Monday, August 15, 2011

Gandhi Said, "We Must Be The Change We Wish To See In The World": As We Practice Our Spirituality, We Become The Light We Wish To Reflect In Our World

Thank you Gandhi and thank you Jennifer for this wonderful reminder to do our own work in order to create the change we so longingly desire!
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Actively Spiritual, or Spiritually Active?

Our choice to live actively or passively depends on how comfortable we are with ourselves, our ability to make the life and self affirming choices and our comfort level regarding change. When it comes to our spirituality, whether we are living actively or passively is reflected internally and externally. Our internal spirituality is shown by how we deal with the Universe and with ourselves as powerful, divine spiritual beings. Externally, it is how we let our light shine in the world. And we are either confident that our every activity is spiritual because everything is imbued with our 'spirit,' or we try really hard to be active spiritually, continually judging whether our thoughts and actions are spiritual 'enough.'

When we are practicing active spirituality, we move forward along an unfolding path, knowing that our needs are always met at every moment and the Universe is working with us as our co-creative partner. The Universe always works with us, not for us and won't create more than we ask for. If we are passively spiritual, waiting for the next miracle to occur and not participating in the process, the results may be disappointing. When we are actively spiritual we let the Universe know what we want and then apply our faith and trust in the process, going through all of the doors that open for us. And if we don't get that, we look within at our thoughts, beliefs and faith and refrain from judging ourselves as good or worthy or spiritual enough.

Since many of us have been taught that there is a judgmental God who monitors our every move and judges us as being good or worthy enough, we judge ourselves in this way. We feel we can't or should not be angry, afraid or confused, we impose a burden of spiritual perfection on ourselves that criticizes our humanity because we can't meet a more divine standard. Can we be spiritual in a material world? That is our assignment here and our spirituality is reflected in everything we do and in who we are. We evolve into new levels of our divinity in the same way our body changes as we evolve from a child into an adult.

Our spirituality is an integral part of who we are, spiritual beings who are having a human experience. We apply our spiritual principles in our dealings with everyone, knowing that each of us is a spiritual being and that we are all connected. As Gandhi said, "We must be the change that we wish to see in the world". So as we practice our spiritually, both internally and externally, we become the light that we wish to see reflected in our world. And as our light shines more brightly our vibration is raised and we share that with everyone around us. Our choice to do what is right for us, to live in integrity and to respect our truth empowers those around us. And they will notice our joy, peace and the abundance that flows to us. They will feel the light that shines from our heart space and want to share that. And by simply remembering ourselves as spiritual we live from that spiritual space and create our own heaven on earth.

by Jennifer Hoffman

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