Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Do You Know Who You Are?

What a question! We all seem to ponder this issue from time to time, wondering who we really are, why we’re here and what our life purpose is.  This 3D world defines us by name, gender,  occupation or the external values we place on each other.  But as we’ve seen in recent postings, all those things are just temporary illusions as we live this temporary life of a dream.

I was taken aback today as I noticed the continuity of messages coming my way from Jeshua/Yeshua. first, in the posted channeling by Pamela Kribbe, “The Seeds of Christ Consciousness”; second, in the posting by Fran Zepeda, “Yeshua:  The Truth of You”; and third, in my own reading from A Course in Miracles, which most of you know is channeled teachings from Jesus/Jeshua.

They were all revolving around the issue of knowing our identity, not of our current incarnation, but of who we really are in our souls, being conscious of the divinity that’s within every one of us.

Through Pamela, Jeshua states:
 “For a moment, now, go to the level of your soul. Remember who you truly are and where you come from. A place of oneness, a place of unconditional love. Feel the presence of it, here and now. 

Breath it in, it is yours. By feeling it in your heart, you’re bringing it down on Earth. I so much appreciate the inner work you doing. You are creating the gateway to a new reality on Earth. You all have a dream, a vision of what the New Earth looks like.”

Through Fran, Yeshua states:
“At one moment in your distant past, you chose to ignore and abandon the Light that was you and ventured out into an adventure, an experience of how far away from the Truth you could go, to explore the possibilities of what was unknown and not familiar to you at the time.

You were perfectly willing and able to break away from the Truth of who you really are, all the while knowing deep down that you would return one day to your full glory. For, what you encompassed at the time of departure and separation from your True Selves was a complete knowing of that Truth, that you were complete and Whole and One with Source. You were completely immersed in that Divine Wholeness at the time and you knew it so well.”

For a period of time we’ve chosen to slip away into the world of duality, separation and the dark and dense energies of this 3D world.  We came here on Earth for the experience and for most of us, it has been far denser, heavier and darker than anything we could have imagined.

But, as we’re moving into the shift of Ascension, the transition from a 3d world to a 5d world, we’re beginning to remember our divinity, our true identity, who we really are. 

As these memories become more clear, more current in our conscious thought, we find ourselves becoming clearer in our purpose and understanding of why we’re here.

The fog is lifting. The veil is being stripped away.  As we move into the knowingness of our true identity of Divinity we’ll experience that deeper peace and presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

I’m feeling myself become more alive, more focused and more sure of who I am as I become more conscious of my true eternal identity.

I know I’m not alone! 

We’re all moving into our awareness of Oneness as we grow in our knowledge of who we really are!
by Dave Schmidt

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