on liberating the planet no matter what, until it’s done. So this is what I’m going to do, and little bits of comments on my website doesn’t change anything. It’s not an issue anymore.

SC: Okay. So, could we talk a little bit about nuclear weapons? Because some of our galactic sources, I mean, you’ve obviously heard of SaLuSa, Matthew Ward, channeled by both Mike Quinsey and Suzy Ward respectively, they have said the galactics would never allow another nuclear warhead to be used. But in reading one of your recent posts, you actually said that the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds had access to nuclear weapons as recently as December 2011.

Cobra: Actually, they had access to nuclear weapons since the time of the first atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima. And the — what the channels are saying I cannot comment, because most of those sources are not completely reliable. You see, channeled information goes through the filter of the human mind, and although some channels can be quite clear on certain things, most information that comes through the channeling process is being distorted.
So, the Pleiadians never said they can completely guarantee to prevent a nuclear war. Actually, when I met Pleiadians a long time ago, they were quite scared of a nuclear war here, but they said they will do everything to prevent it. And they have much power to prevent it, but again, they need to follow certain protocols.
For example, if there were mass landings taking place right now, that would for sure trigger all the weapons arsenals that the Cabal has. So they have to be careful how to do this, and yes, they have technology to block most of this, but not all of this, yet.

SC: Okay, now you —

Cobra: So …

SC: — you just mentioned then that you’d met with the Pleiadians. I’m going to come back to that in a little while. But ….

Cobra: Okay.

SC: … in saying that the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds had nuclear weapons as late as December last year you also said that by January that had changed. So what actually changed to stop, or to take those nuclear weapons away from them?

Cobra: Okay. There was a certain project that was a combination of actions from the Pleiadians and other positive races and the Resistance Movement to remove the access of the nuclear weapons from the Ro — especially of the Rothschild faction. And this was very successful, was going on between, I would say, late November last year and middle of January this year.
And as a result of this, all this information about the mass arrests and everything else could come to the surface. Without that, that would not be possible. It was simply too dangerous. Now, certain things have been released after that time, and it is much easier now to carry on the plan.

SC: Okay. So, in terms of nuclear weapons now, though, you’re pretty sure from your intel that they don’t have access to nuclear weapons now?

Cobra: I have — I’m 99 percent sure that this has been cleared. Not all of it has been cleared, but it has been limited to the sufficient extent that I am 99 percent sure that this — something like this will never happen.

SC: Okay, because I remember, I …

Cobra: But I cannot give you 100 percent guarantee. I didn’t, did not receive confirmation for that 100 percent.

SC: Right. But I was — but I remember last year reading a very — actually not last year, a few weeks ago — reading the most bizarre story, that Kodak, that used to be a photo and film company, had a nuclear reactor in their building. So, maybe that’s how the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers have actually had these nuclear facilities. Maybe they’ve been part and parcel of some secret part in some of the biggest corporations.

Cobra: Oh, it’s much easier than that. The Rothschild faction has people very deep in the military, and they have access to nuclear codes. So, there was a certain project to change this somehow, so that their codes don’t work any longer.

SC: Okay. Now, you this weekend just past mentioned that the physical Archons within the Jesuits also had access to nuclear weapons. Does that mean that they no longer have access, as far as you know?

Cobra: This is a little — they are a little bit of a problem. They night have some, but very little. It’s far less dangerous than it was, even a week ago, so this is being cleared right now.

SC: All right. So despite the fact that our galactic sources are saying there will be no nuclear action, there will be no — I suppose nuclear war, nothing will outbreak, there may well be some still in possession of people, but they could well be nullified at some point.

Cobra: Exactly. So, there was many instances in the past 10 or 20 years, we were very close to nuclear war, and because of the intervention of the Pleiadians and other races, this has been prevented many, many times.

SC: Okay.

Cobra: So the situation now is so much better than it was ever in the last 50 years. This is the reason why the channeled sources are saying there’s no danger. I would say there is maybe one percent danger, but it’s almost completely erased.

(Continued Monday (6-18-12). Those who wish to read the second part of the interview now can go here.)

The Light Agenda - Wednesdays at 6pm PDT/9PM EDT on InLIght Radio.
Stephen’s next guest (June 20) is Suzy Ward - mother of Matthew Ward, receiver of Matthews’ Messages and author of The Matthew Books.

