Monday, August 15, 2011

Your Physical Presence, Calm and Peacefulness Is Very Reassuring To Those In Pain, and Strengthens Them As They Address, Heal and Release Their Issues

Thank you Saul and John for such descriptive examples of what's it's like to stay spiritually asleep ...and the JOY which follows once you awaken TO THE REAL YOU: Wake up from life-on-earth-dreamland, you sleepy heads, and wipe the sleep from your Soul!
*** gavin

Be aware of the pain that others are undergoing.

As you see civil disturbances occurring around the world, be aware they are a part of the ongoing changes leading up to humanity’s awakening. Dissatisfaction with the illusion is intensifying and encouraging people to wake up. Without dissatisfaction, waking up is difficult. During your life experiences, being awake, being deeply asleep, and dreaming, you have all had nightmares that were horrifying enough to startle you into wakefulness. When you awoke you realized that you had only been asleep and dreaming, and were now awake and quite safe. So the collective dream you are all dreaming is now getting to the stage where you all want to awaken from it into the peace and joy of your Father’s divine Reality, leaving behind the misery and suffering that it brought you. And because that is your will, and God’s, you will awaken.

As you wait for this momentous event to occur, focus on being peaceful and loving presences, offering acceptance and compassion to those who are still very deeply asleep and suffering, believing the illusion to be real, and unable to conceive of anything else. As bearers of the Light you need to share It, and by doing so you intensify It so that others can see It and be inspired. Many of you are already doing this, and now is the time to encourage one another as you observe the signs that the illusion is starting to collapse, to intensify your efforts to bring the darkness to the Light to dissolve it, and to comfort and support those who are finding these changes frightening.

When you call on those in the spiritual realms for their assistance in this epochal period in your evolution, you will receive it in abundance, enabling you to strengthen your resolve to focus on the Light as you carry It on high showing the way to joy. The work that you are doing to help raise humanity’s level of awareness to the level necessary for the mass awakening is essential, and you will not fail in your divine task because the outcome is divinely assured. The Light and the Love that you are bearing is spreading out far beyond the space occupied by your physical bodies, and bringing strength and support to those who need it all over the world.

What you are achieving as you focus on being loving presences would astonish and amaze you if you could consciously connect with the waves of Love sweeping across the planet as you hold the intent to do God’s Will. Those waves are too subtle to be felt by the majority of you in physical form, but at a deep spiritual level they are affecting everyone as they meld and mingle with your individual energy fields, connecting all together in order to change your collective nightmare into a peaceful dream.

Be aware of the pain that others are undergoing but do not join them there. Be loving and joyful within yourselves, knowing, as you do, that the moment for awakening is approaching, and offer them compassionate support. The strength of your love for them and acceptance of them will assist them enormously as they address and face up to the issues that make it so difficult for them to accept the abundance of Love that is constantly being offered to them. Your physical presence, calm and peaceful, is very reassuring to those in pain, and strengthens them as they address their issues. You chose to be here at this time in order to help; rejoice that you are here exercising that choice and remember how honored you are for making that choice.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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