Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If Someone Hurt You, Forgive & Thank Them, Move On... Even Though the Hurt You Feel Isn't Something You Wish To Feel, They Are To Teach You Something

Thank you Lady Magda and Julie from reminding me to... "accept the pain of a past event as it no longer has purpose, release it, and move on. You are beautiful, you have a life in front of you and more waiting for you!"
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Reinforcing All Aspects of Love - A Message from Lady Magda

What a pleasant way to begin any day! Coming forth this open vessel to speak to so many children is very uplifting and fills me with great joy.

So much talk dear souls going around about love and the importance of love. I would like to help reinforce this powerful emotion.

I would like to begin dearest souls speaking about self-love. You have been taught early on, you can't truly love another unless you are able to love yourself. In its simplest form, this is very true. When you are able to love yourself you are able to accept and give forgiveness. To love yourself from your heart for who you are deep inside, the purest of love opens up this ability to forgive. There are many times in your life when you have been faced with situations that may have gotten out of hand either by you or another. Maybe words were said that were not the best chosen of words, maybe gestures, maybe more than that, but the healing from any of this begins with self-forgiveness. You have such beautiful spirits, your colours radiate so much warmth, but when you are unable to forgive yourself, your spirit colour diminishes, dulls a bit. Some people that can read auras or energy signatures can pick this up, others can only read from your body language that something is wrong, even if its slight. I encourage you dear souls to learn who you are and love yourself. I love you very much.

All that you do everyday can be done with the purest of love. All interactions can be done with the purest of intentions. All reactions can hold both and have the ability to show compassion towards others and yourself. There are many beings that are afraid to live completely through their heart. Their heart is an emotional place, they fear the possibility of getting hurt. There is always that risk dear ones. Sometimes dear ones its hard to see the lesson when you are hurting. You reach to love someone, regardless if its a partner, friend or family member, and they turn around and do something that to you is inappropriate and causes you 'heart-ache,' or does something to separate the bond you had shared. Not all people in your life are there to stay even though those words may be said. Even they do not realize this when they integrate with you and get to know you. They come into your life at that moment to teach you. They teach you how to love and how to receive love. They teach you so much while they are with you. And inside them is something or someone telling them its time to move on. Sometimes the only way to move on is hurtful, and that also is a lesson on how you cope and react to what has caused the rift.

I have seen so many of you become so sad over this, and I feel for you each and every time. Some of you are able to see what it is you are to learn quickly, some of you take a little longer and some never get over it, depending on the severity. Holding on to that pain is never good. Its very negative and draining of your own beautiful energy. I would like you to release this negative hold. Accept the pain of a past event as its no longer has purpose and move on. You are beautiful, you have a life in front of you and more waiting for you.

Loving Unconditionally is the purest love. You love without expectations. You love simply out of the purity of your heart and soul. There have been times dear souls when this kind of love was so challenging and for some still is. You are not expected to like everyone you meet or come across. There are so many diverse souls and its only natural that not everyone will always get along, this does not mean there has to be animosity or any kind of rivalry. If someone has hurt you dear ones, forgive them and thank them. Even though the hurt you feel is not something you wish to feel, they are there to teach you something. If you can verbally to yourself thank them, you will thank them for what they made you do. They made you reflect into yourself and discover or rediscover that you are worthy, you are beautiful, and yes you are different but that is beauty. The light you have may dull any darkness but the love you have is far much stronger, it can overcome any dark emotion caused by others or yourself.

When you are able to love yourself fully, then love others no matter who they are and where they are unconditionally, you will glow dear ones. People will notice you that may never have looked at you before. You will give off an energy that wasn't there before. When you say loving Unconditionally is so hard, that is because you are putting expectations on that love which makes it conditional. To love purely Unconditionally, you simply love. Your intent to love unconditionally may be in the right place, but when you think, "I love this person unconditionally and I hope they will stop being so mean or nasty" or whatever it is you are hoping for from this gesture, you are adding conditions which doesn't work with Unconditional Love.

When you send love unconditionally from your heart to another's heart, it must be simple and pure with no other thought, but to love. And know that even with your love, the one whom you are sending it to may not respond right away, might take this being done several weeks. If you still see no improvement on the one whom you send the unconditional love to this does not mean your efforts have failed, its just means you must accept you cannot save or help everyone. You may need to ask for assistance from your guides, or move on. There are some people dear ones, that at that time, cannot receive your love or accept it. And this is when its most important to love yourself and to forgive yourself as you did nothing wrong. You actually did right because you tried.

These lessons you are learning are to help you dear ones to return to your true self, your true loving self. Don't shy away from asking for guidance from me if you require additional help loving unconditionally. Asking for help is never a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength and growth dear ones.

Know that you are loved by me and by all the Masters very much and that we are always close by should you ever need us,

Lady Magda
Channeler: Julie Miller


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