Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Spirit Guides are CLEARLY trying to highlight this issue of us living in an Illusion!

Okay okay, we're listening!   :^D

This one again discusses how our continual and repeated experiences of disappointment has dulled all our senses, expectations, and desire (and ability) to dream. 

Thank you Saul. Thank you John.
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What You Are Experiencing is Totally Unreal

Progress towards your grand awakening is proceeding apace.  The evidence for that may not be readily apparent to most of you because the veil that hides Reality from you is impossible to penetrate when you still hold grudges and resentments.  A number of you, through meditation and relaxation practices, have managed occasionally to completely let go of all non-loving thoughts, emotions, and attitudes for brief periods and have been rewarded with a brief and unforgettable glimpse of the loving vastness of the Reality to which you all belong.

As increasing numbers of you make a point of practicing meditation and relaxation techniques, and intend to open your hearts to allow the divine energy field to permeate you and flow out through you to assist all in the awakening process, this field intensifies.  You, everyone who has or ever will experience life as a human, were, at the moment of your creation, given free will, which is a divine gift of immense power.  By entering the illusion you entered into a fog which enveloped you in an intense sense of being separated, individual, lost, and this has hidden from you your true identity, and your ability to understand what free will actually means.

One aspect of this gift is a security precaution.  If you were to attempt to awaken into the heavenly realms with grudges, resentment, anger, judgment, or unloving feelings or intentions of any kind — and you succeeded! — the intensity of divine Love that would immediately embrace you would cause you unbelievable horror and suffering as you saw how utterly inappropriate and unacceptable those feelings and intentions were.  Your only recourse would be to flee back to your illusory reality and completely shut down what little conscious awareness you can actually access in that state.  It would take you long, long eons to recover from the shock of discovering your seeming utter unworthiness to dare to present yourselves in the sight of God.

But, as you are constantly assured, the life you are presently experiencing is illusory, and the illusion in which you seem to be enmeshed is non-existent.  You are, to all intents and purposes, asleep and dreaming or having nightmares.  What you are experiencing is totally unreal, but anything unloving in your thoughts, words, actions, behaviors, or attitudes are blocks to your awakening, placed there by your loving Father to protect you from the suffering that you would otherwise inflict upon yourselves.

The work that is presently going on is the unwinding and cutting free of all the tangled and unloving aspects that humanity has held so dear to itself for so long in an insane attempt to protect itself from unreality and all the horrors with which it seemingly ensnares you.

As ever greater numbers turn towards their inner spiritual sense of self and begin to uncover the sense of hope they find there, your intent to awaken and allow the illusion to dissolve further intensifies.  It is not necessary for all of humanity to become aware of their spiritual nature for awakening to occur.  The power of divine Love, accepted into the hearts of those who intend to allow God’s Love to permeate and suffuse them, and then flow out to influence all, is enormous, and by intending to join with those who have made that intent, each one of you adds to this vast loving ocean of intent.

The purpose of this ocean is to dissolve anything that is not in harmony with God’s Love, and by intending to be a part of it you extend it and share it with everyone with whom you interact in any way at all.  It is unstoppable and constantly expanding, so that all of humanity will be swept up in it and their remaining unlovingness will be dissolved.  Only those who very consciously choose not to release their unloving aspects will remain unawakened when the ocean of divine Love envelops all planetary life forms.

As you have been told so often, you do have free will.  It is immensely powerful, and you can use it to choose to reject God’s infinite unconditional Love and remain indefinitely within the restrictive confines of the illusion.  But only those who make a very conscious and determined choice to do that will remain asleep, and they will then continue on their path to awakening in an environment of like-minded beings.

The majority of humanity has been overcome by a sense of apathy with regard to spirituality due to the length of time they have spent asleep and dreaming in the illusion.  This was not a conscious choice; it just occurred, as disappointment followed disappointment and no escape from the horrors of the illusion seemed possible.

What is happening now is that those of you who have held on to the Light are swelling the ocean of divine Love so that there are none whom it does not embrace.  And, when embraced by it, awakening is assured into the joy and ecstasy in which it envelops all of God’s children.  There is very little of the planet remaining uncovered and uninfluenced by this divine ocean as the moment of your awakening approaches.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

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