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Transcript of Stephen Cook’s Exclusive Interview with Cobra, June 13, 2012 – Part 2/2

2012 June 18
Posted by Steve Beckow

The transcript of  Stephen Cook’s interview with Cobra has arrived, thanks to Ellen. I’ve posted it in two parts.

The actual interview itself can be heard at:

The Light Agenda: Cobra – Presented by Stephen Cook

Episode 1 – Wednesday June 13, 2012: Exclusive World First Radio Interview with Cobra – Part 2/2

Stephen Cook: Okay. Now, one of the other critical factors you said was very important in the surrendering of the Cabal is the handing over of the control of the mainstream media. So how do you envisage that would happen? I mean, it’s not just English-speaking media, it’s Spanish-speaking media, Portuguese media. Obviously the Cabal has its hands in every single media right around the world. So how would that actually happen, and who would they hand over control to?

Cobra: The best way for this to happen is the actual surrender of the Cabal according to the conditions that were put forward by the Resistance Movement.
SC: Ah-hmmm.

Cobra: And if this happens peacefully, it’s very easy. Simply the control is lifted, the censorship is lifted and people are allowed to investigate on their own. And also people who are in the position inside the light forces can come on — come to TV stations and start telling the truth. There is documentation, there is evidence. And if the Cabal steps forward and announces their surrender, this will be the critical breakthrough.
If this doesn’t happen, things will take much longer and it will not be so easy.

SC: In saying all of that, though, do you then see, though, that the Cabal itself would literally — I don’t know what the word I’m looking for is — if they have control, they’re not just likely to just walk away, are they?

Cobra: It’s not just about walking away. They have two options. The first option they have is peaceful surrender, and there’s a certain deadline in the next, I would say, 10 days. If they don’t accept this option, their future is going to be much, much, harder. So it’s in their self-interests to accept this option. Because otherwise, plans are being put into place that will — mmm — erase them one way or the other. They have — actually, they have no option. They need to surrender.

SC: Okay. The other critical factor you’ve also said is the resetting of the financial system. So what does that actually involve?

Cobra: Okay. We have now, again, two options. The first option is if the Cabal surrenders, this transition can be very smooth. It can be without stress, the banks may remain open. It would simply — the same thing that’s happening with the internet, with the expansion in the new protocol, the same can happen with the financial system, because it’s all electronic — you just switch over to the new program.
If the Cabal will not surrender, there will need to be a reboot. That means actually a reset when the banks are closed. And by doing that you cut off the Cabal from all the money. And when you cut them off from all the money, they are basically paralyzed. And this is the way how the mass arrest scenario would happen. So we have two options here, and we don’t know yet which one will manifest.

SC: So you don’t have any intel on what’s happening behind-the-scenes with the European financial situation at the moment?

Cobra: I have, but it’s not yet decided. You see, there are two possible futures, and it’s not about intel, it’s about the free will of the Cabal.

SC: Okay.

Cobra: Nobody knows what is going to happen. There will be much more known in a few days, or one week.

SC: Well…

Cobra: But now the decision point is right now. So nobody knows.

SC: Okay. But in the last couple of days — and I don’t know whether you’ve heard this — but there’s been a couple of stories in definitely non-mainstream media, so they haven’t been in any of the mainstream media, but there’s a couple of stories that certainly started moving on some alternative media websites and within e-mails that the Italian bank — and I think it’s BNI — has sent letters to its customers saying that they won’t have access to their accounts or their monies for some period of time. So have you heard about that, or do you know anything about that?

Cobra: Yes. This is actually part of the disintegration of the financial system. And this disintegration has happened in the last four years, the so-called financial crisis. That was artificially triggered, but there is a higher purpose to this. It is to soften the rigidity of the system to the point where we can crash it at will, if we want. So the light forces have tools to crash the system, if that is necessary. But the closing down of that bank is not part of this crash, it is simply an organic process of disintegration of the Rothschild banking casino.

SC: So it is a true story?

Cobra: Yes.

SC: And then speaking of Europe, though, we had a Greek election that basically went nowhere, and in fact they’re going to the polls this weekend (June 17). How do you see that unfolding? Do you believe that the Greek election — how, I mean, actually, how will that unfold? Who do you think may win that?

