Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mercury Retrograde Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Do Things ...Just Be Aware of the “Coyote Trickster” Aspect Which Is Ever-present & Lurking

Most of us are all too familiar with Mercury Retrograde, but it's always helpful to review EXACTLY what's energetically effected and influenced by this positioning of the planets!
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August 2- 27: Three times a year the planet Mercury goes what is called Retrograde... Here are some of the possible ramifications of that energy being around.

Mercury Retrograde influences: Mercury symbolically rules all forms of communications (spoken or written). It rules our thoughts, our logic, and our speaking. Mercury controls the many ways in which we use our conscious mind in daily life. The archetype Mercury rules e-mails, letters, articles, and again all written forms of communications and speaking.

If Mercury is retrograde it can impact all forms of communication we are involved in, and sometimes makes them go haywire or out of sync. It doesn’t mean you can’t do things ...just be aware of the “coyote trickster” aspect which is lurking. Even channeling would be considered a Mercury function, because it uses the mind to “communicate” its ideas. Don’t allow yourself to totally believe everything you think you have received... use discernment when you can.

What to expect during Mercury retrograde: Letters and e-mails can get lost or go to wrong person. Miscommunications - scheduled plans can fall apart - computer problems... make sure to save documents - People don’t seem to think as clearly and share ideas as clearly. Memory problems or forgetfulness - lack of focus at times - fuzzy mindedness - travel plans can go haywire - directions get messed up - luggage gets lost - distractions (no text messaging) ...Make no big rush decisions - not good to sign contracts during Mercury retro. It is good to set up as many plans BEFORE Mercury is retrograde. NOT a good time for gossip or to talk behind others back during this transit. It can come Back to you very quickly.

Positive Manifestations: Mercury retrograde is said to to be a good time to do abstract conceptualizing or brainstorming.. Mind is more internal then external oriented. Probably better to meditate on the quiet mind, then to use the mind in logical thought if possible. Listen to voice of the intuition. Allow yourself to creatively daydream if possible. Clean up the past. See beyond the outer forms. Time to listen more closely, be open to be inspired -- without the logical mind. When Mercury is retrograde it is time to re-visit ideas of the past. Re-think, re-trace... finding things we have lost.

Aug 2-8 - Mercury will first be in the Sign of Virgo... besides the typical Mercury retrograde manifestations it can make people more critical with other people and in their communications ...more concerned with old health issues resurfacing.

After Aug 8 to Aug 27th, Mercury will be retrograde in sign of Leo... besides the typical Mercury retrograde manifestations... While in Leo people have to watch there ego’s more... of being on stage but not upstaging others. Watch for over-exaggeration and drama. Watch out for misreading other people and their ideas at this time, because you may be more proud of your ideas in Mercury in Leo... ALSO allow others room to share their ideas with equal time... Don’t be melodramatic. Learn to listen as much as presenting.

It is a good time to have fun... be creative. Just don’t do it at the expense of others.

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