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Children and Ascension – Parts 1 and 2

Quite an insightful article about our amazing kids and teens!

It helps explain what's going on with them, and how the new energies enveloping Earth are affecting them the most positive ways, of course!

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Children and Ascension – Part 1/2 (Repost)
Posted by Steve Beckow

Some people have expressed concern about whether their children will Ascend. ArchAngel Michael told me some time ago that children below 17 years of age are assumed not to have karma. They are free to fly, He said.

Moreover, most very young children here today are here to help us. They are serving Ascension. So there is no reason to be concerned about your children. Nevertheless I will repost this series from Jan. 2011 just to reassure any who have remaining doubts.

Some people may have worries about whether their children will Ascend with the rest of us. Some may wish to know if there are any special instructions children should be given or special attention that should be be paid to them.

The purpose of this two-part article is to answer these questions, drawing on Galactic and Spirit sources. Just as with so much relating to Ascension, we may be surprised to learn the details about the children being born today.

The first and most pressing question is: Will the children Ascend? Matthew says that they will as long as their soul contracts stipulate that they remain on Earth that long.

“Will babies and children make the ascension journey with Earth?

“Unless these souls chose very short incarnations to benefit themselves and all others in the pre-birth agreement, yes, indeed they will go along with Earth.” (1)

Many children being born today already have crystalline DNA, Matthew tells us, and will not find Ascension changes as difficult as we adults may.

“What physical changes will children undergo as they shift into 4D bodies?

“Some souls who recently came in have bodies with crystalline cellular structure, and those who don’t will experience less upsetting physical and emotional symptoms than adults whose bodies also are changing from carbon-based to crystalline.” (2)

“Yes, the children whom you call Indigo or Crystal came in with or have acquired crystalline DNA.” (3)

Nonetheless, children are not as heavily indoctrinated as we are. Their bodies do not carry burdensome memories at cellular level that ours do, Matthew says. Some of the new children even know their divine identity, which is the very lesson that incarnation is designed to teach.

“Part of adults’ adjustment is the uprooting and discarding of thought patterns that form belief systems and behavior patterns burdened by cellular memory. Children simply have not lived long enough to be as heavily indoctrinated and they respond more quickly and positively to the higher vibrations than most adults.

“Many souls who embodied during the past few years consciously know their God connection and are aware of their rightful place in our universal family—that innate knowledge did not get ‘lost’ in their third density bodies.

“It is devoutly hoped that the parents chosen by these infants and youngsters will preserve rather than thwart their children’s unusual degree of curiosity that is born of ancient wisdom.” (4)

They should have little difficulty clearing any karma that remains, Matthew explains.

“Children who have not been programmed by “authority figures” act upon instinct and intuition, which is in consonance with their soul contracts, and the ‘clearing of karma’ naturally follows. It is adults who devise unnecessary complexities for themselves by overly analyzing and calculating the very things that children innately know are simple.” (5)

For these reasons, preparation for Ascension will be much easier for most children, he tells us.

“Very young children haven’t been indoctrinated with false teachings, so for them it’s only a matter of learning truth instead of falsehoods. Teenagers may be more resistant at first simply because rebellion in those ages is still the nature, but they will welcome knowing that they really do have a future to plan for instead of Earth’s dire fate that some claim is inescapable.” (6)

Kryon described their increased arrival on the planet after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and their difference from the adult population.

“Years ago, by the thousands began the influx of the children of new consciousness. We have spoken of this often. You gave permission in 1987 for the evolvement of human consciousness and the children are the proof! They are different… did you notice?

“Listen, adults: These children are not linear. These children are conceptual. They’re not going to do well with linear teaching. They’re looking at the entire castle, yet when they report to school, the system wishes to show them each building block, never showing them the castle.

“Difficult for you to understand, but even without the training, these children see the castle completed. The educators are boring them with how to build one! This is difficult to explain. You know they’re different, don’t you?

“So often, these children appear to be difficult. They are frustrated and it’s frustrating for those around them. This represents a new consciousness arriving and the frustration is that you are seeing it as a problem instead of what it truly is… an evolvement of human nature. They’re here now by the tens of thousands. Some of them are in their 20s and in their 30s.” (7)
Society has by and large failed to understand these exceptional young beings, Matthew tells us.

