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Meditation Is The Best Way To Open Yourself Up To Divinity In Noticeable Ways, You Simply Have To Find The Style Of Meditation That Works For YOU

Thank you Mikos and Wes for reminding me our Angels and Spirit Guides are ALWAYS at-the-ready waiting patiently for us to reach out to them, knowing they CANNOT assist without us asking them!

"Many have spoken of the ‘light show of the mind’ that they experience when first getting deep into meditation; these beautiful Lights you see are the ‘borders’ of the higher dimensions. They are quite beautiful, are they not? Again, I would like to say to every soul on Earth, your guides are waiting every second of every day for you to pick up on their presence. They are with you at all times if you wish them to be, and the bond they feel to you simply can’t be matched by even a Loved one."
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Conversations With Mikos, 8-17-11

Wes: My dear friend Mikos, I wish to speak with you on this night. It has been a while since we have had a chat, but I have been quite deep in meditation for a while now and I can feel your presence quite strongly. I understand there is something you wish to share with us, and I also have a couple questions for you tonight.

: Hello Dear Wesley, indeed it has been quite a while since our last chat! All is well though, as we do not experience time here in Telos. Everything is simply NOW, time is not measured and looked upon as it is on the surface. Indeed back in the times of ancient Lemuria we used to measure time, but as the end of our cycle began approaching time began speeding up, as it is now doing on the surface with your ascension.

Wes: But friend, Atlantis did not ascend at that time. Lemuria may have, but from what I understand that was after moving into the inner realm. Why was time speeding up at the end of the Atlantean/Lemurian cycle?

: Well dear friend, the whole planet was meant to ascend at the end of the aforementioned cycle. This did not come about because of the ‘advanced’ war tactics that bruised your collective consciousness right at the end of the cycle. Your dark ones wish they could repeat their actions and do the same at the end of this shift, but we have shown them through our various methods of de-stabalizing their nukes that those actions simply will not be permitted this time around.

Wes: Ok, I understand Mikos. Since ascension was planned for the whole planet, as Mother Earth began moving upwards in energy, just as she is now, what the Atlanteans and Lemurians knew as time began to speed up just as it is now.

Mikos: You are correct Dear One.

Wes: Alright, thank you for answering that for me. Something I have been wanting to ask you is, what is your role down in Telos? I have heard that with ascended civilizations, every soul has a duty, a responsibility to perform that is always unique to them. What is your responsibility?

Mikos: Well Wesley, I work with Adama, Selphia and many other Agarthan souls to maintain our Hall of Records. You have known this Hall of Records as a library, because it is an ascended model of the libraries of information you have on the surface. On a spiritual level, this has been referred to as your Akashic Records; this library is one section of a universal hall of ‘Akashic’ records. In this library we have every piece of information and every happening that has ever occurred in this solar system, and as I said before myself and many other souls maintain this Hall of Records. You were chatting with your friends before about the collective consciousness of souls that is accessible in ones’ mind, this is a network we help maintain within these records. We look after your quite fragile collective consciousness, and we maintain the records of every happening, big or small, that has ever occurred in this solar system. We are trusted with this hall down here in Telos because we contributed quite greatly to it’s coming about, but that is a story that cannot be communicated in Earthly words.

Wes: Wow, quite a bit of information Mikos. Thank you dearly. Now, I have a couple questions from some friends of mine. Here is the first question:

“I am relatively young and somehow have come into this ascension topic.

But no one of my friends etc. has this kind of mindset and consequently i am feeling rather lonely these days. I would love to contact my guides for help but unfortunately all my attempts till now have not lead to the desired “connection.” So my questions is if you or your “contacts” might have a hint/advise for me in order to succeed?”

Mikos: Dear soul, just the fact that you are beginning to take an interest in ascension and your personal spirituality, means you are going to succeed! This is a gradual process, and when one starts out noticeable progress does not occur overnight. Still you are doing much to broaden your horizons, and with the huge shifts in energy that are currently reaching your planet, you are to surely see yourself placed firmly on the ascension path! There are a lot of souls awakening on Earth who are finding themselves in this exact position, we ascended wish you to know how well you are doing! It cannot be easy attempting to awaken yourself to these truths, to these greater ways of Living, when those around you whom you have grown comfortable with seem absolutely oblivious to everything you have begun to know. Many dear Lightworkers do not even speak of their newfound befiefs and abilities, for fear of being ridiculed. As a result many of you have felt quite lonely at times. We wish you to know that you are not alone! Your ascended guides are with you at all times, and we are waiting to be communicated with!!

