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New Paradigm No Mystery

I used to say that the new paradigm remained a mystery to me. And then one day, one of my guides, I’m sure, socked me right between the eyes and it was no mystery any more.

How could the new paradigm be anything other than the divine qualities? Such a thing could not be.
We’ve been left to our own devices for millennia to arrive at a workable paradigm and we’ve only produced greed, separativeness, us against them, service to self, and submissiveness.

It’s time to admit we failed and accept the help of God-sent teachers. It’s time to cop to what the new paradigm could only be and that’s the qualities of the Divine.

Those are such things as love, compassion, humility, balance, joy, harmony, peace and so on. How could it be any other way? Honestly?

The fact that we may not feature the divine qualities in our lives is no longer an excuse to stall on the matter. The divine qualities remain what our lives need to be about from this moment forward whether or not we’re doing such a good job of incorporating them in our lives or not.

In fact they don’t need incorporating. Divine is who we are. Divine is where we come from. We just have to drop the wretched ways we’ve had of being up till now.

And what would that new way of being be? I prefer to call it “adult” above anything else. By “adult” I mean what Eric Berne meant by “adult” and distinguish it from what he meant by “childish” and “parental.” (1)
By “adult” I refer to the divine qualities. By “adult” I mean service to others rather than service to self. I have to tell you that, as long as I wear the green eyeshades on this site, these pages are closed to all lightworkers who do their work out of a sense of service to self.

Lightwork is not to prove what a good boy am I. It’s to serve the Divine and the Divine Plan. To gain access to these pages, one has to be an adult. And I have lost some good friends over the matter, I can assure you. And will lose more.

Lightwork is not about gaining recognition or being seen as irreplaceable or central to the success of an effort. Those are the ways of the ego, whether recognized or not.

From time to time people tell me that someone has published an article I’ve written under their own name and what do I wish to do about it? Nothing. As long as the word gets out, who cares? You can take anything you want from this site and even sell it to make a living. As long as the word gets out, I do not care.

The new paradigm has nothing to do with the glorification of self, except if that self be the Supreme Self. It has everything to do with the glorification of That.

But to say “That” is only to say what and who we are anyways. We are all That. What in heaven’s name is unitive consciousness except a recognition of that?

Everything that’s transpiring, everything that’s happening – and not happening – is only to have us wake up to that fact.

So take off your muddy boots, muddy with the dirt of egotism, weighed down with the precipitate of service to self, heavy with attachment to wearying pleasure and endless rounds of seeking magic moments and the greatest high.

Let go of identification with the India-rubber world of the Third Dimension and open yourself to the downy-soft world of the New Age now arising around us and within us. We each have the key to the jail door behind which we sit.

It all begins by dropping that which has us live in the extremes of pleasure and sensation and allowing ourselves to come to rest right in the middle, right in the center, where we live in reality anyways.

It has us accept that life lived as an adult qualifies us to be of service, not showmanship, not a good line, not a winning number.

I am tired of a life lived for self. I have not another day to give to it. And I request that those who join me not do so to persuade me to come over to their ways if they still live for self. No, please, come over to this other way.

Recently a friend posted a video and allowed himself to be seen exemplifying this attitude. Hey, let me not even name him, so little does he care for recognition. But just drink in his manner as an illustration of what I’m talking about right now. I assert that one can see how one is doing by measuring up to this man’s spiritual accomplishment.

watch 4minute video (ps: this short sweet video brought tears of joy to me eyes, and i LOVE the birds singing in the background):


(1) See  Eric Berne, Games People Play. 1964.

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