Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank you El Morya and Julie!
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There is always better to be achieved in one’s life. Each of you are aware to reach better conclusions, a better way of living and being requires you to discipline yourself towards making choices that are of the highest of good each and every time. At every given moment you are faced with a decision ensure you are maintaining self-control of your outer vehicles; your emotional and mental states as well as the situation itself. You cannot replace self-discipline with anything else; you must hone this through careful nurturing and understanding of your whole self and where you want to be. Focus is a natural element to all self-disciplinary actions. Through my guidance I will show you ways which you can make your own on improving your own self-discipline. While we work together, you will learn I will encourage you to not run from any inconvenience or uncomfortable situation. I will encourage you to work through each one steadily, to look at each situation from an expanded perception, understanding you are in control through the choices you make at each step. You can stand at the edge and see the whole world unfold all around you when you are focused, looking from fully opened eyes, not just from the physical aspect of seeing but of the deeply profound and spiritual way of seeing, feeling, and knowing.

When you begin to manifest control over yourself, you then will start to understand how you can manifest anything else you wish as you are learning to work with the purest of intent of your divine hearts. Your mastery on being able to manifest what it is you wish will not be done for any Egotistic objective but for the fulfillment you gain when you complete your efforts. Self-Satisfaction is an important recognition that symbolizes a job well done. When the realization sinks in that you were able to bring forth something through manifestations by utilizing the energy of your own efforts combined with God and the Universe that always hears your wishes you will find contentment as you revel in your recent accomplishment. These wondrous accomplishments require no need to impress another soul that is on their own journey, they will discover their own. Through your experiences, the wisdom you gain from the success of fulfilling each and every manifestation is what you share dear ones; there is no bragging of what one can accomplish over another person’s efforts. Each of you have your own set of tasks and each one will receive different challenges of various degrees of difficulty. Each of you are deserving of respect, love and compassion and I urge you dear ones to make sure you love yourself and allow the joy of completing a task to enter your heart. Tears sometimes flood, laughter and many smiles. How one reacts to a joyous occasion is relatively individual and beautiful. Before I carry on here, I would like to add, the next time you are feeling overwhelmed and the shedding of tears is released, think of the tears and cleansing the way for your heart to open to receive even more light and love from God that when all crying is ceased and you have rested, fresh smiles emerge as that love spreads throughout your body, mind and soul. Balance is always going to be required in every part of one’s life, appreciate the bad parts because they bring you into harmony and joy when you come through each one. It is how you understand what it is that makes you truly happy that has no price tag, what makes you, your heart and soul happy.

The throat chakra is a good place to look into when you are looking to master your demonstration with speech. Yes you all know how to talk, you learned from an early age from parents and caregivers that were your first primary teachers before you entered any kind of schooling system. Mastering your speech is not only about how you speak but how your express yourself through written language. As many of you are searching for the Truth, the truth that you must begin with is the truth of yourself. What is truth for you? What is it that you hold closest to heart as truth? What are your beliefs and spiritual practices? Have there been some you have turned away from or altered? Have you adapted newer practices that resonate with your heart? Answer to yourself dear one, and create more similar questions when you are taking the time to discovery who you are. As you learn every aspect of what makes you whole, you come face-to-face with situations that you thought were gone and dealt with, you might discover some not-so-nice aspects, and of course you will find wonderful and divine traits. Each that you find requires recognition and comprehension that what you are seeing and learning is YOU. When you are ready to say good-bye to an old memory of a passed situation, I can be with you if you call for my presence. Some memories take longer to move on because they are still holding a lesson that is required for you to learn. It is up to you dear ones to see with clarity what the lessons are. Ask through your heart for guidance; know you are never alone during any circumstance. Not only will I be there when you invoke my presence for guidance but so will God. God will illuminate a path for you to take dear ones that will lead you through all dark passages and into the Light and Love of God. You will learn to let go of these memories so well that they will no longer cause any pain or take any more personal and inner power away. When such lessons are learned, take the time to forgive yourself and those involved, free yourself from any lingering guilt that has been known to attach itself to a few dear soul’s energy field. That is what forgiveness does dear ones, provides freedom from any guilt feelings that were part of any past situations that were uneasy to work through. We of the divine know you are doing the best you can, you continue to persevere and work through each step diligently and with love for yourself and those around you. Congratulate yourself for the progress you have made.

The Truth of Life is not fairy tale magic; the Truth of Life is the purpose of your being here during this time period of existence. You are encouraged dear ones to end dwelling in selfish and meek activities and replace these with higher and uplifting energies that will bring about a more creative thinking and being process that can be adapted into everyday living. If you have only acted upon selfish reasoning then you have not gained anything in your journey other than replacing one selfish experience with another. What you are seeing is ‘your way’ of the truth that does not demonstrate the truth of God’s Love through your heart. The way of truth dear ones must be the direction of transition from this impaired condition.

When you take it upon yourself to seek change and freedom from selfish ways you then begin to focus more clearly and step into more teachings that require discipline. When you become more disciplined you notice a lack of contributing negative and biased input in all areas of your speech, you are attaining support from Higher Sources and gaining mastery over the Self and learning to let go of personal attachments because you understand the emotion behind the attachment is heavy and doesn’t bring harmony into your progression. I urge each of you to recognize yourself when you are presented with an opportunity to react as you once did and settle yourself through grounding and love that you can begin each interaction that causes any reaction with harmony that will uplift your entire being with light filled loved.

I will come to you as I have mentioned when you call. Know dear ones that no one ever gets unanswered. I and my brothers of the Divine Light will come to you at any moment, day or night when you call to any of us. Know in your heart dear ones that you are always within our sight as you are never too far away. There is not one activity that you have taken part in that was hidden from us. Know for all that has gone on in your life, you are deeply loved by All.

I AM Ascended Master El Morya 
through Julie Miller

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