Cobra: Most likely, the Greek population will say no, and most likely Greece will have to exit the European Union. And if this happens, this triggers a chain reaction. So actually, there are many things happening at once. It’s not just the surrender of the Cabal itself. The planetary situation is such, the financial situation, the energies that are coming, everything is coming to a certain — mmm — tipping point.

SC: Yes.

Cobra: And this is happening right now. So when — if this chain reaction happens- mmm – the humanity and the Cabal and the light forces altogether will be forced to make a decision. So there will be no more waiting, most likely.

SC: Okay. You don’t know when that might happen? [laughs]

Cobra: It might happen any day! You see, we are now at a point, after the Venus transit, things are happening every day. And everything is possible from now on.

SC: Okay, so those planetary things, such as the eclipse, the Venus transit – they really have had a big impact on things?

Cobra: Oh, yes. They have had a basic impact on things. The Cabal would not give an offer to surrender without the Venus transit, without all the meditations with it, without all the information that people have, without the awareness people have. It would not be possible.

SC: So can I ask you a bit about the Archons? Because, again, here there’s — and it’s an area where somewhat I’m a little bit confused. But I know a lot of people — not me in this case — but a lot of people have been confusing the Archons with the Anunnaki. So could you just explain the difference about who or — exactly who or what are the Archons, and a little bit about what role they’re currently playing in the dark?

Cobra: Okay. Archons — this is a Greek word for rulers. And they’re actually the ones who are ruling the quarantined Earth. And there is a physical aspect, there is very few of them left, and there is the non-physical aspect. And actually, the whole show is being run from the etheric and astral planes. This is where actually most of them are, and what they do is they influence the thinking process and the emotional process of humanity. So they actually have technology available on the etheric and astral planes to influence the way how people think, the way how people feel, and this actually greatly influences the behavior of the masses and also influences the behavior of the Cabal and, unluckily, also the behavior of the light-workers.
So they are the ones who we need to be really aware of. And the purpose of those mass meditations was, one of the primary purposes was to — to get a victory over those people.

SC: In terms of what, though? You mean because of our group conscious thought becoming — entering the atmosphere and changing people’s intentions, or…?

Cobra: No, actually it’s a kind of magical wars, similar to what happened in Atlantis. The light forces are bringing in light, and if there is enough light on the planet, on the etheric and astral planes, this creates a network of light, a planetary grid, which in turn gives the light forces of the higher dimensions an opportunity to remove those Archons from the etheric and astral planes.
And we have had quite a great success in the last few weeks with this. The dark grid has not been completely removed, but it is in the process of being removed. And this is exactly the reason why it is possible now to proceed with the plan.

SC: Okay. Now, you’ve just said something that I’m still a bit confused about. After we all did the reboot-of-the-grid meditation, you had said it was successful.

Cobra: Yes.

SC: So how did you know that, at the time?

Cobra: I received reports, I received intel about it. There are certain things I am not allowed to speak about yet, but there were certain events taking place that were very — that was for me an indication of a great success. And actually, there was a crack in the negative, in the dark grid on the etheric and astral planes, and through that crack, this crack will widen and will expand and will actually dissolve the grid at a certain point.

SC: So in the same way as an ozone layer kind of grows.

Cobra: Pardon?

SC: In the same way as an ozone hole grows in the atmosphere, with pollution?

Cobra: Yes. Similarly. Yes. Yes.

SC: Okay. And at that time, when you said that the reboot of the grid had been successful, you also said that the Archons had been removed from the astral planes. But this week, in the way I …

Cobra: Not all of … Not all of them.

SC: Okay. That’s what I was confused about, because this week you said that there were still some present here, on the ground, as physical Archons.

Cobra: Yes. There are very few also present inside the Jesuit faction. Not many of them, but those who are, are very powerful, because they were at the top of the pyramid all the time.

SC: Um-hmm. So when you say the “Jesuit faction,” though, is that the same as the Zionist faction we read about?

Cobra: Not exactly the same, but we would say the Zionist faction is subordinate to the top people in the Jesuit faction.

SC: Okay. So do you — can you give us a bit of more description of the Jesuits? Because some people may not understand what you mean by that.

