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Take a Time-Out to Laugh and Smile: Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly ~ June 22 – 27
Each of you are a vessel of tremendous power dear ones, a power that connects to you everything you are, who you once where and where you are going. This power is an innate inner knowing, carried knowledge and experiences that gave you wisdom beyond measure. All the questions you ask of yourself, you have no need to seek elsewhere, you have all the information inside of you dear ones. The force that connects you to so much dear ones is the PURE love that stems from your ever loving hearts. It is this pure love that God extends His own love to you and to all your brothers and sisters across the globe. God has never left you, your connection with God over the years has wavered back and forth depending on where you mind was at that particular time. God loves you without condition. God loves you for all the choices you have made, even the ones that brought pain and discord. Plain and simple; God Loves. God still resides deep within your heart, yet He is never hiding. He graces each of you with love each and every day, you only have to look with your heart to see His subtle gestures of love that have bestowed upon you.
There are so many dear souls awakening to the soft and compelling direction of angels. The angelic realm understands the need to have more dear souls waken to the Light of God and assist in anchoring the Earth as she is steadily raising her vibrations to reach her own ascension. There is much work for all yet to be done on an individual basis. You know this, yet some dear souls are still refusing to step up and make the necessary steps to improve themselves when they know there is work to do. They put it off for another day; well that ‘another day’ gets pushed behind more and more. Change is all around you dear ones. You don’t have to begin making positive changes through your choices today. All change begins with you through your choices. You Choose.
Changes are happening every day. There will come a time, even the most stubborn person against change will have enough of living a stagnant life. Time is always the prevailing factor dear ones. One must be ready to face what they are letting go of that will bring in fresh and positive change – it does take a certain amount of spiritual maturity dear ones and it cannot ever be rushed. But we can offer rich love and compassion to those who are not ready to make the necessary changes that would be beneficial to their lives. Just because they are not ready does not mean they are not deserving of love and respect. Your spiritual growth and development that immediately feeds your personal life is up to you. You determine how fast or slow you are to go, and I do advise you to go at a pace that is best for you. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information that is coming to you, send out a thought or verbally clarify that you prefer a slower pace. You don’t want to miss any information because you were going too fast.
Your wisdom grows always whenever you acquire information that breaks down the ignorance barrier. The more you learn of other people, the more respect and understanding you will have, thus the realization that every person has knowledge, wisdom, values, beliefs and of course LOVE for what is important to them and LOVE for mankind. When you finally are able to realize that underneath all the ‘stuff’ that everyone believes and what they take up as spiritual practice has a fundamental likeness and that is within each person beats a heart and I don’t just mean the heart that has its own physical rhythm but a spiritual heart and inside this ever expanding spiritual heart is a love for God. Before you are about to judge someone for what they believe, ask them to teach this belief to you, learn what drives them, what is their passion, what they practice for inner peace and tranquility. When you are able to take the time to listen instead of making petulant remarks or comments you are growing, and your heart opens a little wider each time.
I encourage each of you to thoroughly focus on what your passion is during this journey. Become that master of this particular area better as well as you know your own hand. When you are able to focus with the pure intent that is filled with love, wonders and delight will astound you dear ones. Self-Discipline is not a bad thing, and it’s not as hard to become. Many of you have demonstrated self-discipline and commitment so many times already. It is a trait that doesn’t receive much praise, yet it’s important for completing time-oriented tasks and fulfilling specific goals. If you begin a task or start a new goal with only partial effort, the outcome will illustrate your efforts. I am to some a demanding teacher. When a person invokes my guidance this soul understands perseverance is the key, there is no giving up; only moving forward. Sometimes you must stop to gather strength, to breathe and recharge, but the stopping is never to end the mission that was created. The Self-Appreciation you feel when you complete any job or task makes you happy from the inside out, your smile is beautifully large, you feel a pride that is not boastful but filled with self-love and self-admiration. Too often you do not give yourself enough commendations. The best and biggest compliment comes from you because you tend to be your worst critic. Change that dear ones. Reduce and eventually remove the part of yourself that lacks self-belief. Your power is limitless; your capabilities are as wide as your imagination.
Your imagination is incredible and yet so many have buried this creative side of themselves because they have become too busy in this chaotic era of unpredictability. If you have children, grand-children or other young ones close that are close to your heart, watch them create. They don’t care if they colour a picture perfectly or paint straight and perfect lines, they just like to work with colours and they freely allow their imaginations to flow. Take some this wisdom dear ones and paint or colour beside them, you may feel silly at times, but you will be smiling at least on the inside and eventually on the outside. Whatever you create through your imagination does not have to be neat and held within strict lines of rigid order. Let your imagination carry you to fun and expression. Some people when they feel in a creative mood dear one find any kind of music that they find inspirational or provoking and they paint. They let the music; the tones; the beat flow through them and become one with the music. Creative expressions do not require neatness and control all the time, there are times when creative expressions are just for fun; to laugh and smile. Taking a creative time out from your studying, applying practiced spiritual procedures, working, parenting or anything else does take its toll out on the physical body. This is just one way to renew your vitality. You will notice an increase of energy and feel an overall feeling of ecstasy course through your body, mind and soul – as your heart is already open to this light energy. Free yourself dear ones; free your spirit with a creative break as often as you possibly can.
We are already coming to an end today. Normally we do have much more to discuss, today I wish to encourage our vessel, you and everyone else to take a moment to creatively express yourself and relish in the exuberating feeling of inner spiritual renewal that will feed your physical body with delicious contentment and joy.
I AM Serapis Bey 
through Julie Miller

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