Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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What a Time to Be Alive

Matthew’s welcome monthly message of June explains so much that we’ve all been wondering about. He tells us, for instance, that we are indeed correct in thinking that nothing conclusive has yet occurred and that matters will be somewhat rushed in the unfoldment of the rest of the year.

He reassures us that we are correct in believing that the Illuminati still retain some power to work harm, that the galactics are helping us with Fukushima, and that they’re neutralizing the remaining chemtrails.

He reveals that the Vatican is a “cesspool of darkness” and the heart of Satan worship, which must be shocking to many people to hear and may be one of the disturbing things that SaLuSa told us we’d learn. He informs us that the Vatican is also a vast storehouse of stolen art treasures. Added to the Vatican’s dismal history of not protecting young people from sexual predation, these revelations will dismay a lot of people.

He tells us that many news commentators who’ll be exposing the ills of the global elite are advanced wayshowers from other civilizations, who now will act as whistleblowers.  He reveals why it is that we’ve had such a quiet time recently: the galactics are jamming the Illuminati’s weather-warfare weapons. And he reminds us that what we call “global warming” is simply a return to Gaia’s original moderate climate worldwide.

Where else could we learn information like this? Combine this with the tri-weekly news broadcasts from SaLuSa, since these are in effect what they are, and the weekly counsel from Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff and monthly counsel from Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman and Celia Fenn and from the Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele. What you have is what’s been a round of news and advice on the events leading up to Dec. 21, 2012 that has defined our lives for years now and reassured us that we’ll emerge from under the dark thumb of the cabal and into the sunlight of the Golden Age.

These stalwarts are being joined by new voices who’ve taken us through the worst years of the cabal’s depredations and revealed to us how they’ve been or are being defeated on every front.

Their plan to bring the world’s population down from billions to just 500, which they planned to enslave, through nuclear world war, pandemics, natural disasters and false-flag operations has been utterly stopped in its tracks. What looked like certain disaster for Planet Earth and her inhabitants has been turned around in just a matter of years, thanks to the efforts of advanced civilizations from many galaxies and dimensions and Earth’s own spiritual hierarchy.

This “Company of Light” has kept us informed at every turn of what’s been occurring behind the scenes, whether it was the raising of our own vibrational frequency or the pincer movement closing in on the cabal. And many, many people have risked their lives to see the cabal’s financial empire fall and its members be rounded up, tried, and taken from the Earth.

Matthew’s message is one of the best sources of information we have and my only regret is that it only comes out once a month. He and Hatonn have given us the most detailed picture of what the Golden Age’s master planners, the galactics, and Earth allies have been up to as they beat back the cabal on every side  and release us and Gaia from the elite’s dark hand.

And he tells us now, as SaLuSa has as well, that soon we’ll be speeding along towards the final denouement of entry into a higher dimension.

Well, as Stephen Cook said, I’m ready to buckle up and go along for the ride. I’m sure you are as well. And much work will fall to us to explain to those around us what in the world is going on and whether we should be afraid or not (answer: not). In the last week, I’ve had two very rewarding conversations with people eager to know what 2012 is all about.

And I’d imagine that you’re having conversations as well or perhaps putting out a blog or a radio show or a meet-up. Not so gradually, our time to take up the work will soon come and before we know it we’ll be looking at year’s end and the culmination of this remarkable year.

The show will start when it does but it promises to be a rollercoaster ride as soon as it begins.  In the meantime, we’ve had the wonderful month of May, the Mother’s month, to bask in the rising energies, to expand, to gear up, and we have the Venus transit in the next few days, and who knows what awaits us energetically in June. What a time to be alive. What a wonderful event to participate in. And what marvels await us as we pass the halfway mark of the year and head towards Ascension.
by Steve Beckow


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