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Tempo Increases as Major Events Approach

We see many prominent lightworkers, whistleblowers and insiders now acknowledging the presence, role and responsibilities of the Company of Heaven – David Wilcock, Drake, Cobra, Bill Brockbrader and others.

At the same time that this awareness of the galactics and ascended masters increases, we Starseeds – lightworkers and lightholders – approach the time when we’ll be given the call to serve.

As this time approaches, the tenor of the remarks of the Company of Heaven take on a different tone. No longer are they gently wooing us. Now they’re more like spirited camp counsellors who go through the cabins waking up the sleeping.

Let’s look at what they’ve said to us Starseeds recently as the time of major events and service draws near.

On June 18, 2012, SaLuSa set the stage by telling us: “Now we see the wonderful awakening attracting so much Light to Earth, and many souls acting as beacons of Light that show the way to others.” (1)

Who is he speaking to? Melchizedek informs us: “You who read this are [the] Ones.” We who read this “chose to be here in order to anchor the Light upon the Planet in preparation for these times.” (2)

SaLuSa acknowledges that Starseeds have come from higher dimensions to assist with the events that culminate in Ascension.
“Indeed, many of you have incarnated into this period of time specifically to help others, and have come in from the higher levels. Such souls have known from an early age that they had arrived to carry out a special mission, and they now stand out as your leaders and guides for the final thrust to Ascension.” (3)

The Arcturian Group advises us that soon we’ll find ourselves instructing those who haven’t comprehended the events that will soon confront them.
“Soon you will find yourselves to be the teachers, helping those who have no idea about what is going on in the changing world and who are tending to go into fear. You will help them to understand the new energies now manifesting as the outer, and also why that which has always been can be no more.” (4)

It may be that some of us will say: “Who me?” or “Why me?”  But the impact of the rising energies is loosening the knots that held us back and raising in our minds new ideas and in our energetic fields new resolve, confidence, and tenacity.

The wonderful awakening that we’re caught up in that attracted so much light to Earth has been called the Transition and the Great Awakening by the Divine Mother and Archangel Michael. (5) These rising energies are causing consciousness to expand and the number of lightworkers to swell, as SaLuSa tells us.
“The number of Lightworkers is at a new high and paving the way towards Ascension. Levels of consciousness continue to rise, and that is also another sign of how well you have taken to the task of preparing for Ascension.” (6)

As we awaken, Saul tells us, we’re releasing whatever is not of love and compassion.
“Because of the work that the Light-holders are doing – changing their attitudes by releasing all that is unloving, and embracing compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness towards all – the divine energy field enveloping the planet is intensifying and infiltrating the individual energy fields of everyone on Earth at this time, and awaking within them the hope and the faith that has lain there for so long hidden and unacknowledged.” (7)

The Company of Light is summoning us to our posts, SaLuSa reminds us: “We look to you to carry other people forward who are less aware or are uninformed.” (8)  The cry will be “all hands on deck,” he says, “as you enter a period when changes will take place in rapid succession.” (9)
“For many reasons, those who are Lightworkers will be called upon to involve themselves in many tasks, that they have prepared for over many lives. There will be souls that find it so difficult to comprehend what is taking place, leaving them confused or even fearful. What you can do is to put their minds at rest and give comfort where it is needed. Your presence and calm approach will be reassuring, and ease their worries. Given time it will become apparent to most people that out of the chaos a new age is growing from it, one that will give the answers and bring to the people what they want. “ (10)

SaLuSa asks us to be bold in straightening out confusion and reassuring the fearful.
“Where you find people that are confused, we call upon the Lightworkers to be bold and step in, as their knowledge is vital at this time because it can serve to ease their plight and lessen the possibility of them becoming fearful. As has often been said, there is nothing to fear except fear itself, and regardless of the circumstances the world is not due to end through any disaster.” (11)

Our task is made more difficult by the fact that some prominent lightworkers say that disaster awaits us. But the most reliable of our sources like Archangel Michael, SaLuSa and Matthew Ward say this is not so. No disaster is pending for the world.
Archangel Michael: “Armageddon is part of the third/fourth-dimensional reality; however, if your energy signature is of a higher, more balanced frequency, none of the disruptive energies of change will affect you personally.”  (12)
SaLuSa: “Gone are the prophecies that told of vast physical changes and the death of millions of souls, as you are stepping onto the path of Light that ensures the minimum effect upon you.” (13)
Matthew: “Calamities of … dire proportions will NOT happen because the intention of Earth herself is to not allow that.” (14)

