Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Your High Heart Awakens From a Timed Sleep: It Holds the Vibration of the Quantum Christ, of YOUR OWN "Second Coming": Celebrate Your Revival!

Thank you, Thoth dear Teacher, for lifetimes of always filling me with hope and guidance! Thank you Gillian.
*** gavin

‘The Quantum Christ’ from Thoth

I am He who advances on the waves and the intricacies of wisdom that is shadowed and hidden from the self that sees not. I am He who unfolds himself in each of the metric structures of your body. I represent all that is hidden within your thoughts, within the angles of your heart and the angles of your motives.

I am Thoth. I come on this day as I see each of you reaching outward to become more, reaching upward to longitudes of knowledge you once sat upon. You will become sublimated on levels of knowledge, drawing the moisture of your wisdom into a place that has been parched and dry of truth. Contracting as a spring that pulses upward and then bounds out to places unknown and undefined.

You shall dwell in the caverns of your own thoughts, of your own ideas of what peace shall be, of what love shall be, of what your future shall be. For as the ancient scrolls that hold your Akashic history, you re-write the story of your existence. You compound what has been stretched and sought by the Light within, condensing it into a structure that is easy to house. Your body and its energy systems represent a microcosm of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Think of that divine structure and all of its heavenly alignments and chamber attunements– how many points of power are still invisible to the human eye? The Queen’s Chamber, in the center represents the human heart. The King’s Chamber represents the third eye, Eye of Ra. The Capstone, the Apex represents the crown chakra. But what about all the other points of energy that live invisibly in between?

In upcoming time, there will be an initiatory surge of frequency within your own biology as well as the dormant chambers within the Great Pyramid. There will be an opening of your High Heart, your Christed Heart. It sits waiting at the gland known as the Thymus in your body. It will awaken as directed by a cellular clock. As it awakens, the Chamber of the Son/Sun (Christ chamber in-between Kings and Queens chamber) within the Great Pyramid of Giza will also experience a molecular change.

The point above your human heart awakens from a timed sleep and begins to know itself again. It is the place that holds the vibration of the 'Quantum Christ.' It is in this place that a stellar 'Second Coming' is activated. It is a sacred point, an opening, a chamber that houses wisdom. Wisdom goes beyond truth and you each are guardians of these 'Chambers of Wisdom.' You of Earth are guardians/ keepers of sacred encodings. You will open as a flower that has been in bud too long seeking to know itself as a flower. Your dreams of old have fallen off you like petals on a plucked rose; they no longer serve who you are becoming. This new molecular instruction will direct your light. You will move naturally toward vibrations that instruct you into a different knowledge that serves the new shift in consciousness.

I, Thoth, come to awaken you to the cosmic by-pass of the heart. Your heart has gathered too much debris of your own making and of global distress. You have scooted to the back of your heart trying hard to keep it all out of your way. As the QUANTUM CHRIST IS AWAKENED within your high heart and the Chamber of the Son/Sun is awakened within the Great Pyramid, you will be lifted above the gathering of earthly conflict, confusion, and debris. It is from this point you will be able to dissolve the tears and the fears that have followed you in shadow dance. You No longer need sit in the shadow of what could have been, what should have been. Energies and programming of old try to keep you hostage in a prediction that no longer exists. Step out of time and step in time with what seeks your approval. The pictures of life do not reveal the whole puzzle.

Celebrate the birth of the Quantum Christ within yourself and see from the top of your light what is possible.

I am Thoth, keeper of what is to come.
Channeler: Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


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