Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We Look From Our Vantage Point Above: Our View Is Clear and See What's Happening From Various Angles, Be Comforted & Calm When We Say ALL WILL BE WELL

Thank SaLuSa and Mike --yippee yahooey, the changes are a coming!
*** gavin

(emphasis added)

Some people fear the Illuminati will take advantage of the problems you are experiencing, to bring in World Government. That has always been their ambition, but they no longer command the power to do so, and it is the Light that will reveal the answers that will restore hope for the future. As most of you can see, all around you the unrest and anger is escalating, and will not subside until the root causes are addressed. Our plan is the only one that will restore people’s faith and show that a quantum leap forward is possible. We ask only you hold your vision of a new order, and paradigm that will solve the present problems. All that is happening has been foreseen for many years, as the dark ones planned your demise and the collapse of your society. For karmic reasons, it has had to run its course, but now the time has arrived for a stop to be put to the continuing destruction and inevitable demise of your civilisation.

The battle between the dark and Light has reached its end, and although the Light has become the dominant force for good, it now needs to be seen to take over responsibility for the Earth. That is in the process of happening and it pushes Disclosure nearer to being announced. It is therefore more important you hold fast to your focus on the future, and do not weaken in the face of the increasing turmoil and break up of law and order. The cleansing, which is already taking place, does bring to the surface the negative thought forms that have fuelled the unrest. This way they can be dissipated and transmuted and allow the Light to come in. For our part, we beam the higher vibrations to Earth to strengthen the Light that is now growing faster than ever. So do not be misled by the outer signs of upheaval and change, as you will see that in the long run it is to ensure the right outcome.

We handle the more urgent issues of preventing the final attempts of the dark ones to take advantage of the world situation. Together we will achieve our goal to bring in stability, and create the conditions that will enable us to go ahead with they next phase of our plan. Once we can do that, you will see events will be speeding ahead, and you will have no doubt the corner has been turned. An exciting time will commence when all that has been promised to you will manifest. We are more than equal to the task even although the time factor concerns some of you, but you can rest easy as our technological abilities can deal with the demands upon us. No problem is too big, and bear in mind we have immense resources to call upon.

Everything is in the melting pot at present, and even we are not sure how it will turn out. We do however know where it is leading and that any attempts to support the old monetary system will fail. The opportunity to introduce a new one has been created by the very ones who do not want to see change. It is therefore ironic that they will have to watch the outcome without being able to influence it any longer. Their time to dictate your policies has passed, and they are losing even more power than ever before. As you might say, the writing is on the wall, and the inevitable ending cannot be avoided. There are greater powers at work than the dark ones are aware, and their days are numbered.

Meantime, please take each day as it comes and allow the future to come into your lives, and do not worry as your success is assured. Of course it will be chaotic with rumours flying all over the place, and the fear mongers will have a ball. Just remember what you have been working towards for millennia of time, and you are not going to be disappointed. The plan is far too big to be delayed any longer, and you will benefit from the changes a lot quicker than you may imagine. We are ready to jump into action, and once we do it is going to be something of a helter-skelter ride. For all that it will be fun and enjoyable because you know it is entirely for your benefit, and that of Mother Earth.

Many of you read a number of sources that channel messages from Extraterrestrials, and there has probably never been a time quite like now when there is a general agreement as to what is going to happen. Allow for different interpretations of some events that are coming, because as you are fond of saying, nothing is written in stone. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest to sort itself out with time. However, what will take place regardless of anything else is Ascension, as that has been decreed by the Creator. Many paths lead to it but in the end, you will be there if it is your desire and you are prepared for it.

You are in the thick of it, and we look on from our vantage point high above you. Our view is clear and we can see what is happening from various angles, so please be comforted and calm when we tell you all will be well. Matters are moving quickly and we hope to see a conclusion to those that will directly affect the issues that are most important. Disclosure is still a means to an end, and will open many more doors once it is announced. The truth will astound many people as to the extent to which you have been controlled, and will hardly be believed. However, the time has arrived when you shall begin to find out how it was achieved and who were responsible.

Of course many of you are already knowledgeable and politically aware. Even so the truth of what has been happening behind the scenes will bring many surprises. What will help those with stories to tell will be the changes to the Law, and your release from the oaths that enforce your silence. It is possible because once world peace is declared and an end put to wars, there will no necessity to keep information secret for military purposes. In an uplifted society sharing is quite normal, as the desire exists to help all people to benefit from any discoveries. That way you will always have the most up to date innovations and as a civilisation will quickly advance together. You might also note that hoarding also becomes unnecessary, as when you have all you need, there is no incentive to take more than you need.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and enjoy helping you to understand what it is like to live in the higher dimensions. It is a joy and very fulfilling and you can be your true self as a Being of Love and Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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