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Thank you El Morya and Julie!
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Your Love, Wisdom and Power will ALWAYS Sustain You:  
Ascended Master El Morya’s Weekly ~ June 26 – July 03
The journey you have embarked upon is filled with many hills and valleys, your highs and lows that held so many lessons thus far, where your mighty experience and wisdom stems from. None of your lessons dear ones can be rushed or skipped over and still provide you with ALL the knowledge you were to gain at the same time. How often have some of you repeated lessons? Maybe a detail or two was changed but the main details of the situation remains the same. Lessons become repeated until they are learned exactly in all their glorious detail. Yes it does take some lessons a long time to be learned and that depends on where your mind is at the time, and how open you are and willing to make great changes. What is gained from those lessons is valuable experience, information, and the primary foundation that is to set you up for the next wave of change and transformation. Transformation does not occur only once in your life, but several times. Every time you let go of an out-dated concept in exchange for a new lighter way of living and being, you are shedding an old skin, rebirthing into a newer you that is filled to the brim with new and fresh ideas; your perception of yourself and the world has changed and you move forward once again fulfilling a little more of your divine purpose.
Those building blocks of your foundation must be kept up and fine-tuned throughout your journey. As you grow you will discover new truths that will reinforce your foundations and they need to applied and fitted into harmonious balance with the beauty your inner temple. Your outer self, where you express your emotions, and feelings through your words; actions, thoughts and will does require your attention and focus. They are not in control of you, although for some souls it appears that they are for short bursts of energy causing havoc through thoughtless choice of words, spiteful actions and thoughts and other reactions that really are not beneficial for all that is involved. I see so many accelerated in their anger and frustration, and by the end of the day they are tired from the energy spent during the angry and frustrated moments and peace does not enter, for they have blocked their precious hearts from receiving the Love and Light from God. This blockage doesn’t usually last very long, and once over a great healing and rejuvenation is required. Your inner self requires nurturing and healing, the need to be soothed and loved fills the air with silent vibrations, and as silent as they are to those around you, they are heard and felt by us.
I ask you dear ones when in the heat of discord, call inward for the Light of God’s Love to penetrate you and uplift you. Sometimes you find yourself overwhelmed and in the need of release, there are healthful ways that do not cause harm to anyone or yourself. You are a creative being. I and my divine colleagues are all around, waiting your call to guide and support you through unconditional love and deep compassion. Any disharmony you are facing now you know already will not last your lifetime. You KNOW you will propel forward through carefully made choices that are of the highest of good. All the negativity that you find yourself attached to will be transmuted as soon as you heal yourself through love dear ones. Love is universal and built into each of you. Invoke the Violet Flame often, daily is best. This nurturing flame will transmute all negative discord and disharmony from your mind, body and spirit; producing much needed relief and peace.
Through the troubling times is when patience is to be practiced the most. Biting the proverbial tongue isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually listening to the Inner Wisdom of your I AM Presence. Your I AM Presence dear ones is your Divine Identity. The many successes you have had have been from listening to that inner voice, the wisdom that is inside of you telling you to wait a little longer. Your patience has brought you to many victories already and you will continue to succeed dear ones in your individual way.
Part of your journey you discover beings like myself, Archangels and other deities. There are so many that offer wonderful and enlightening teachings and guidance, and it is up to you to find who fits you best at each time by following what your heart feels. This does not make one master better than the other, it makes that master needed right then and there. As you begin to reach the vibration of Divine Realm, your own consciousness will accelerate into higher frequencies of Light. This will occur at different times for different people because none of you are exactly the same. Raising your vibrations requires focus and clear concentration; it requires a good handle on ALL your chakras – making sure they are all in perfect alignment of each other. The many souls that have reached the Divine Realm and have connected to our vibration ALL note a significant change in themselves from the very first noticeable contact. A beautiful tingling sensation, an array of colour, the intoxicating aromas; there are so many ways to identify with the spirits that are working close to you and each of you will have your own beautiful experiences. There are no right or wrong way dear ones. Your method to contact us is as individual and unique as you are.
Let us focus here for a bit on Truth. The truth dear ones will always vary from one person to another. You cannot force your truth upon another person. You can discuss respectfully, sharing ideas and concepts, learning and growing by listening and responding in kind. When you are learning about your own truth, one of the first things that becomes a requirement is the elimination of what is no longer useful or what does not serve you of the highest way in your life. A lot of clutter that still fills your mind is from deep conditioning that has not been dealt with. All learned behaviour that is heavy and filled with low and negative energy can be changed dear ones. All the changes to be made begins with you recognizing the necessity to change. You must really want it to make it work. Your heart and soul must be completely involved in order to get full results. All outcomes are a reflection of your efforts dear ones. And you KNOW this. Once you begin to unclutter your mind and dig through old thoughts and memories, you will find what is left is your true self, the raw beauty that we see that is filled with beautiful light energy that is always connected to God. Your truth is yours alone. Another person’s truth is theirs. Both deserve respect and mindful consideration. Stepping on someone’s view of truth that is based on their beliefs and values can be a little demoralizing dear one. We, the masters, angels and other deities that have made themselves known to you and your many brothers and sisters are encouraging a global unity – working together for the greater good. Yes it will take time, one step at a time and each step starts with each other, willing to make the conscious choice of bringing positive change and the effort to be considerate through their words and actions; making an attempt to demonstrate their I AM Presence through all reactions through every interaction. Nothing is impossible when you want to succeed with your full heart put into every effort.
Every step you take dear ones that is working on crumbling the inner conflicts that has resided within you, every conscious choice you make that is for the better of yourself and all that may be even outwardly involved is reaffirming your connection to God and His merciful light and love. All the structuring and rebuilding of your lovely foundation is based on your choices. It is your FREE WILL that is acted upon every time you make a choice. Everything around you is changing; you are changing, the Earth is changing, people around you are changing and so forth. Change is inevitable and it is the nature of your world. When you are self-referred, you are truly able to appreciate the changes instead of struggling with them. Even when you are working through a heavy situation that is brimming with negativity; you don’t have to remain in the low energy that comes with the situation. You do have the power to choose how to handle each and every situation that comes your way as effectively as you can. All situations, happy ones and the sad ones all come bearing lessons to be embraced with full gratitude for the knowledge and wisdom you will gain once the situation has been overcome through great patience and love by you.
Come dear ones, seek my guidance when you find you are at a loss of words and inner momentum, maybe your throat chakra needs a little work, or maybe you need some tender loving care and I would be honoured to be called to your side. There is not a step you make that you make alone. You will learn to feel the presence of those around you as they help carry your burdens in order to lighten your spirit. You are deeply loved, never forget this.
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya 
through Julie Miller

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