Cobra: Actually, that’s a military — a religious-military group that has influenced most of the events in human history in the last, let’s say, 400 years or so. And, actually, the Rothschilds are just their bankers, their slaves. They obey the Jesuits’ commands. And those people are — mmm – they are very well versed in occult technologies. They know exactly how the human mind works. They know about the mass programming. They have experienced … they gather intel about that through inquisition techniques in the last few hundred years, and they were actually designing the human history. And it’s time now for them to be removed.

SC: So in terms of — when you said they were in military, though — So when we hear …

Cobra: They’re not in military, it’s a military group that is actually infiltrated inside the top people in the Catholic Church. Most of them are now in Italy. Not everybody of them is in Italy, but the core group, a great part of the core group is in Italy right now.

SC: So the — well, I was going to ask you about this anyway, so now you’ve gone there — the Vatican, the things that are happening in the Vatican right now, are they linked to this undermining of the Jesuits themselves?

Cobra: This is the top layer of this. What’s actually happening is being reported nowhere. You need to understand that most things are happening in the background, never get into the internet alternative websites. They get reported nowhere.

SC: So will you be telling us more about that, if you can find out information on that?

Cobra: You see, when I receive intel I’m allowed to speak about certain things and I’m not allowed to speak about other things. And —

SC: Okay. So if a — yeah, so if an operation is still underway it’s obviously still secret at that point.

Cobra: Yes. So when I receive clearance to put something, I put it on my website.

SC: Yes. So when you — who gives you that clearance, though?

Cobra: The Resistance Movement.

SC: Okay. Via, possibly, Michael, who you have known for some time.

Cobra: Not exactly through him, but through other sources.

SC: Okay.

Cobra: He is the leader of the operation. I have some other contacts, also.

SC: Okay. Now, when we — when we did our e-mail interview, you told me that you were a Pleiadian incarnated in a human body, and a little while earlier in this interview you just told me that you’d met with them. Can you tell me a little bit about that? Like, were you born a starseed, or are you a walk-in, or are you Pleiadian by birth, and you were then put here on Earth?

Cobra: Actually, I went through the usual incarnation process, through human parents, the usual way.

SC: Yes, okay.

Cobra: But I never lost awareness of who I am. And at a certain point…

SC: Even as — even as a child?

Cobra: Yes, I had this unbroken connection. It was never broken.

SC: Okay. So what do you remember about your Pleiadian history, then?

Cobra: Actually, they contacted me at a certain point in my life, physically. It was during the nighttime. I was teleported to the ship, and they showed me certain things in the solar system, they explained me certain things, and there was a big discussion that we had about the nuclear war. They were very concerned about that, and, actually, I didn’t want to come back, but they said, “You have to come back, because this nuclear war has to be stopped.”
And I was given certain instructions at that point about this, that I’m not allowed to speak about yet, but I am cooperating with them since then.

SC: Okay. So you — does that mean that, when you said you were born to human parents, do they have any knowledge of your Pleiadian ancestry? Or is this something that you have actually been able to talk about within your family? And are they involved in what you do now in any way?

Cobra: No, they are not. You see, they are usual human parents, like usual human population. They don’t understand this yet. They will believe when they see it happen, So I don’t talk to them about this.

SC: Okay. So you went up on a ship. What was that like?

Cobra: Oh, it was very — the energy was really extremely loving. It was very comfortable. It felt like home. It was for me like coming home. So um….it’s not possible to describe this in human words. The ships are actually very small. The one I was in, it was like for — the diameter was about 30 feet or maybe a little bit more. There were about seven Pleiadians in there, and it was a very family type of experience –  a real family, a real soul connection with those beings.

SC: Wow!

Cobra: And although I was speaking to them with my voice, they could also speak to me telepathically at that point. And they also opened up certain abilities to me. And they then showed me — they showed me around the solar system. I was able to be near the Moon, all the planets. They explained to me what’s happening there, and they explained to me something about the future of the human race.

SC: Wow, I’m envious! I would have loved to have done that! [laugh]

Cobra: Oh, yes. It is — you know, it is a beautiful experience, but when you come back it’s hard to adjust. Because there is such a big difference in vibration, it’s unbelievable.

SC: And do you remember how old you were when this happened?

