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Barbara Hand Clow ~ Welcome To The Truth: First Uranus/Pluto Square: June 24, 2012
This is the first of seven articles on the seven Uranus/Pluto squares—2012-2015—the time of the early stages of a great renaissance in our world. We are breaking through to another evolutionary level, a process that always involves great struggle very much like a baby bird breaking its shell. Some day, people will realize that our species experienced a great leap forward 2012-15, one that can be compared to the late medieval Renaissance 500 years ago. During the Renaissance, we learned that art and beauty feed the human soul; now during these seven squares, we are discovering the power of the human heart. This article describes the potential of the first Uranus/Pluto squares in light of the critical issues we face right now. My intention is to clearly assess current reality to identify the special qualities that can manifest do in this climate.

As many of you know, it seems to be impossible to comprehend what’s actually happening to our species right now, and it seems to be even more difficult to forecast what is coming next. However, for one small group of humans—astrologers—there is clear guidance at this time. We are very much needed right now, so we must strive to find ways to describe what we know to ordinary people, not to just shop talk among ourselves. I begin with the general astrological map of our times, which is very informative and compelling.
Astrology is rarely as clear as it is right now: Pluto, which rules truth and debt, went into Capricorn in 2008 where it will be through 2024. When Pluto transits Capricorn, there is always a great struggle over the control of human resources, so the battle opened with the financial crisis in 2008. Previously Pluto was in Capricorn AD 778-795; 1024-1041; 1269-1286; 1516-1532; and 1762-1777, and all of these periods were characterized by great transformative changes in the world. For example, the first period indicated—778-795—was when Charlemagne carved Europe up into territories and the Papacy was granted its territories, which has evolved into the hugely powerful Vatican Bank. The last period listed—1762-1777—was the time of the American Revolution and its foundation as a nation.

Simply put, we are in the early stages of a gargantuan struggle over who globally owns and controls what. As it was during 1762-1777, the United States is the central stage for this transformation because 1) it is still attempting to be the world’s empire, and 2) in the USA 1776 founding chart, Pluto is in 28 Capricorn, so the US will have its Pluto Return in 2022. Secondly, while Pluto is in Capricorn, during 2012-15, Uranus in Aries—revolution and surprise—applies seven squares to Pluto that will trigger a crisis over all the issues that came forth during the Uranus/Pluto conjunctions of the 1960s. The charts for the seven Uranus/Pluto squares are cast for Washington, DC, since it is the theatre for the struggle over global control. More about the 1960s in a moment, since first we need more general astrology.

When Uranus goes into Aries every 84 years, a whole new innovative cycle begins, and the surprise factor is always huge. The last time Uranus was in Aries was 1927-193—the previous world financial collapse. Few doubt that we are now in the middle of a global financial crisis. Well, Uranus in Aries squared Pluto in Cancer in 1932-34, but these were waning squares after Uranus opposed Pluto in 1901-02, the time when processes complete, which in the 1930s was the West’s heavy industrialization. So, even though comparisons between our era and the Great Depression are tempting, something entirely new is going on, since the squares are applying as the squares after the conjunction when new things emerge. We will see a totally new reality emerging out of due the struggles generated by these squares. We need to identify what this reality will be and also realize that nobody can avoid the coming changes. The Uranus/Pluto squares were pushing everyone during 2011, which was so apparent with the Arab Spring and the European financial crisis. Personally, anyone who is not experiencing great changes right now is resisting this energetic push. However, you can see what’s actually happening to all of us if you face your truth. This will happen because these seven applying squares are the first to occur since Pluto was sighted in 1930; we are slated to hyper-truthful.

No matter how much anyone tries to hide from it, Earth’s people must adopt sustainable living, or the slated renaissance will abort. As this new emergent reality formulates pushed by intense Uranus/Pluto squares, we struggle to co-create with it. Meanwhile, many people are confused by the failure of the 1960s alternative-cultural revolution, yet now we can now see that sustainability was birthed by the flower children. This failure occurred because it wasn’t time yet. But now that Uranus has attained its square position to Pluto, sustainability will be the fruition of the Uranus/Pluto conjunctions of the 1960s. This failure forty years ago is the cause of a great amount of angst and pain between generations, which is explored in depth in my article, “Uranus Square Pluto and Generational Tension”. This failure is the wound that needs to be healed now because the generations must work together.

