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The Pace of Change Will Cause Our Heads to Spin

One thing the galactics commonly say is that, when change begins, it will occur very rapidly. That’s one reason why we here have been expanding now and getting our new teams underway and through their early days – because we know change is just around the corner.
Let’s look for a moment at what SaLuSa and Wanderer of the Skies, the two galactic sources who’ve commented on this topic, have had to say about the pace of change.

SaLuSa said in January:
“Various desired changes are moving along together, and we can see that there may well be a quick series of revelations that will carry you forward very quickly. It will be sensational to many people and cause shock to those who are unprepared, but through our allies we shall ensure that the necessity for them is understood.” (1)

He warned us on February 20 that “the changes are going to be so far reaching, and happen so quickly that you will need to keep awake in case you miss something.” (2)

Later that same month he informed us that most of the changes happening then were happening behind the scenes. “From one day to another circumstances in your world are changing very rapidly. The facts may not be readily available to you, but as the purge of the dark Ones continues you will learn more about it.” (3)

A week later he told us that changes have suddenly started to speed up, and you can expect them to continue from hereon. Sometimes you might pinch yourself to make sure it is really happening, as they will take your breath away.” (4)

That same month he told us that the changes would start small and rapidly grow.
“All changes have to commence somewhere and sometime, and from small beginnings the Light shall take over from the dark and deliver the promises made to you.
“Sit tight yet not in tension as all is well and you will find that all of a sudden a whole series of events will take place, clearly showing you that your expectations are being fulfilled.” (5)

By early April he was asking for our continued patience as the finishing touches were being applied.
“All we ask of you is further patience which most of you have exhibited for many years now, as we put the final touches to our work. Then you shall see an explosion of events that will be hard to keep up with.” (6)

A week later he repeated his warning that we would find events hard to keep up with.
“Everything is in place for a whole series of events, so much so that you will be hard pressed to keep up with them. What we want to be able to do is to keep the masses of you well informed, so that there is no misunderstanding as to our intentions.“ (7)

Wanderer of the Skies stressed the domino-like quality of the changes, which reveals a plan the galactics have not been able to make plain to us yet. On March 25, 2012, he said:
“Keep in mind that as these matters develop, they are done so in a specific order for a specific reason that is interconnected to a much grander plan than we cannot reveal to you now. But as these pieces come into place, they will be self-executing. And when the dominoes fall, they will fall quickly and without any doubt on your part. There will be no guess work involved at that time.” (8)

And on April 14, he stressed that real change had begun and pointed to Iceland as the testing ground for new financial changes and the first domino.
“Your nation of Iceland is being used as a testing ground for the rolling out of financial strategies for the betterment of your planet. It would be wise to follow their progress in this respect, as it will be the fate of all nations in a very brief period of time. We have always advised you that such an action would never come from the larger powers and nations of the world, but they will follow in lockstep once the actions begin their domino effect. …
“The time of doubt is at an end. The time of hope has begun. Now, you will begin to see real change occur, palpable and observable by all. These matters will come on so quickly it will spin your head. Hold on now for the beginning of the beginning. “ (9)

So according to SaLuSa things will speed along once the first changes occur and not let up until the end of the year. We’ll find the pace of things hard to keep up with and will have to watch carefully not to miss anything. According to Wanderer things will happen with a domino-like precision and the first domino, Iceland, is right now occurring. Past this point, when the other changes begin, our heads will spin.
by Steve Beckow


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