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Be Nice To Others: Smile at EVERYONE, Genuinely Compliment Them, Hold the Door & Give Up Your Parking Spot To Someone Else

I just began reading this new book written by Sherri Cortland entitled "Raising Our Vibrations of the New Age" (2011, Ozark Mountain: Huntsville, Arizona). I finished the first few chapters, and certainly enjoyed them, but my intuition nudged me to go back and re-read the table of contents. After that, I skipped ahead and went straight to Section Seven, Chapter 28: Six Easy Steps to Generate More Positive Energy.

I so identified with this information, I CANNOT WAIT but to give it to you now. Largely, because these suggestions are very simple, practical ways you can do now and do everyday. Please enjoy (taken from pages 152 - 154):

1. Stop judging each other. We have talked about this ad infinitum because it is like a power plant exploding negative energy into the atmosphere each and every day. On your Side of the Veil, you do not know the "whats" and "whys" of anyone's life plan. Thus, you are in no position to stand in judgment.

2. Watch what you think, what you say, and what you do at this very important time. The more positive energy that is put out there, the better off all will be. It is very important for all to start to monitor their thoughts, because thoughts are extremely powerful. There is nothing that exists that wasn't first a thought, and nothing that has happened that wasn't first a thought. Things manifest more slowly on the planet Earth than in other places, but they still manifest. Sherri, you have seen this yourself with things you've wished you had that suddenly appeared. Those were pleasant surprises, my dear, but the reverberation of negative thoughts and vibrations is not so pleasant. As many will see, thoughts are materializing at a much faster rate, and all must watch their thoughts and words --we cannot emphasize this enough to you.

3. Be positive in the face of adversity. when adverse circumstances present themselves or something occurs that causes grief, examine them for Windows of Opportunity and Relationship Villains. Try to understand they are part of the overall life plan of many individuals. We need not understand another's life plan or even our own to know there is something greater than ourselves at work.

4. Look for ways to bring more Light to the planet. This can be done in baby steps with big results.
a. Stop gossiping --it's not good for anyone.

b. Stop being rude --it spews negativity into the atmosphere.

c. Stop plotting against others --these dramas do no one any good and add to the negativity in the atmosphere.

d. Stop looking for underlying insults in what other people say to you and stop insulting other people. ALL are on their individual path, and you don't know what it is. Just because others may not meet your current standards does not make them wrong.

5. Start looking for ways to be nice to people --including but not limited to these actions:
a. Greeting people in a friendly way. Saying good morning, good afternoon, and good evening when you see people.

b. Smiling at everyone you see --not a "crazy person" smile, Sherri, as you would say --but a nice smile or even a half smile will help, as long as it is genuine. Smiling perks people up, and both the one who is doing the smiling and the one who is smiled at will feel a boost of positive energy from this simple yet powerful act.

c. Say nice things when appropriate. If you can say something nice to someone in a sincere way, then do it. Look for things you admire about others and give them a compliment. Both the person saying it and the person receiving the kind words will benefit with a burst of positive energy.

d. Hold the door open for others when they need it. This is a simple and easy act that takes no time but carries a positive energy bang.

e. Give someone else the parking spot when two of you are trying to get it at the same time. It is the little things like this that you can do every day without taking any time that will help you hold the Light, while you send out positive energy and make room for more Light to enter within you.

6. Stop sweating the small stuff. If people cut you off in traffic or beep their horn at you, don't give in to the negativity of the moment. Look at these moments as challenges to hold the Light. Stay positive and examine them for Windows of Opportunity. When we return negativity in moments like these, we dim our Light. Part of the challenge is to maintain your current level of Light while bringing in more Light and sharing that Light via positive thoughts, words, and actions with those around us.


And yet the timing is flippin' fantastic, because just yesterday --literally-- I met a lovely soul in the park (cut from the same cloth, a kindred spirit, ANOTHER member of our vast spiritual family) and we were discussing these very topics: How we learned everything we were supposed to IN KINDERGARTEN regarding treating other people! For example, simply smiling, holding the door open, saying something genuinely nice about them, and finally one of my favorites my mother taught me: If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all (ie, stop gossiping)! If there's one thing I've learned over the decades throughout my life being a LightWorker is that I AM never surprised, BUT ALWAYS WONDERFULLY AMAZED, at how our Spirit Guides orchestrate behind the scenes such beautiful synchronicity in setting up these events and new people to meet in our lives! We have so much to offer and learn from one another if we only reached out and connected with OUR HEARTS.

I thank you Sherri and your Spirit Guides for these most pragmatic, helpful and encouraging tips on assisting us in staying positive AND "generating more positive energy."
I will practice them daily. I AM most grateful!
*** gavin anthony harrill

PS: Please let me operationally define two terms used in this previous posting: Windows of Opportunity and Relationship Villains.

"Windows are opportunities for [spiritual & emotional] growth and learning that we [actually] personally designed and created for ourselves while we were on the Other Side of The Veil [BEFORE we were born] planning our present incarnation," (pgs. 4-8). Sherri is most helpful and gives us tips in identifying said Windows of Opportunity, so we can actually start doing this spiritual work of clearing our emotional baggage:

"Learning to spot Windows is like learning any other skill --it just takes practice! Windows are EVERYWHERE: at home, at work, even at the grocery store...

Step One: Examine your past --it can be a little painful, but it's the best way to begin noticing patterns and scripts.

Step Two: Pay more attention to what's going on now. As John Lennon said, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." And as you pay attention to what's going on in the present, go into your memory and determine [when] you had any similar situations or experiences in your past.

Step Three: As you find the patterns and scripts and connect the dots between your past and your present, be honest with yourself. Is there something you can change about your behavior or the way you've handled like situations? If a situation keeps repeating, that's an indicator that you need to change how you deal with it. Changing your behavior [IS THE ONLY WAY and] will help you go through the Window, and stop the pattern from repeating in the future

Relationship Villains (pgs. 8-12) is described as Beings (people) who are "our closest Universal friends when we are on the Other Side of The Veil, but for this incarnation, they have volunteered to play the part of the bad guy to help us cross something important off of our spiritual must learn list for this incarnation... Relationship Villains can be anyone; You will find them everywhere. Look for them especially in romantic relationships, family relationships, and work relationships; however, they will also turn up at school, at the grocery, at the airport, the DMV, and ANYWHERE we happen to be!

...Keys to spotting Relationship Villains in your life at the present time:
A. Are you involved in on-going arguments or unpleasant situations that are continually caused by the same person? If "yes," that person is probably a Relationship Villain working very hard to help you learn a lesson. Consider the circumstancs and look for patterns to help you figure out your lesson.

B. If you are involved in a car accident or someone "does you wrong" at work, it is most likely a Relationship Villain providing you with a Window of Opportunity for growth. How you react to the situation will dictate whether you go through the Window [and LEARN THE LESSON] or attract a similar circumstance to yourself again in the future.

C. If someone "bullies" you, s/he is definitely a Relationship Villain and will learn as much from you as you will from her/him, learn the lesson, and free yourself to move on to other learning experiences.

...Keys to spotting Relationship Villains from your PAST and keep them from appearing in your future:
a. Do a mini-life review and look at situations surrounding people you feel have "done you wrong," and those in your life that you find particularly annoying or whom yo umioght consider to be your enemies. Carefully review the circumstances around your interaction with them and ask yourself these questions:

.....a.1. Did I learn anything from my experience from this person?

.....a.2. Would things have been different for me if I had hndled the situation in another way?

b. You may find those people you think "did you wrong" actually made life better for you in the long run or steered you toward a path that helped you accomplish your life lessons faster and more easily.

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