Cobra: Yes, but I’m not allowed to speak about it yet.

SC: Oh, okay. Okay. So in terms of — when that happened, though, you were fully conscious? It wasn’t like — it wasn’t like you were…. When you say it happened in the nighttime, were you fully conscious that you were being taken, or was it almost just like a vivid dream?

Cobra: I was fully conscious, because I was taken with the physical body. It was not a dreamtime experience, it was a physical experience. And yes, I was completely and fully conscious about it.

SC: And how did you — do you remember, or are you allowed to talk about, how you went from your point or your place that you were on Earth at the time to the ship?

Cobra: I was teleported.

SC: Right.

Cobra: I was simply taken away from where I was, teleported to the ship, and then, together with the ship, went to the atmosphere and then to open space.

SC: So were you — did you know that was going to happen beforehand?

Cobra: No, no.

SC: Or were you frightened at any moment whilst it was happening?

Cobra: I wished it to happen, but when it happened it was a — it was a nice surprise, like a birthday present.

SC: [laugh] Lucky you! Now, you have also said that the Pleiadians have told you that they will appear en masse immediately following the surrender of the Cabal, but not before. And…

Cobra: They did not say immediately, they said the condition for them to appear en masse is that the Cabal is being removed, and when, after the Cabal is removed, they will initialize the process of the first contact. And I have received instructions from them what to do when that happens.

SC: Okay.

Cobra: So I will be able to post details on my website after the Cabal is removed about the first contact.

SC: So you —

Cobra: I have a great part of the plan already, but I’m not allowed to speak about it before the Cabal is removed.

SC: Are you allowed to tell us anything? Because, I mean, we’re hearing — and, look, I have seen several spaceships, and I’ve had two quite close encounters myself with two completely different ships, but I’ve never had, as far as I know, a wonderful face-to-face connection with any star beings – unless I have and I don’t remember. But are you able to give us any idea of — are we talking about mass flyovers? Are we talking about mass landings, or…? How it may evolve?

Cobra: Okay. I can give you little bit, a few details. The first one is that after the Cabal is removed the Pleiadians will contact a few, selected individuals, and will give them a display of their presence. And after some time, after this display of their presence, there will be a first physical meeting, that will be private, among those individuals.
And this will expand, through a certain process that will involve the mass media. Then the Pleiadians will provide evidence, physical evidence of their presence through the mass media, which will be liberated by then. And when the human population is ready – which will be quite soon after the Cabal is surrendered, or defeated – they will be able to appear through mass flyovers.

SC: Okay.

Cobra: And soon after that, the humanity will have a choice to decide if they wish to accept the mass landings or not. And most likely the first contact, the first official contact will happen through the representatives of the new government of this planet, whatever that will be, and the Pleiadians. And they said to me that most likely this will happen through the United Nations. And I know some people have reservations that they say that United Nations is corrupt, and that it’s part of the Cabal…

SC: Yes, I was going to say that.

Cobra: But at that point the United Nations will be simply organization that will represent humanity. It will not be under Cabal’s control any longer. The official building will stay there. And — it’s in New York, and it will not be demolished. And this place can be used, and most likely will be used, for the first contact, the first official contact.

SC: Okay. Now, I’m told that I’m originally Arcturian by ancestry or descent. You keep talking about the Pleiadians. Will other races and other Galactic Federation members be involved in the same system and the — not the same system, but the same flyovers, the same Disclosure process?

Cobra: Yes, to a certain extent. The Sirians also will be involved, I’m not for sure, but mostly the Pleiadians will be the first to appear simply because the Pleiadian race is closest in psychology and how they look and everything to the human race. So they are very similar to the human race, and this is the reason why they will appear first.

SC: And so …

Cobra: After, there are many other races coming, and after that there is a second part of the plan that will involve the Galactic Confederation as a whole.

SC: Okay. So in any of this, with your visit with the Pleiadians or anything else, have you seen any of the advanced technologies that we’re hearing about and that will soon be coming to Earth?

