Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Is So Beautiful Is Each Of You Are At Different Levels, Giving Opportunity To Assist Others Or Grow Even More Than You Already Have

Thank you Melchizedek and Julie for this beautifully inspiring update and reminder of living through loving!
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"Living through your heart and allowing your actions to be filled with love in all you do will give you more pleasure and contentment dear ones. The ones you assist will see this, feel your energy and know you are genuine."

Shine Your Light ~ A Message from Melchizedek
(emphasis added)

Dearest children of God it has been awhile since I spoke through this dear soul. She graciously accepted my wish to deliver a message to all of you. When we of the divine or other energies of the highest good, we come forth and request to speak through such a person, that person has the choice to say accept or not. We are not forceful, we are loving and benevolent.

Let us begin. We speak today of the threefold flame of your heart. The ‘Threefold Flame’ of life is being one with the Father, Son and Holy spirit 24/7. Your body is the temple, and your heart is the altar. The burning flame is God in manifestation. As a result, through this sacred flame you can bring forth this combined flame of all three to redistribute through then entire bodily temple.

Your inner light is an extension of the light that is within God’s heart. This is where your pure wisdom fits with your pure unconditional love, and pure power. You are in immaculate balance and in perfect harmony. Each part supporting and enhancing the other. These flames are your source of the Light within you and your connection to God.

Allow your Inner Light to shine. Don’t be afraid of it. Recognize it, for it is beautiful and very bright. You will come to notice this as you maneuver through your challenges and raise your vibrations from the peace and calm you find through meditation and coming to terms with your absolute real-self.

Once you are able to live through your heart and recognize the threefold flame that resides within your bodily form, you will be able to shine your light onto others and be of service for fellow light workers that are new and in need of non-biased guidance, that is both loving and supportive. Each and every one of you is evolving along this path and will continue to do so.

What is so beautiful is each of you are at different levels, giving opportunity to assist others or grow even more than you already have. When you reach out your hand, expressing your willingness to help another on this path, you are also reaching for my hand dear ones to guide you as you guide another. We work together, even if you cannot see me or feel me. I am there supporting you and who you are offering support to with my eternal love.

Living through your heart and allowing your actions to be filled with love in all you do will give you more pleasure and contentment dear ones. The ones you assist will see this, feel your energy and know you are genuine. Living through your heart at a level of being able to give unconditionally will give you peace that you may never have experienced before. It is a gentle peace, like a gentle embrace from a dear friend that you have known your entire life and beyond. An embrace you can sit in for a very long time and feel contentment there.

This journey of the Light does have its trials and tribulations but it also has many tremendous rewards, along with personal and spiritual achievements. This journey you are on requires full attention as it holds much information and learning of yourself, your environment and the people of this fine Earth. Document and date all that you do and look back after a few months and be in awe of yourself.

As I take my leave of this dear child, know that my love for you truly is eternal and that I AM in awe of what you have accomplished so far and I know you will continue to achieve, but at a pace suited only for you.

And so it is,
Channeler: Julie Miller


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