“Some of these children—those called Indigo or Crystal—came in knowing their soul-selves and their extraordinary abilities, and instead of being able to express themselves freely, they were drugged into societal compliance.” (8)

These advanced beings will benefit from an expected reformation of education, Matthew says.

“Many souls who have come in during the past decade or two are far advanced in spiritual clarity from the older population, and recognition of their birthright is all they need. The logistical matter of textbook replacement—the writing or editing, printing and distribution—will be done expeditiously, and teachers are being prepared to lecture in conjunction with computerized lessons that also are in preparation stages.” (9)

SaLuSa called the Indigos and Crystals “old souls in young bodies, who have brought much wisdom with them. Allow them to speak of what they bring as they are very spiritually evolved, and are here to play a major part in the process of Ascension.” (10)

They will play a special role in the years ahead, Matthew says.

“Among the children who have come during the past two decades are those with extraordinary capabilities and ancient wisdom and the mission to solidify the reforms that are being initiated by older generations who came with the purpose to do that. Some of these highly evolved souls know who they are and exactly why they are there, and others are discovering this about themselves.

“You will know these new leaders by their demeanor and actions—trust your intuition about them!—and if you are in close proximity, you will feel uplifted and energized by the energy emanating from them. When these souls are in leadership roles and the light-filled multitudes are cheering them on, you and Earth will know that she is in good hands!” (11)

Far from us having to assist them to ascend, they will assist us. Though children, they are in reality “Elders of Light.’ We are told to honor them and allow them to do their job.

“The most powerful among these will emerge as Teachers, Leaders and Thinkers in all fields of Human Life on Earth. They will begin to be perceived and experienced as a transformational force or energy on all levels. It is this generation, in their thirties, who will start to assume leadership roles in the creation of a new society. And, they will be guided by the ‘Elders of the Light’, those who have gone before them and created the Path or Bridge of Light into the New Earth.

“We ask that you honor the ‘Elders of Light’ among you, for these brave souls are the true ‘Warriors of Light’ whose courage and dedication to the Light over many years has made so much possible. Together, the Elders of the Light and the Indigo First Wave will be the powerful agents of transformation, and the Diamond Light Children will energize the Holographic Earth matrix with their powerful Light of Love.” (12)

Teachers are becoming aware of their duties in regards to these special children:

“Many teachers are ‘seeing the light’ and inspiring students to develop their minds and talents and skills. Souls are being born in bodies with the enhanced DNA of crystalline cellular structure and are rightfully referred to as Crystal Children. Others with increased intellectual capacity, spiritual clarity and aspirations came in the two generations before the Crystals and are known as Indigos.

“Sadly, in many cases these youngsters were considered abnormal, treated harshly and drugged into submission—once again, through the manipulation of dark ones who convinced unsuspecting counselors and parents that these exceptional children must conform to the ‘norm.’

“As knowledge about Crystal and Indigo individuals is spreading, some of the older ones are becoming aware of their greater potential and making life changes accordingly; parents are recognizing their young children as gifted and wisely treating them as such; the use of drugs to keep children with extraordinarily active minds in a stupor is lessening; and, indicating awareness of the beneficial influence of fine music, the numbers of youth choirs and orchestras are growing.” (13)

Tomorrow we’ll look more at the leadership role the children of the future will play.


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Children and Ascension – Part 2/2 (Repost)
by Steve Beckow

Some people have expressed concern about whether their children will ascend. AAM told me some time ago that children below 17 are assumed not to have karma. They are free to fly, he said.

Moreover, most very young children here today are here to help us. They’re serving Ascension. So there is no reason to be concerned about your children. Nevertheless I will repost this series from Jan. 2011 just to reassure any who have remaining doubts.

Let’s continue our look at the role played by the children being born today.

The Group, speaking through Steve Rother, explains that many of them have impressive psychic abilities. In many ways, we’ll have to catch up to them.

“The children being born every day are bringing [impressive] attributes in, even their eyes are getting wider and brighter as they take on full conscious energy within them.
You are starting to see more energy coming from the children themselves, and with more capabilities. You will also see them communicating telepathically in ways that you have never done before. But yet, you are evolving into that exact process. …

“The children being born now do not have to go through that same evolutionary process, for they are being placed well above the curve. The rest of you here are the ones of you evolving to catch up.” (1)

Archangel Michael describes many of the new groups of children – Indigos, Crystals, Diamonds, Platinums, etc. – and tells us they will serve as leaders in the Golden Age.

