Saturday, August 6, 2011

Your FEELINGS Provide the Insight You Require, But You're Much Too Quick To Dismiss It, As Your Mind, Ego & Fear Take Over and Discount The Experience

Thank you Paua'Alowa and Pep for this wonderful reminder that it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to discern what we're told through our heart, and not through our mind which skews our reality due to ego!
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Galactic Federation of Light - Message from Paua'Alowa - August 1st, 2011
(emphasis added)

Too often you are mislead, lied to, deceived, and have information withheld from you by the ‘powers that be.’ It is impossible for them to quiet your inner knowledge, you intuitive powers, and your connection to all that is divine. All of the knowledge and wisdom you require is nestled safely in the seat of your soul, at your very heart centre, and you can call on it at any time. You do not need others to tell you the truth, for it is only one version of the truth, their version of the truth, and is filtered directly through their own consciousness with varying degrees of bias based upon their experiences, ego and their soul’s journey in this incarnation. It is not up to others to provide you with your wisdom, it is up to you to seek and therefore discover your own truths.

At each level of existence, a soul will experience varying levels of the universal wisdom based upon their current incarnation, the lessons they are to learn, and the depth to which they require to learn those lessons. It is up to each soul to take the necessary steps to plug in to the universal oneness and regain the divine connection to the ‘all that is.’ It is through dreams, meditation, grounding, and connectedness that the universe will reveal to you the lessons of ‘truth’ into your consciousness. The role of symbology, synchronicity, and the deep jolt of connection you experience when you get déjà vu (as humanity calls it), is a universal language of wisdom and fundamental knowledge that many of Earth’s inhabitants are yet to fully grasp. Can you not see you are always ‘plugged in’ to the great oneness of existence? It is when you let go of fear, ego, expectations, assumptions and the like, and begin to just be present, that you begin to let in the universal wisdom that knocks lovingly at your divine consciousness all of the time.

It is your nature at this time to try and analyse the signs and symbols of your dreams, experiences and synchronicities through your mental processes; how can this not be so? It has been taught to you since you were born. By analysing these experiences through your brains, you leave little room to ‘feel’ what they mean. Even when your ‘feelings’ provide you with the insight you require, you are much too quick and eager to dismiss them, as your mind and functioning --and thus many aspects of ego and fear-- takes over and discounts the experience and your intuitive knowledge. This is why we are so excited to see many of you working so hard to let go, and just experience the world and its gifts to you through your heart centres.

The path to ‘all knowingness’ is already laid out before you through the connection of your soul to the ‘all that is.’ Just as a computer creates ‘firewalls’ to disallow programs that may be a ‘threat’ to the current running systems, so you as humans have created firewalls to those things that you perceive as threats; There is no reason to disregard this process... Just as the computer’s firewall will deflect and seize programs that are not only harmful but also beneficial for it --even those that will help it work faster, more efficiently and perform tasks it has not been able to do thus far, so too is your firewall preventing you from experiencing the amazing, joyful and more highly evolved ‘programs’ that are available for you infinitely. We ask you to use your heart as the filter and not the mind. The heart flows with ‘all that is’ and knows that you are connected to divinity. The mind creates obstacles to your spiritual evolution and Ascension by placing up protective barriers between you as an individual and the ‘all that is.’ The mind creates duality, whereas the heart creates connectedness.

You are well on your way to the Ascension you know is coming. I know you will understand that which has been laid out before you here. It is wonderful for you to question your world, the state of being in which you live, the protocols and processes of your Ascension ...but do it THROUGH YOUR HEART not your mind. It is only fair you know all of this, and it is to be provided to you very shortly. In the meantime, discern your experiences through your heart centre, for it is here in the connection to the divine oneness, that you will always know the truth.
Channeler Pep St.Wolf

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