Elite power systems won the battle in the short run, but now a battle over the issues will be played out again, and the winner is going to be chosen by each one of you. Let’s look at a few of them:
Organic farming and protection of species seems to have lost out to chemicals, genetic modification, seed control, and pesticides. Corporate agricultural businesses seem to be totally dominant, especially financially, yet locally grown organic food and species protection is emerging.

Alternative and natural healing has been constantly belittled and attacked by allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical corporations. Yet, the Wellness movement has been growing in spite of them.
Sustainability struggles to save limited resources and to stop constant growth, while houses have become “tear-downs” in the face of high rises as technology just keeps on producing seductive gadgets and gobbling up world markets with the inventions. Yet, in this ferocious end-stage struggle to take anything one can get, small sustainable communities are forming everywhere.

During the 1970s through 2000, movements to create sustainability and harmony with our planet were driven underground, but they didn’t die and now they are the seeds for the new era 2012-15. However, the global elite power mongers possess unbelievable power and control over resources by means of globalization, corporate legal systems, and financial systems that concentrate money in the hands of a few. Yet, the path we each must choose is so clear! Each person who buys or grows local organic, uses alternative medicine, and lives simply (even if it’s only because they are forced to by the economic crash) is turning the tables on the elite. Elite systems are crashing internally and externally just when the sustainability movement is attaining critical mass. In this environment, the Uranus/Pluto squares are pushing everyone to destroy the old systems, which forces more and more people to adopt new ways of life. Many people are already noticing that they feel good when they are riding the new energy wave, yet they feel chaotic and terrible when they resist the changes and cling to the old ways. This evolutionary tidal wave is rolling anyone who can’t flow. The first square offers insight on the tides.

The chart for the first Uranus/Pluto squares is cast for 1:17 AM, EDT (Michelson) for Washington, DC, and it gives us much information about the winners and losers in this struggle. Since the US is still the dominant global power, I am using exact conjunctions to the USA 1776 founding chart (Sibley). The Sun in 3 Cancer is conjunct Venus-conjunct-Jupiter in the 1776 chart indicating that we must protect beauty and nurture our resources, which emphasizes the need for sustainability. The Sun in 3 Cancer exactly trines Neptune in 3 Pisces calling attention to the transit of Neptune in Pisces, which has just begun! Pisces is the home sign of Neptune and its quest is spiritual awakening, so the central drive for beauty and wellbeing is very spiritualized. Therefore, besides adopting sustainable living now, it is also time to activate our imaginations. This combination tells us that we all need to engage in a collective dream by filling our minds with beautiful images of the coming golden world. Jupiter, the lunar south node, and Venus all square Neptune/Chiron, which means the awakening of our spiritual powers is very intense. This square also shows us exactly what’s missing—a beautiful and spiritual life.

Of course, Uranus exactly squares Pluto, as the Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto, which stimulated the global activation of nurturance. The Sun/Pluto opposition puts Uranus at the top of a T-square, so how this works out will be a shock. This shaking will be continual through June 29, when the Sun exactly opposes Pluto and later exactly squares Uranus; whew! Uranus exactly sextiles Venus in Gemini, so these surprises may come through intellectual beauty, possibly a philosophical epiphany. Or, wild and chaotic expressions of Mother Nature may awaken many to her beauty. Retrograde Saturn squares Mercury in Cancer, which encourages us to meld our intentions with the sustainability movement, especially since Mars in Virgo sextiles Mercury in Cancer giving us aggressive and clear minds.

Putting it all together, the first Uranus/Pluto square suggests that a religious crisis is brewing. This will probably be expressed in the US elections with a Mormon contender, Romney, going against rather charismatic President Obama. Also, the sexual abuse crisis in the Roman Church is simmering beneath the surface and many fingers point to the Pope. In this testy environment, it is always best to keep your mind clear and know your own beliefs. I got a great reminder that I’m doing okay the day I finished this column. A friend who’d just had a session with Gerry brought this poem to me.
by Barbara Hand Clow

How Our Hearts are Joining

Wall Street toys with
and swallows
our futures,
futures that we handed
to our governments
in trust and in apathy.
No more.
No longer.
Empires often do down
In shows of force,
Lying, denying,
grasping, dramatizing,
fooling themselves with
no longer potent posturings.
It’s nothing
compared to
how our hearts are joining.
~Susan Parker (October 4, 2011)

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