“At this time of Accelerated Change and Transformation, it is once again the Children who are playing an important role in holding the energies and providing a strong field of energy to assist the process. There are two groups that are specifically active right now.

“The first group are the Crystal Children, but more specifically the Children of the Diamond Light, that have been born since April of 2009. These New Children are born fully aligned with the Cosmic Consciousness or the “Cosmic Rose”, and we call them also “Children of the Sacred Rose”. Their powerful energies are assisting many to Awaken and to find the Bridge of Light into the New Earth Consciousness.

“In the course of the year of 2010, and through 2011, there will be a new wave of Diamond Light Children who will also carry the energy of the Platinum Ray in their personal holographic field. These children will also contribute powerfully to the energies of Transformation and will enable a further acceleration of consciousness, so that the Divine Light within Humanity might emerge more rapidly in the Collective as it rises into the Fifth Dimension of Light.

“The Second important group will be those Indigo Crystal Beings who incarnated on the Planet as the First Wave of Indigos in the 1970s. These ones are now in their thirties, and are entering into mature adult life and activating the soul work and purposes for which they came to the Planet. Many of these are Powerful and Evolved Souls who will be the Leaders in building the new forms and structures of the New Earth.” (2)

Many are now awakening to their chosen roles, Kryon revealed, in 2008.

“Stand by for the way business is changing and the new ways in which it will be accomplished. There’s going to be some integrity, finally. It’s coming from conceptual thinkers. The shift is upon us.” (3)

The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine corroborates what Kryon says.

“Many more shall awaken before the close of 2008 and many of these newly awakened ones shall be the young adults of the future – those that carry the Indigo vibration of unconditional love, determination and strength.

“The young Indigos are unshakeable in their knowing of what is in alignment with planet Earth’s frequencies at this time – and they anchor this into reality.” (4)

SaLuSa says these children will form the pattern for the emerging New Man.
“A new Man is emerging on Earth, spiritually endowed with a remarkable understanding of what is now needed to move you on. Some are the early Indigo children or Starseeds, that have grown in stature and ready to serve you all. There is great wisdom and understanding carried by them, and they know precisely why they are on Earth at this memorable time.” (5)

He says that they will lead the fight for freedom in many countries.

“The world news, which we avidly follow, reveals that the younger generations are leading a crusade for freedom in many countries, and they will not be easily silenced.

You have by now noticed that you have around you many dear young souls that already have a heightened awareness. They have brought with them the wisdom and knowledge required to present a new way of living and harmony that will bring you together in a common purpose.” (6)

The dark forces, hungry for power, will be forced to leave the planet to make way for these wise children, some newcomers to Earth, says St. Germain. They will furnish new solutions to the old problems of the planet.

“In this power shift on Earth, you’re going to see many who have lived for power – who have lived lifetime after lifetime in their powerhouses sitting in their power chairs with their power antics – leaving Earth and not coming back for quite some time.

“This is going to make room for the ones who have not been to Earth before – this whole new breed of Crystals, New Energy children, who are coming in on the very energy beams, the consciousness portals that you have helped to create.

“They are the new ones. They are not the ones who will come up with the solutions and the answers to the many problems and challenges that are facing humanity right now, because those ones are already on Earth and they’re sitting in these seats today, and they’re you.” (7)

The Group cautions us against thinking that people who leave are necessarily of the dark. Some very highly evolved beings may be leaving to come back as Crystal children in the New World.

“There will be times when huge portions of the population will leave. You have seen this in recent weeks, and you will see it again.

“It is not that anyone is doing anything right or wrong. It is not that those people who left were not of high enough vibration to stay here. In fact, many of them were of such high vibration they could not stay much longer and they simply took that opportunity for a way out. There will be a balancing on planet Earth of energetics in many different ways. All of those people who are leaving in order to make this happen are coming back as Crystal Children with some incredible attributes.

“They are coming back because for them to take that route is easier than raising their vibration consciously, which is the route you are taking right now. Yet none of this would be possible if you here were not making strides to do that. That is the piece that will help every person on planet Earth when you evolve yourself to where you gain your own spiritual confidence.” (8)

Thus many groups of children are being born today who are destined to play leading roles in Ascension and the Golden Age. While we may be worried about whether or not they will ascend, the truth of the matter appears to be that their Ascension will be assured and many of them will, apparently, help us.
by Steve Beckow


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