Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thank you Greg and your Guides who are always working in the Light and in integrity ...and so it is!
*** gavin

This is why I give my bowl to you. I offer my bowl to you in love and in service to our Creator, the Creator of everything that we enjoy and that we use to allow us to grow ever stronger, wiser and more learned as we continue our journey through this magnificent universe that our Creator has designed, created and offered us to allow us to experience ourselves and discover who it is we truly are. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, who are your friends and who are your family from many years past, have now come here to rejoin you and to offer our assistance to help you on your journey which is now reaching the point where you will experience some of your greatest challenges and tests to your strength, to your determination, to your resolve, to your spirit.

You do not have to accept our help. You are perfectly free to decline, as no one is forcing anything upon you. You enjoy the luxury of the right of free will and choice in this universe and we would never ask you to relinquish this privilege. We come here in the offering of gifts, of knowledge, of experience, as what you are about to face as one community are challenges that we have faced before and we, through our combined efforts together, have found ways to clear these obstacles from our path. What we offer you are tools in the form of technological advancements that you do not yet possess here in your world. We offer you leadership if it is leadership that you feel will assist you to better ease your way through these transitions up ahead that may be rough and may be difficult for you. We offer you training in fields that we feel will be of value to your people in the days ahead, and we offer you our guidance and wisdom to better inform you of just what it is you will be facing so there will be no surprises for you.

We have been issuing you notice for some time now, a little at a time, allowing you to gain better insight into what is ahead for you. Whether you have chosen to read or listen to our messages and to believe what we have been sharing with you is a matter of personal choice, and we respect and honor the choices you are making. We say to you we will continue to offer our understandings of what it is you as a people will face in the days ahead, and if you wish to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to our offerings we say to you that you are well within your rights and we will allow you to ignore our offers of guidance. For those of you who read our messages and do resonate with them and believe they are indeed messages being offered to you from higher dimensional beings, we say to you we will continue to offer our guidance and wisdom to you of the upcoming events that you can use to better prepare yourselves.  

These events that we have been describing for you concerning earth tremors and rising sea levels are coming your way, there are no two ways about this. How you wish to process this information and utilize it to your advantage or not is up to you, though we would suggest to you that we are issuing you this advanced notice for a reason, for we feel you can utilize this advantage of an early warning to allow you to better plan, organize and implement your strategies to increase your chances of safe passage through this rough period. Many of you have journeyed here to this planet through the gift of incarnation specifically to experience what lays ahead for you throughout the short remainder of your calendar year. This is what you have come here for, this is your stage and it is your spotlight that has now been turned on. There are those of you who have come here to discover for yourselves if you are leaders of your fellow man and just what it is that makes you the being that you are. Many of you have come here to discover just how powerful, wise, courageous, strong, resourceful, intelligent, kind and generous a being that you are, and we say to you there are those of you who will find this out for yourselves and leave here and leave this experience behind now knowing who it is you truly are.

Coming to a world such as this for beings who call the higher dimensions their home or even other worlds of the 3rd dimension that are significantly more advanced than this one is never an easy challenge and is never without sometimes painful retrofitting into this kind of lower dimensional existence. It is as if you are an adult, now trying to squeeze on shoes you wore as a child. Although the memories of wearing these smaller shoes are often clear to you, they just are not a comfortable fit and can cause pain if you wear them too long, which is the case for many of you who have journeyed here many long years ago and who now sense it is time to squeeze out of these painful shoes that no longer fit you and no longer will allow you to comfortably walk another step along this path.

It is time for a new pair of shoes for many of you. It is time for new adventures and experiences of higher ideals and of thought, and many of you have truly earned your ticket back home to where it is you have many friends and family who have missed you dearly. The time for this is close at hand, but we remind you there is work yet to be done here in this world. What you choose to do with the following months is up to you, but we suggest to you to use this time wisely and use these events that  you will experience to their greatest potential that will allow you to reach your greatest potential which is the reason why many of you have made this long journey here. We will not allow you to wander lost and confused in the darkness, as we will shine our light that will guide you each and every step of the way if this is what you choose.

We see there are many of you who are confused, at least somewhat, as to what it is they should be doing or what it is they will be doing, and we say to you that part of your challenge here is to discover just what it is you are made to do, that you wish to do, that you are good at and that will bring to others around you assistance, guidance, care and greater understandings. We will not reveal to you what you should specifically be doing, as we feel we have adequately lined the path with light and now it is only up to you to follow this path through to where it is you wish to emerge. We say to you to use your resolve, your intelligence, your intuition, to communicate with others, hold each other’s hand and lead each other up this path, and if it is darkness that begins to edge upon you we say to you this is a sign that you are wandering from the lighted path and you may wish to recalculate your bearings and set a new course.

There are others up ahead of you and others behind you, and if you feel you cannot find your way up the path through the darkness there are two things that you can do. One is to use your voices of communication to each other to locate each other and to lead each other, and the other is to shine your light as bright as you can for the others to follow and find their way. You will emerge through this experience better for it, stronger for it, wiser for it, and we say to you that is why you have come here.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light, and we are shining our light bright for you to follow.

As channeled through Greg Giles

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