Cobra: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. I am pretty well aware of those technologies. I can expose a few of them. One of them is teleportation technology that makes travel very simple. You can come from point A to point B usually in about 20 or 30 seconds. It is — and the feeling when you go through these teleportation chambers is similar to skydiving. It’s a very delightful sensation, if you go through that.
The second technology will be replicators or manifestation chambers, whatever you want to call them, is to — those are able to manifest every physical object by command. So you can actually connect that thing to a computer, you can design a certain object on a computer with a graphics program, and then you can manifest the same object in any material you wish through that replicator. Or you can …

SC: Does that include — does that include food? [laugh]

Cobra: Yes. You can actually have a special scanning device, you can actually put the original object, like a very — like a very good cooked meal, into that scanning device; the device will scan that food and will replicate it, 10 times, 20 times, thousand times — whatever you wish.

SC: I’m looking forward to that. [laugh]

Cobra: And that’s a basic technology they are — they will be available very soon.

SC: Okay. Now, in my e-mail chat with you last time you said that there’s a clear plan for Ascension but that the Pleiadians will not reveal this until the Cabal is gone from power. But do you have any idea that you can give us about what that Ascension plan is?

Cobra: Okay. I can explain basically what Ascension is. Ascension is a liberation of consciousness from all third dimensional realities. It is liberation from the physical plane. It is a liberation from all the emotional states and mental states. It’s actually quite similar to what the eastern religions were terming as enlightenment.

SC: Sorry, the which — the which religions?

Cobra: Eastern, like India …

SC: Eastern. Yep, yeah.

Cobra: … people in India were talking about enlightenment. And actually Ascension is complete and absolute enlightenment. This is something that’s going to happen to a certain percentage of light-workers or starseeds that are right now on this planet. The humanity in the mass will not go through Ascension process, it will go through a deprogramming process. And the human beings will be able to leave their lives to continue evolving, but without the influence of the Cabal.

SC: Well, there’s so many different stories about that, though, because you’re saying your story now of how you believe it’s going to be interpreted; other people say that the majority of us will ascend in human body but that we will become crystalline in form; other people say we’re going to go to light chambers to be healed; and there’s also views that Earth will split in two — one will remain in three dimensional with many of the people who are dark, and the other may well progress up into the fifth — or will progress to the fifth dimension – with everybody who’s light. So it’s very hard for all of us to know what is the real truth or what may happen, because none of us have been through it yet.

Cobra: I know there are many stories. Some of them are correct, some of them are not. But, as I have said, the Pleiadians have instructed me not to speak about this in detail before the Cabal is removed. Because the first focus is now to remove the Cabal. Ascension process cannot happen until the Cabal is removed. And when the Cabal is removed, I will give all the details, and I will explain everything about the Ascension process, what it includes, how it is done, and it will be much clearer then, but you have to wait.

SC: So in reading about things, though, we’re told there is a divine plan, and everybody talks about December 21 being a significant date. Do you believe that December 21 will be the real changeover date, the moment when all of us actually ascend?

Cobra: No, the Ascension process will take much longer. What I believe is that, most likely, the Cabal will completely be removed by that date, and I mean the physical Cabal and non-physical Archons. So when the Cabal is removed, we are free, and from that moment on, we can start really healing the planet ourselves, and to really surrender to the Ascension process. And the process itself will take much longer.

SC: Okay. So does that — do you then not believe, though, that December 21 will become the beginning of the Golden Age?

Cobra: It will, because the Cabal is removed. So this is such a big step that you cannot imagine. This will change life so much, it is beyond any human expectations. It is a quantum leap that has never happened on this planet before.

SC: And yet some of us may have been through it elsewhere, beforehand.

Cobra: Pardon?

SC: Some — although some people say that some of us have been through Ascension beforehand in other lives.

Cobra: Ummm — yeah, that happened to some people, a long time ago, on other planets. And they descended again, they lowered their vibrational frequency in order to be incarnated here. That’s true.

SC: So that’s what happened with you as well?

Cobra: Not in the same way. Not in the same way.

SC: Okay. So over the past weekend you’ve been talking about the balance of the light and the dark, and we’re constantly being told that the balance is being redressed in favor of the light, and yet I wasn’t quite sure what you were trying to say last weekend about the light was winning, or the dark was still in power or control. So where’s that balance at as we speak now?