Nevertheless, as Matthew tells us, the months ahead will be challenging.
“The months ahead will be challenging to lightworkers. You will be dealing with others’ confusion and anxieties as monumental changes come one on top of another, with little respite for people to assimilate and adjust to any. As way-showers, simply by BEING who you are will impart a sense of calmness and confidence to persons around you, and those who are interested in hearing what you know can share your exhilaration about what is transpiring.” (15)

We’ll be called upon to help those who won’t believe their eyes, SaLuSa says.
“Lightworkers are going to be called upon to help those who are unawake as to the pending changes, to understand the reasons for them when they are confronted with unbelievable news.” (16)

I’d expect that the financial crash, mass arrests and Disclosure will be among these unbelievable events. In the face of them, SaLuSa asks us to remain balanced and calm. “By all means speak about matters, but do it from an impersonal angle without empowering it with your emotional energy.” (17)

Hilarion urges us not to answer back or be provoked by the negativity we may encounter from others.
“Try not to match the energies that are inadvertently directed towards you and you will be fine. … This is a challenging time for all upon the Earth plane and order must prevail.” (18)

We serve the galactics’ as their ground crew, their agents in the field, the GF through Greg Giles says.
“You are our agents in the field who can reach these [confused] people. It is you that can allow them to see a clearer picture of us and what we do. Your task is not an easy one, and many will shun your attempts to show them an alternative view to our presence here. Their reaction will be fear-based, and as we have said all along it is fear that is, and has always been your greatest enemy.” (19)

We’re told that we’ll know what to do when the time is right, as Mira indicates: “As part of the ground crew, you may be required to step into action. Most of humanity is still distracted and asleep. … You will know what to do when the time arrives.” (20)

This historic time is nearly upon us, the Galactic Federation through Greg Giles say.
“It is almost time for those of you that will be working with us to meet us in person face-to-face. We look very forward to these introductions, and look at this meeting as an historical event that will be recorded in your history books for posterity and for future readers to look back and learn how first contact was made with your celestial neighbors.
“Those of you who will be involved in this [Disclosure] project will be remembered for your courage and your efforts to be the Wayshowers of your fellow man.” (21)

Once we see the mass arrests, we’ll know that the time of service is nearly here.
“We wish for you to prepare yourselves for these opportunities, and we will make the procedure for these known to you at the proper time. Once you see these arrests you will know that it is now time for you to keep your eyes and ears open for these opportunities to become available to you.” (22)

Sananda, who overlit Jesus and now commands the Galactic Federation, asks us to “please keep your game face on and remain in the battle to keep the light shining brightly to all those who are ready to receive it.” (23) We must be ready, he urges us.
“Be ready, dear ones, to answer the call when it is sounded for the final trumpet is soon to blow and with it will be the end of all that was dark upon this earth to be replaced only by the light. Light has indeed descended on earth and love and light and power are restoring the plan on Earth.” (24)

This increased tenor of watchfulness and readiness signals the desire of the Company of Heaven to have us ready to act on a moment’s notice to reassure a potentially fearful population that the falling economic structures, mass arrests of onetime world leaders, and increasingly obvious presence of civilizations from other planets is all to our benefit and advantage.

The tasks for which so many of us left our Elysian fields, so to speak, in a range of higher dimensions to travel to Earth and consent to wear this tiresome wet suit and suffer hunger, illness, and fatigue are now almost about to begin. We’re being given our wake-up call to our roles and our summons to our duties.

It’s our job to reassure the fearful, explain to the confused, and model calmness, maturity, and balance. We’re to start our work that gives hope and confidence to people who won’t know what in the world, and what from other worlds, confronts them.

This is the work for which we came and, once it starts, it may not let up in pace or intensity until we near the finish line at year’s end. Meanwhile if we falter or approach our task with reluctance or a divided mind, many may follow us down those barren roads and suffer. A tremendous amount depends on us. This is our time to extend ourselves to others, our time to serve.
by Steve Beckow


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