Now, much can be done to make the connections with one’s guides clearer. Most Lightworkers know of the lower-dimensional things to stay away from (I.E.- junk foods and drinks, heavy drugs or substances that will stall their emotional/spiritual growth, etc.) because many of those things will fog up their mental channels, which make contact with one’s guides quite difficult. Meditation is really the best way to open yourself up to Divinity in quite noticeable ways, you simply have to find the style of meditation that works for you. Many have spoken of the ‘light show of the mind’ that they experience when first getting deep into meditation; these beautiful Lights you see are the ‘borders’ of the higher dimensions. They are quite beautiful, are they not? Again, I would like to say to every soul on Earth, your guides are waiting every second of every day for you to pick up on their presence. They are with you at all times if you wish them to be, and the bond they feel to you simply can’t be matched by even a Loved one.

Wes: Thank you for answering that Mikos, I can vouch to the Light show of the mind phenomenon. Now, we have one more question:

“I had a dream that I established a publishing company, and we published the channeled messages monthly in print in Hungary. I paid for all the channeled messages, and at least 30-40 workers had his salary from this company. Now, I tried to find a sponsor, but unfortunately nobody answered. In my dream there was a message, that this money system will be changed, and everybody will have some credit points depending how much their activity assisting the whole Earth and its inhabitants. The publishing company was one of the best company here for making credit points. Everybody who worked for this company had this money system transition smoothly.

So, I have a family estate, and I try to sell it, to get started in this project. What should I do, what should I program into the crystals of this field, etc. Is it really my task to establish this publishing company? Is it really me who have to start it and be the ‘boss’”?

Mikos: Dear soul, your dream was quite correct in many ways. As far as the money system transfer, as many Lightworkers are now aware of there is a massive global abundance program waiting to be activated that is to shift the money and gold that was previously in the hands of the few, to the hands of all on the surface. Many know these abundance programs as NESARA. We down here in Telos and Agartha have been a big part of planning this transfer and how it is to work. The credit system was one of many ways of implementing this system that we were flirting with, and your guides who were showing you this dream showed you the credit system for a specific purpose. Only you know why your guides did this, and I recommend you go deep into meditation and ask them. I can say that this credit system may in fact end up one of the final choices for shifting the wealth of the world.

Very soon you will not need money on the surface; money is an aspect of the 3D illusion that you are to outgrow very fast. These global abundance programs are to be temporary, as we need to shift everything back into the hands of the citizens, and this means not just money but governments and banks. So indeed, you are all soon to be running your individual countries, and subsequently the whole world. Now, there are many aspects of this new transitional world that are to come to fruition and with that we come to the subject of your publishing company. Your guides do not wish you to run a company that specifically prints channeled messages, rather they were trying to push your thoughts in the direction of running a publishing company that relates soley to this New Age, this new transitional period into full consciousness, which includes many subjects. Channeled messages, foreign relations with other planets, and much more are to be published during this time.

Now keep in mind, your guides are not telling you that you ‘must’ do anything. This is entirely your freewill choice and as always you may do whatever you wish but we can say that these publishing companies, like the one you owned in your dream, will be quite prevalent very soon. Indeed, some of them and other ‘new age’ type businesses are already in their preparation stages, they will be opening up for business during this transitional period. If such is your wish, your guides would like you to establish one of these businesses. Again, it is all completely your choice. It is alright to look toward the land you are selling as the financial ‘boost’ to begin funding this company, but just know that whether or not your land sells, if you really, truly wish to start this company than you will find the funding. It may even seem like magic, or like the money miraculously fell into your hands. Dear Souls, that is what this New Age, this New Transitional period is about: manifesting miracles, personally and worldwide.

Thank you dearly for communicating with me Mikos, and thank you for answering our questions on this night.
Channeler: Wes Annac

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