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The Doorway to Your Higher Consciousness is Found from Within: Melchizedek Weekly ~ June 10 – 17

Dear ones, you have been doing much reading and have gained information and knowledge in regards to the Earth raising its vibration. Each of you is given many opportunities to raise your own vibrations. One of your essential requirements for your own personal ascension is being able to activate and awaken your DNA, the part that scientists call ‘junk DNA’. They call this unknown DNA this because they do not understand or know what is contained in these strands. It is through the activation of your DNA that your full abilities become inner knowledge and you KNOW you can manifest anything you wish to have. All the information you require is inside of you, this has been said many times before now by other masters and teachers.

I ask you dear ones to think about the realization of being able to change your blueprint, to alter your DNA and to facilitate your expanding potential, to be able to deliver entrance to your precious subconscious mind, to fully waken your clairvoyant abilities and so much more. This is alchemy dear ones on a personal level and one that every person is capable of achieving - to know your purpose in life in absolute terms.

Consider your truth dear ones at a deeper level. Take it upon yourself to learn the energies that surge through your body. There are sacred energies stored within your chakras that aid in your ability to expand your awareness and to ascend into the higher realms once again. This energy is contained in the 12 chakra system and through the 12 DNA strand, both are doorways to your higher consciousness. There are actually six pairs of strands called the 12 strand of the spiritual DNA in the 12 Strand system. Today we will go through the six pairs briefly, leaving room for you to think and do some further self-study.

The first pair of strands is physical and the remaining five pairs are non-physical imprints of your sacred energy field. The first pair of strands oversees the creation of all structures of your physical body. This is the part that manages your genetic modelling, your physical appearance, your mannerisms, how you age and so much more. In the second pair of DNA strands, this oversees your emotional self. It is here where the creation of your genetic emotional profile is stored as well as your tendency to specific emotional circumstances. It is here where it is determined which personality type you are; A or B, introverted or extroverted.

Your third DNA pair manages your mental body dear ones. This DNA pair influences your genetic mental profile and illustrates alternatives to your mental health energy and whether it can be guided toward logical, linear and rational thinking, or possibly toward being intuitive, expression through artistic means and more. The third DNA pair indicates if you will be mostly optimistic and positive or mainly pessimistic and negative. The fourth DNA pair oversees your soul. Dear ones, it is here where the design of your karmic modelling begins. Your karmic patterning and/or modelling means any karmic pre-conditioning that you have brought into your current life to work on and master. Yes this does also include karmic offences, situations or lessons that were not fulfilled and understood in past life experiences. It is through here that any current conditions you have surpassed and dealt with have come from. This lifetime you have the opportunity to ending specific cycles and resolving on going issues once and for all.

What your genetic soul profile does is command and direct your soul’s mission. It is through here that determines what standard or level of form your soul will have. Here I will give you an example. If you are a healer, student, leader, reclusive, etc., it is here that this begins. In addition in your genetic soul profile is also the containment of the experiences you are still to have, what wisdom and knowledge you will gain, what your spiritual strengths will become, which attributes are you to gain mastery over, and which direction you will take in providing selfless service to others that also directs your path to find pure joy and contentment.

The last two are very brief. Your fifth pair of DNA strands manages your soul gathering and administers your development and the arrangement of specific souls within a soul gathering in order to seek and find each other that is also mutual to the fulfillment of their soul purpose. The sixth pair of DNA strands is quite simple – this set oversees ALL of creation and supports your 12 strand DNA with your Divine Will that is infinitely connected to God.

The majority of you know by now that your DNA is the blueprint of your life; it is located in every cell of your body. Furthermore, besides each chromosome’s two strand double helix of DNA there are also 10 spiritual strands of DNA presented within each of you. Most of these DNA strands are de-activated; this is why the scientists refer to them as Junk DNA. Each strand of your DNA retains specific attributes that allow each of you to act and demonstrate grander achievements. It has been sadly distributed that there is only a small percentage of DNA being used within each person. In time each of you will grow from using a small percentage of your DNA to being multi-dimensional with telepathic, psychic and manifestation abilities that are grander than anything dreamed or imagined. Your activation is achieved when you make a conscious decision to bring positive change into your life. Recognize the patterns that have brought discord and disharmony, learn that you can stop this by making significant and consistent changes to your everyday life and understanding the truth of who you are and spirit you always have been. Choices bring change no matter what the decision is. Look ahead at what you wish to see, and then begin creating this reality by making the necessary changes to meet this goal. There are many possible futures that are available but only one will manifest through the efforts you put out every day.

If you wonder why your full DNA was de-activated? Have you studied the history of your humankind? Through this you will see these primitive early humans were not so primitive. They learned to communicate for the most part telepathically. Imagine dear ones if you will how it would be for your supervisor, instructor or friend if you could know what they were thinking before they said the words. I would think it would make a few very uncomfortable. Throughout history this ability began to wane as the social structure changed and evolved. The sensitive person was able to analyze the problematic discord that developed from such abilities and trained themselves to not use their skill as often or not at all. You can see the pattern yourself, over time this naturally occurring ability shrunk. Now, in your era there is a peak of realization of self-awareness and much of your DNA and your natural abilities are coming into fruition.

Through meditation and focus you are able to open your DNA. I am working today dear ones to deliver today’s discussion in a capacity that all can understand. I am well aware that many of you will wish to look into DNA activation on their own. I wish to whet your appetite in regards to an area of your spiritual development that will most definitely open many doors. DNA activation dear ones will remove any energetic blockages to you representing your Higher Soul Self. This is the part of you that is closest to God, where you demonstrate the Love of God through all your actions and reactions. Your dormant brain function will not remain this way as long as you are willing to change this through decisions that you are consciously aware of affecting yourself, your family and those around you depending on the situation you are faced with. You will tap into your higher consciousness, and utilize your seven senses through daily practice. Through your activation, you will feel your body go through a spiritual detoxification, removing all toxic energy that has attached itself to your energy field. This detoxification will also bring up old emotional issues you buried and wished they stayed there. There are brought to the surface in order for you to learn the lesson that are contained within the circumstance and to finally release this issue completely without pain or unhappiness it once brought you. What you will experience once you are able to release all old issues that have been clinging is the feeling of improved confidence, and a renewed sense of security with yourself.

Healing of your mind, body, spirit and of the heart will begin almost immediately once you have activated your DNA. The activation of your DNA will not necessarily occur all at once. There is much to open for many dear souls; a gradual opening will be discovered in order to not flood your mind, body and spirit with too much information too fast. The healing many will experience through DNA activation varies and is based individually dear ones; they range from healing critical physical and emotional challenges or discovering the body has been cured from serious illnesses and disease. Your experience dear ones will be yours alone. Some of you will most definitely experience similar findings, but none will exact because all of you are so beautifully unique.

I am sensing a tiredness coming into our vessel today. Our discussion has been lengthier than normal and where I am transmitting from is experiencing a brief heat wave that will end in a day or two with upcoming thunderstorms to break the humidity that is heavy in the air. She is delightful and tells me to stop already. I love her as I love each of you. My energy is always available for every person no matter where they are at on their journey of their own self-discovery and truth.

And so it is,
through Julie Miller


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