Saturday, August 6, 2011

You're a Child of God, Perfect In Every Way: Forgetting this, You've Engaged in Vicious Unloving Games Against One Another That Hurt & Embittered You

Thank you Saul and John for reminding me of my own loving grace and Divinity!
*** gavin

The tide has turned, Love is sweeping in everywhere.
(emphasis added)

Humanity’s massive “Leap Upwards” into fully awake, aware, and conscious living is an event of great moment that has been planned since the dawn of time, it is inevitable, unavoidable, and divinely promised. The work you have completed to enable you to reach the “Jumping Off Point” is quite remarkable, demanding great determination in the face of enormous difficulties, due to the confusion that life in the illusion presents to you. The debate over whether or not the end can ever justify the means is an ongoing example of one of these difficulties. The simple answer is that no, it never can. Nevertheless, that basic truth frequently seems to put you in a position where disaster threatens and it seems action that is in opposition to that precept must be taken, and quickly. Often it works, temporarily, and then, as a result, further problems of equal or greater difficulty replace the ones that seemed to have been resolved. The way out of this dilemma is to remind yourselves that any solution that is not a kind and loving response to all involved is itself illusory, and cannot truly resolve any issue.

The strength so many of you have shown by remaining open and loving in situations of grave personal danger is phenomenal, and although it may have cost lives, it enormously strengthened the field of love you are creating to assist one another to awaken. That field is growing moment by moment, and many who are attacking others are amazed when instead of being met by violence they are met by compassion, forgiveness, and love. It is quite shocking for them, and shows them, although they may well try to deny it to themselves, that their corrosively judgmental attitudes and perceptions, which drive them to attack others, are totally beyond sense or reason.

A great age of peace, cooperation, compassion, and loving support for one another is dawning for humanity. Doubtless many of you think it is long overdue. But remember eons of bitterness, betrayal, and suffering have left many of you confused, angry, and in pain. The changes that are now occurring, along with the love enveloping your beautiful planet at this crucial time are having a most profound effect planetwide, and people are letting go of the judgments and resentments they have nursed and harbored for so long. This truly is an exciting and exhilarating time to be experiencing human life on Planet Earth.

God’s Love for all sentient beings is totally beyond your ability to conceive of in any meaningful way. Just know the Love He offers you and shares with you is working increasingly effectively in encouraging you to open your hearts to one another in an unprecedented outpouring of love and compassion. Realize the pain you are feeling is shared, and it can be relieved and released as you open yourselves to sharing the Love from which you were created, instead of responding to others with fear, and effectively closing off the communion that in your natural and divine state flows continuously back and forth between you.

You are the Children of God, perfect in every way, because that is how He created you. You have forgotten this and have participated in vicious unloving games against one another that have hurt and embittered you. Now the divine Love enveloping all of creation, as It always has and always will, is melting away those judgments and resentments that so many of you have been nurturing for so long.

The tide has turned, Love is sweeping in everywhere and insisting that all in Its path, and all are in Its path, feel the warmth, the acceptance, and the joy of Its infinite embrace. You have been making your way towards this moment of blissful acceptance and surrender into this wondrous field of divine Love, and you are now ready to allow yourselves to sink into the Oneness of your Father’s divine embrace. Act lovingly in every moment and share what He offers you constantly with everyone with whom you interact, and know you are all eternally at Home in God.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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