Cobra: Actually, you can experience that balance in your life daily, and if you look around, you see where the balance is. The light is progressing, but at this point the dark has not surrendered yet. They still control the mass media, they still control, to a great extent, the financial system. And when there will be a real victory of the light, all this will change drastically. It will be a breakthrough.
Until that moment, we can say there is a certain dynamic equilibrium between the light and the dark that actually appears like nothing is changing. But, in fact, in the background many things are going on that are a preparation ground for this big breakthrough that’s about to happen.

SC: Okay. In your own personal life experiences, have you been raised, trained, or is this just your belief system following your meeting with the Pleiadians, that you chose to follow this life path in search of, I suppose, keeping the light alive?

Cobra: Actually, I have never lost my connection with the Source, and I was always aware of this. And the situations that came into my life,  it was a reflection of both light and dark. They did not influence my general decision. It was always there. But the light was helping me in this decision, and the dark wanted to stop me. And both forces are very strong. So I have … experienced the extreme of the light…

SC: So do you — do you believe you’ve got light and dark?

Cobra: … Pardon?

SC: So do you believe there’s light and dark in you now?

Cobra: I have cleared most of the dark inside, because I wanted to get rid of this. This was just simply my choice.

SC: Because sometimes when — I know that when I’ve read your blog, a couple of times, I’m wondering whether you’re possibly a little angry with certain cultures, beings or institutions, and whether that’s just your experience, or whether … you’re coming from a very good place, I suppose is the best way of looking at it.

Cobra: Well, sometimes I might get angry, and this is very good because anger can be transformed into something that changes situations. So just as everybody, I have human emotions like everybody else.

SC: Okay. So you have good and bad days. [laugh]

Cobra: Yes, of course.

SC: So can you tell us a little bit, though, what may be a normal day or week in the life of Cobra?

Cobra: Ummm, I wouldn’t like to speak about it yet.

SC: Okay. But in terms of you’re contacting people to get intel, then you posting on your site, you’re learning what’s going on in the world, then posting on your site?

Cobra: There is not much I can say about my contacts. I have contacts one way or the other. I receive intel in various ways. And there’s not much I can say about it right now, so it’s still quite classified.

SC: Okay. Now, you just admitted that sometimes you have angry or dark days, but you’ve kind of become maybe the biggest promoter, in an odd way, of mass meditations over the last couple of months. How do you balance all of that, and is meditation a very big part of your life?

Cobra: It is, in a way it is. Because I use this practice, maybe not in the same way as most people do, but yes, I have my way of connecting with the Source, connecting with the light, and I use it every day.

SC: Now, when you talk about “the Source,” what do you mean by the Source?

Cobra: Some people call it the God, some people call it the Light. There are various names. But I would say Source is just a good name, a good explanation of connecting with something that is beyond, that is greater and that encompasses everything.

SC: So if I was to ask you now, “Are you a happy man or woman? Would you say you were a happy man or woman?

Cobra: I would say, sometimes, yes. I would say I’m much more — I’m much happier than I was, especially when, the period when the dark was attacking me, I was not happy man or woman.

SC: Okay. So what makes you happy today?

Cobra: Oh, there are various things. I would just expose a few of them. Giving this information to the general public is something that makes me very fulfilled. And there are some aspects of my private life that are very good, and I would not speak about them right now, but this fulfills me greatly.

SC: And what else do you do to relax?

Cobra: I take walks in nature, I listen to music, sometimes I surf the internet… Many things.

SC: All right. Now, speaking of music, I did ask if you would like to choose a song to end our interview today, and the song you chose is called “Tonight in Babylon,” it’s by LoverushUK, featuring Canadian singer Bryan Adams. Can you tell me a little bit about why you chose this particular song, Cobra, and what it signifies or means to you?

Cobra: Okay. When I first heard that song, it was just one confirmation, one sign, of a big change that is coming. And I felt the energy of that song, and it’s like the energy of the breakthrough that we are all waiting for. So when you listen to the song, you will feel that energy, for sure.

SC: All right. Well, look, you’ve been listening to Cobra here on The Light Agenda. If you’re interested, of course, you can read Cobra’s Portal 2012 blog, at
Thank you so much, Cobra. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

Cobra: Thank you very much.

SC: And here is LoverushUK featuring Bryan Adams with “Tonight in Babylon”.
Music track [end]

Part 1 of the Cobra interview can be heard here.

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